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Gourmet Gift Baskets can be a major hit or miss, right? At first, they may look impersonal because they are a random selection of stuff chosen by someone else. Also, some of them really have an old-fashion vibe. However, it can be a perfect sophisticated modern gift, as long as you get the right one for the right person!

And we are here for it!

Most people love eating and drinking and some of us are much more open to trying new things, so you already have a head start there. Besides, there are zillions of different gourmet gift baskets for every budget, taste, diet, restrictions, and cooking skill. And let’s be honest: we make great choices when we are willing to!

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Choosing the perfect Gourmet Basket

Firstly, who is the basket for? We all have that career-oriented, organized, sophisticated, responsible, stable person in our lives. Maybe it’s yourself, but also it can be your boss, your older sister, your mom, anyone. At first, gifting her can be intimidating because she seems to “have it all” or to prefer sophisticated and expensive things. However, it’s not always the case.

If she is easy to be around or the one you call for help because she won’t make you feel bad about it later, chances are she will care more about having her needs met than about the figure on the tag. Money is a necessary tool in our lives, for sure, but it is never “it all”, even for the ones who think it is!

More than the price tag associated with your gift is your awareness of what brings satisfaction to your boss-friend life!

Secondly, chances are that your put-together loved one is somewhere between organized and a control freak (me!). She can express it by having a super neat house; or even when by herself, she enjoys setting the dinner table or harmonizing cheese and wine to binge-watch Billions, Chef’s Table, and The Home Edit! So, she will appreciate a gourmet gift basket that is also practical and useful!

Finally, since we are talking gourmet gift baskets, think about this: Lately, what is she in the mood for, foodwise? Is she in love with cooking or is she more of a professional snacker? What about booze? Is she the life of the party or a tea snob?

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Gourmet Gift Baskets for Cookers

Truffle Mac & Cheese Gift Box

Truffle Mac & Cheese Gift Box
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There is mac & cheese and there is feeling-royalty truffle mac & cheese.

Also, no matter if it’s for a beginner or pro in the kitchen, pasta is always a success!

We love this gourmet gift basket because it doubles as tasty and functional due to the amazing Boska Grater.

Whoever has a duty-oriented person in their lives knows how much they appreciate useful high-quality tools and gifts!

Included: Sottocenere Al Tartufo + Cave-Aged Gruyere + Aged White New York Cheddar + Sabatino Truffle Zest + Bartolini Torcetti + Chocolate Truffles + Boska Easy Grater (Cutting Board Not Included)

Manhattan Fruitier Charcuterie Hamper For Williams Sonoma

Manhattan Fruitier Charcuterie Hamper For Williams Sonoma
Photos Courtesy of Williams Sonoma
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Manhattan Fruitier created this gourmet gift basket filled with premium seasonal fruits, artisanal charcuterie, award-winning cheeses, and delicious accompaniments. It includes a bamboo board and the beautiful reusable willow gift hamper.

Included: 4 pieces (approx. 1 lb. 7 oz.) seasonal fresh apples and pears, 8 oz. Columbus Italian Dry Salami, 3 oz. Cesare Casella’s Prosciutto Speciale, 7 oz. Vella Cheese Company Aged Monterey Jack Cheese, 7 oz. Sierra Nevada Grass-Fed Organic White Cheddar, 7 oz. Sierra Nevada Bella Capra Aged Goat Chèvre, 4 oz. Rustic Bakery Organic Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Bites, 4.4 oz. Barnier Picholine Olives, 4 oz. Casa Market Quince Paste, 3 oz. Organic Pistachios in Shell, 10″ x 6″ x 1″ bamboo serving board.

All cooked up Gift Box

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This pantry delight is for the person who loves trying new flavors and is excited about experimenting in the kitchen! Definitely a gift for someone who enjoys cooking!

From the Mouth website, because I couldn’t say it better: “This gift box is curated with phenomenal artisanal upgrades on pantry faithfuls. It’s packed with everything from seedy mustard that pops in your mouth, saffron-infused pasta, and fruity olive oil to boozy maple syrup,  hot honey, and the savory umami bomb of black garlic sea salt. We’ve also included a few dinner game-changers such as a complex mole, spicy Korean BBQ sauce, and hotshot small-batch harissa”.

Truffle Mushroom Condiment Gift Set

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This gift set is perfect for veterans or beginners in the truffle world, but definitely a joy for anyone who loves to cook!

Besides, it is produced by La Maison Pebeyre, the oldest family-run truffle house in France. So, not only you will give a tasty gift, but also a great story about tradition!

And we all have a loved one who appreciates great storytelling about generational business and processes.

Think of the person who watches more documentaries than movies on Netflix, and always knows the origin of everything! This gift is for her!

Included: Truffle Honey: honey, summer truffle (1%), aroma; Truffle Salt: salt, summer truffle (1%), aroma; White Truffle Oil: olive oil, Italian white truffle flavor

Gourmet Salt Spice Set

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Everyone who cooks uses some type of salt and sometimes the best gifts are the most basic understated ones!

From avocado to popcorn and more elaborate dishes, every non-vegetarian chef will appreciate experimenting with this trio!

Included: The Original Chicharron Salt: Salt, ground pork rinds, bell peppers, vinegar powder, garlic, habanero. Chook Chicken Salt: Chicken powder (chicken meat and skin, chicken broth, salt, rosemary extractive), salt, paprika, garlic, onion, celery seeds, turmeric, arrowroot, chanterelle mushroom powder, mustard seeds, white pepper, tomato powder, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, allspice, ginger. Black Garlic Salt: Himalayan pink sea salt, Mayan sea salt, black garlic, Gochugaru chile flakes, granulated garlic

Gourmet Gift Baskets for the Snackers & Hosts

Harry & David Grand Sweet & Salty Gift box

<span class="body-link"></span>Grand Sweet & Salty Gift box
Photo Courtesy of Harry & David
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This is the gift for the professional snacker! Who never spent the day so focused at work that skipped the meals and snacked all day long? ??‍♀️

Harry & David’s website gives the option to add wine to most baskets, another major win-win!

Guaranteed your workaholic friend will love you more for this box!

Included: Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn – classic caramel (10 oz), Super party snack mix (10 oz), Honey wheat pretzels (8 oz), Three-seed crackers (4 oz), Pepper and Onion Relish (10 oz), Raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip (10 oz), Mixed nuts [cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans] (4 oz), Raspberry galettes (5.25 oz), 2 white chocolate raspberry cookie bars (1.5 oz each), 3 German chocolate cookie bars (1.5 oz each), Chocolate chip button cookies (4 oz), Fruit salad gummies (6 oz).

Gourmet Vegan Snack Box

Vegan Snack Box
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Vegans and vegetarians deserve extra love when it comes to food! The foodie vegan in your life will love a snack box that is more than Oreos!

Besides, committing to a cause comes with a price, and the joy of not having to read every single label before eating is priceless!

More than the pleasure of eating, when you gift “green” food to a vegan or a vegetarian, you show love and support and there is no better gift than that!

Murray’s The Best of France Cheese Sampler

Photos Courtesy of Murray’s

There is cheese and there is French cheese. And it’s not about being a food snob, but about understanding that the manufacturing processes for French cheese are very specific, resulting in very special products.

France has strict regulations when it comes to food, and their cheeses are a national treasure.

Therefore, this Murray’s (a NY classic store) box will be a hit from the professional hosting to the introvert sophisticated cheese lover.

Included: 2.5 lb. of cheese: Murray’s Mini Brie, Murray’s 18, Month Aged Comte, Langres, Brebirousse D’Argental, Ossau Iraty.

Raaka Daily Dose Chocolate Pack (30pc)

Daily Dose Chocolate Pack gourmet gift basket from food52
Photo Courtesy of Food52
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Remember the responsible friend who loves the origin of everything and cares about the production chain?

This is the sweet sweet gourmet gift for her! This Raaka box is manufactured by a Brooklyn-based chocolatier who works with sustainably sourced, unroasted beans.

A full circle of goodness, after all, chocolate!

Moose Munch Premium Collection

Moose Munch Premium Collection gourmet gift basket from harry & david
Photo Courtesy of Harry & David

Caramel Popcorn + chocolate bar gift box = no further explanations required!

You know exactly the sweet-tooth documentary addicted who will love it!

Included: Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn, 4 bags (10 oz each): Classic caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate salted caramel and Moose Munch® Chocolate Bars, 6 bars (2 oz each): 2 caramel, 2 dark chocolate, 2 milk chocolate

Gift Boxes for the Drink-Queen

Tanqueray London Dry Gin & Waterford Markhan Hiball Set

Tanqueray London Dry Gin & Waterford Markhan Hiball Set
Photo Courtesy of Reserve Bar
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You know who your hard-working Gin drinker friend is.

If you are not sure she will like it, the Tanqueray London Dry Gin is an award-winning statement bottle plus a useful shaker. 10/10 gift to make her occasional happy hours more efficient! Also, you can add a custom engraving and gift bag.

Included: 750ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin Bottle, Set of 4 highballs.

Collector’s Edition Grand Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Photo Courtesy of Wine.com
Shop at

Of all the gourmet gift baskets in this post, this is the one for the Olivia Pope in your life!

You know who I’m talking about! That boss-bitch who harmonizes wine even with popcorn and burgers because she lives by the mood: my life, my rules!

Included: 2018 Chimney Rock Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon, Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose, 2017 Tenuta Luce, 2019 Far Niente Chardonnay, Alaskan Smokehouse Salmon Fillet 2 oz, Partner’s Three Pepper Blend Water Crackers 4 oz, Hickory Farms Creamy Swiss Blend Cheese 4 oz, Oloves Bistro Style Whole Mixed Olives 1.1 oz, Omaha Steaks Italian Dry Salame 5 oz, Hickory Farms Sweet Hot Mustard 2.5 oz, Hickory Farms Golden Toasted Crackers 1.5 oz, J&M Cheddar Cheese Straws 2.5 oz, Golden Gate Goodies Chocolate Covered Oreos 8 oz, Godiva Milk Chocolate Pretzels 2.5 oz, Godiva Crème Brulee Chocolate Truffles 4.3 oz, Godiva Chocolate Covered Almonds 2 oz, Caramel Mini Crunch Cookies 6 oz, Walkers Shortbread Cookie 1 oz, Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy 1.8 oz, Thatcher’s Caramel Popcorn 3 oz, Buttery on Main Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 oz, Chocolate Wafer Cookies 2.1 oz, Jacques French Truffles 3.5 oz, Large Reusable Water Hyacinth Basket

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit
Photo Courtesy of UncommonGoods
Shop at

The Old Fashioned Cocktail is an elegant timeless classic.

Therefore, mastering it should be no challenge for a drink queen!

Included: three chiles simple syrup (2 oz), chocolate bitters (0.5 oz), package of dried California mandarin orange slices (0.3 oz)
stainless steel jigger, 2 biodegradable cocktail straws. Makes 8 cocktails. Alcohol is not included.

Gourmet Gift Basket for Tea Tea Lovers

Fleur Gourmet Tea Gift Box

Fleur Gourmet Tea Gift Box
Fleur Gourmet Tea Gift Box
Photo Courtesy of Tea Box
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This is a gourmet gift basket that checks several boxes for the Chic tea drinker: perfectly organized, in a classic box, and just enough try new flavors without waste! Plus a ball tea infuser!

Included: 1 ball tea infuser, 6 chic cans each containing between 0.88 oz and 1.05oz of the finest loose leaf blends available at Tea Box.

Tea Duet Gift Set

Think of your friend who has a Monica Geller vibe in the sense that her house is impeccably clean and she can’t stand a drop of tea on the counter!

This is the most organized, elegant, and classic tea set I could find! Of course, Tea Forté blends are absolutely top-notch quality, then again, win-win gift!

Included: One Tea Tasting Petite Presentation Box (ten infusers) from our Tea Tasting Assortment, Two white porcelain Café Cups, Two ceramic Tea Trays in Orchid White.

Bellocq Silver Plated Tea Strainers Set

Bellocq Silver Plated Tea Strainers Set
Photo Courtesy Food52
Shop at

Consider this the minimalist one of the gourmet gift baskets in this list.

Bellocq is a tea atelier located in Brooklin and they are specialists in luxurious blends.

Therefore, these silver-plated hand-crafted brass strainers are the perfect gift for your minimalist-extra-chic-royalty-wannabe loved one!

Included: 2.5oz. of tea, 2.00″ Petite Silver Strainer.

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