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I don’t consider myself a Tik Tok generation girl, but thanks to Tik Tok I discovered the Granola Girl aesthetic. Granola Girl is nothing but the good old outdoorsy girl, but more ¨aesthetic ¨. This means more visual and conceptual, a girl who not only loves going camping, hiking, or canoeing but also makes sure to follow all the outdoorsy & adventurous granola girl aesthetic starter pack and let her journey be known.

The main difference between just loving adventures in the outdoors and being a granola girl is that if you are an outdoorsy woman you won’t necessarily care if your outfit is looking good or if your coffee mug is matching your boots and the mountains in the background. You will focus on the function over the aesthetic to succeed in your adventure and that’s it. The Granola girl is not only an adventurous soul but also fulfills her heart by being a big visual storyteller. Her outfits, gear, and the nature around her must tell a story of who she truly is, the journey she is taking and the learnings she is getting from her interaction with nature.

Both, outdoorsy and granola girls love doing any activities in nature, relaxing in a hammock, using the #wanderlust, being fiercely independent, loving and protecting all things wild, eating healthy (hello, granola), and are always carrying a reusable bottle around.

Granola Girl Aesthetic – Starter Pack

A granola girl starter back is basically a list of the basic stuff you will need to embrace the outdoorsy spirit and channel the explorer storyteller within.

Journal and camera

The basic items anyone needs to eternize a good story.

Reusable water bottles & basic outdoorsy gear

Reusable water bottles are the most basic must-have for an outdoorsy girl. A water bottle sticker is a trendy granola girl aesthetic way to collect stickers from your adventures. Besides, wireless headphones, a flex water filter system, a hammock, a warm and stylish blanket, a travel mug, and a properly functional and aesthetic backpack are also essentials.

A granola girl starter tent

If you are starting out your outdoorsy lifestyle, or just woke up in the mood for camping in the backyard, you will need a practical and comfortable tent. Below is a 2 person Tent from Poler, available on Urban Outfitters for $250.00

granola girl
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Outdoorsy:  ‘those who are fond of the outdoors’

Outfits that make you feel free

Granola girl outfits are about knowing how to express your wild side and tell a story of who is not afraid of living limitless adventures. Anything thrifted and bohemian accessories are details that make the difference. Below I list some functional yet aesthetic granola girls’ must-haves clothing.

Warm jackets, Fleece, windbreaker, and raincoats

For fall and winter adventures, you can keep your wild spirits warm with style in sherpa fleece jackets, flannels, and jeans jackets.

Comfy overalls

Relaxing onesies or overalls with pockets are perfect to go on an adventure.

Graphic Tees

To make a Granola Girl Statement, a vintage graphic tee, oversized tee, or hoodie with an outdoorsy message is a must-have.

Outdoorsy shoes: Hiking Boots and Birkenstocks

A good waterproof pair of hiking boots for your adventures or just chill in a pair of Birkens to channel the granola girl aesthetic with comfort and style. For urban life, because some granola girls need to work to afford the luxury of being in the woods, go for clogs, brogue boots, soft sole shoes, and suede booties.


Cute, warm, and of course, aesthetic beanies are an essential accessory from the granola girl wardrobe.

Bohemian rings and bracelets

When it comes to expressing your style, details matter. This lovely Tahoe Pack from Pura Vida will complete any granola girl look.

Granola Girl Experiences Bucket List:

Some outdoorsy magical off-grid experiences to add to your bucket list:

  • Renting or owning a small cabin in the woods
  • a forest bathing
  • a hot spring relaxation day
  • rock climbing.

Granola Girls on Instagram

These are amazing free-spirited girls and storytellers in the USA that I have found on Instagram. If you need tips and inspiration to follow an adventurous journey, I am sure these girls will be of great help and inspiration

Jacey West: This beautiful girl creates one of the most inspiring and interesting outdoorsy content, in my option. She tells stories of life in the Arizona desert, gives fulfilling tips on how to find adventure in everyday life, and also creates amazing reels with practical tips for hiking and camping. Among so much content that causes anxiety on social media, the stories she tells on her beautiful feed are an organic, soothing medicine to mind & soul.

Aisha Danielle: This girl is amazing. She writes super complete posts mixing her travel and personal experiences with detailed practical tips for adventurous girls.

granola girl
outdoorsy black girl granola girl

Melissa: For those who love a good van life diary, and, of course, marvelous photography. She struggles with anxiety and often opens up about it, which makes us connect even more with her stories and appreciate her journey in the search for magical places and mental health.


Livylandblog: About making everyday life with kids a big adventure. Her stories are so sensorial that make you wonder how must be the feeling of hiking on a cold and rainy day.


quingable: More van life stories. With husband? with a friend? Alone? Npe! with 2 cats! Quin is a granola girl from Colorado who gives tips on how to train your cats to hike, safety, and routine for solo travelers and cat lovers.

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