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a good straw hat will protect you from the excessive sun and a stylish one will add aesthetic points to your outfit! Hikers, campers, beach girls, and women who are active outdoors, will profit from a darker sturdier straw hat with chinstraps and a brim around 3″. This type of straw hat will endure higher sun exposure while staying beautiful over the years. Also, the darker color is low maintenance in the wilderness! As a fashion accessory, it’s so stylish. It’s hard not to be impressed by a woman wearing a hat with confidence. For cool styling, you can go with softer and lighter straw hats in colors that match your mood, of course! In both cases, we always root for quality over disposable, whether it’s a straw visor, a fedora style, or a wide floppy hat.

And that’s what you’ll find in this post, great quality, and stylish straw hats to complement your boho outfits, go uphill, channel your granola girl while gardening, hiking in the desert, watch countless sunsets in the van life, make *that”aesthetic hat wall, or look cool playing your guitar in the balcony!

Straw Hats For Women

Sturdy Natural Straw Hat With Chinstrap, Sunday Afternoons

100% natural tripilla straw | UPF 50+ | Elasticized Sweatband | 3″ brim fedora |

Islander Sturdy Straw Hat With Chinstrap, Sunday Afternoons
? Sunday Afternoons
$44 – $63
Shop at

This stylish fedora straw hat has so many good reviews and is very popular amongst the granola girls on Instagram. According to many ladies, this straw hat is even cuter in person than in the pictures! It’s a 10/10 granola girl hiking hat.

Quality-wise, it’s top-notch, made with natural straw. Natural fibers are great to endure weather abuse and to let your scalp breathe! I like the chinstraps because it’s charming, of course, but also help keep your hat attached to you, which is necessary when we’re facing the wind or tree branches outside.

It’s available in 2 colors and 2 different sizes. You can measure your head and use their size guide to shop from the comfort of your cozy couch.

Handcrafted Sturdy Straw Hat With Chinstrap, American Hat Makers

 3 1/2″ wide brim for sun protection 4″ breathable crown | ?? Handmade in California

barcelona Handcrafted Sturdy Straw Hat With Chinstrap, American Hat Makers
? American Hat Makers
Shop at

Here is for the lovers of stuff made in the USA. American Hat Makers is a father and son run business and their hats are handcrafted in California. A great place for hat know-how, considering how sunny and dry it is, right?

This beautiful fedora straw hat is one of their options, and it’s available in 3 different colors and 6 different sizes. Their website has a comprehensive sizing guide, so you’re good to go.

Paper Straw Hat, Gigi Pip

Telescope crown + wide flat brim

? Gigi Pip
Shop at

Gigi Pip is an aesthetic hat store. Their Instagram is a mood, the filters are boho-chic, and you feel in a movie. They are famous for their fedora hats, but the straw hats don’t stay behind.

This cool paper straw hat is not the most sturdy so you might prefer to keep it for low-intensity activities, like a brunch or picnic rather than a hike! It’s available in ivory, black, and tan and in 4 different sizes.

Seagrass Straw Hat, Gigi Pip

Frayed brin

? Gigi Pip
Shop at

This seagrass straw fedora is 100% granola girl aesthetic! It is rustic and feminine, lightweight and breezy, perfect for warm summer days. The dark neutral color complements all hair colors, skin tones, and wardrobe pallete.

It’s available in 4 different sizes.

Floppy Oversized Straw Hat, Free People

8″floppy Brim

Floppy Oversized Straw Hat, Free People
Floppy Oversized Straw Hat, Free People
? Free People
Shop at

Self-confidence alert! This outstanding oversized floppy straw hat will protect your hair, your face, your shoulder, your chest, and probably your soul from the sun!

It’s a success on the Free People website and according to the reviews, it can be addictive. Apparently, it is so practical, that once you wear one, you’ll go back for the other colors.

Still from the reviews, this hat is a must-have for sunny vacation trips and it folds thinly (even fits in a yoga bag!) and keeps the shape, which is a requirement!

Joanna Paper Straw Hat, Brexton


Shop at

The Joanna is a bestseller straw hat at Nordstrom. It stands right in between the boho-chic and hipster styles.

It’s a beautiful city hat for stylish modern women.

Paper Straw Hat With Black Grosgrain Band, H&M

3 ½ in Brin

Paper Straw Hat With Black Grosgrain Band, H&M
? H&M
Shop at

If you’re indecisive whether the straw hat life is for you or not, you may wanna start with a low investment.

Compared to all the other hats in this post, the H&M straw hat has inferior quality, but if you’re experimenting with new styles and aesthetics (hi, Lauren!), it’s a great option.

Woven Structured Straw Visor, Free People

? Free People
$34 each
Shop at

The gardening life or the beach tennis afternoon call for a lightweight straw visor. It provides the necessary amount of protection over your face, and that’s it!

These straw visors are the bestselling straw hats at Free People and it’s also available in black.

In the straw hat universe, which hat do you wear? Are you a functional minimalist, who has you favorite hat to face the wilderness? A collector with an aesthetic hat wall? Or something in between? Let me know in the comments below!


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