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Few romantic experiences can beat an idyllic outdoor picnic in a romantic garden, dreamy seaside, or in a cottagecore countryside. And, the big star of a perfect picnic is a lovely, tactical and aesthetic picnic basket full of delicious treats. Of course, you can always carry your food inside tons of bags and small containers or inside a random backpack, but the picnic baskets available in the market these days are carefully designed to be super practical and avoid the annoying experience of having your hands full.

It is important to notice, though, that there are distinct styles of picnic baskets, and they will change according to their function. So, since we organize things by occasion and mood at The Mood Guide, in this list we will cover the best and prettiest vintage-style picnic baskets for lovely moments by the lake or at the park, not for an outdoorsy hardcore hike. This means that the classic and aesthetic wicker, wood and luxury picnic baskets, created to make you feel in a period or fairytale film are the main focus of this post, but we will also mention other types, such as cooler and backpack picnic baskets.

Tip from the ♥ Foods and lovely stuff to carry in your picnic basket:
Sandwiches, strawberries dipped chocolate, apple cider, fresh fruits, home-made -with -love bread and cakes, pancakes, jam and cream, lovely flowers and a dreamy book are some of the wonderful foods and things you can carry in a picnic basket to set the dream- scene in a garden picnic and that will make a difference if you want to romanticize your day.

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What to consider before choosing your picnic basket

Investing in a high-quality basket is worth it since it will last for years and you will guarantee the food quality, and not less important, the quality of your overall experience. Oval, square, heart or ready-to-carry wine, are some of the many options to choose from. But, besides the external features, some other key points are important to consider:

? Does it come with plenty of space for storage?

? Is it ergonomic and easy to carry around?

? Small luxuries such as being monogrammable or personalized matter to you?

? Will you need it fully equipped with a storage system?

? Will you need your picnic basket large or small?

? Is it durable?

The Best Vintage Aesthetic Picnic Baskets

I will organize the prettiest wicker and wood vintage picnic baskets by their functional features, so it gets easier for you to make a choice. Whichever is the one that matches your energy and personal needs, one thing I guarantee: all of them will certainly allow you to create a beautiful aesthetic scape scenario and live a dreamy picnic date.

Picnic baskets with Table

A wood top that doubles as a table and lid might be a great choice if you like things neat and organized.

Photo: Westelm
Photo: Westelm

Wood Top Picnic Basket

This classy and affordable water-fir wood basket features a lid that doubles as a picnic table. The poly/cotton striped linen inside gives coastal vibes to it and is removable, making this a simple and versatile vintage basket.

The Beach People Picnic Basket Aesthetic
Photo : The Beach People
Photo : The Beach People

The Beach People Picnic Basket

This stunning picnic basket is designed for sand-free- beach picnics, featuring a sturdy wooden lid that doubles as a cheeseboard. Of course, this beautiful basket is also appropriate for a picnic in any location, not only at the beach.

Packed with everything picnic baskets

Vintage, chic, and with dish included, please. The options below are for the practical and sophisticated, who like extra luxury in the details and everything matching.

Photo: Westelm
Photo: Westelm

First Class Picnic Basket (14 Piece Set)

This beautiful basket for 2 features a wonderful and complete storage system, including 2 porcelain plates, 2 napkins, 2 plastic wine glasses, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, and 1 corkscrew. Details like the leatherette straps and stainless steel chains make this classic basket something else.

Round and heart shaped

Round and Heart-shaped baskets are particularly popular among helpless romantic vintage and cottagecore girls.

vintage aesthetic picnic basket
Photo: Harrods
vintage aesthetic picnic basket
Photo: Harrods

Les Jardins the La Comtesse

This stunning vintage wicker basket for 2 people is picture-perfect for any romantic picnic scene. Besides its wonderful aesthetics, this beauty is also equipped with a collection of outdoor eating accessories, including 2 plates, 2 cutlery sets, 2 wine glasses, a corkscrew, salt and pepper shaker set and a waterproof bag.

Heart Shaped Picnic Basket Aesthetic
heart picnic basket aesthetic
heart picnic basket aesthetic
heart picnic basket aesthetic
heart picnic basket picnic time
heart picnic basket picnic time

Heart Picnic Basket Set l Picnic Time

Woven into a heart shape, this natural willow basket is absolutely the most romantic option on this list. Whether you are planning a romantic picnic for two or just some pretty photos with your bff, this is just an aesthetic delight. The best is that besides being so gorgeous, the heart also comes with all the amenities needed for two people: 2 plates, 2 hand-blown wine glasses (7 oz.), 1 hardwood cutting board, 2 stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons, 2 napkins, 1 stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew with wooden handle, 1 set of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers, 1 food storage container (plastic), 1 stainless steel cheese knife with wooded handle, and 1 tablecloth.

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Classic Natural Woven

The classic simple and iconic wooden, woven model of a timeless vintage picnic basket. Some styles come with a lovely opening lid, and others seem like you just borrowed from Little Red Riding Hood.

Photo: One Kings Lane

Woven Handled Picnic Basket

A nice pick for those who like a classic timeless type with a lid, this wonderful and authentic yet vintage picnic basket is made with a diamond woven wood body.

Photo: One Kings Lane

Sweater-Weave Cottage Basket

This cutie is crafted of rush fronds woven onto rattan framing and trimmed with rope detailing. Inspired by traditional baskets found in rural regions of Europe. Perfect for displaying pretty flowers and a bottle of rosé.

Cooler Picnic Basket

Thanks to awesome designers out there, we can find aesthetics and pretty cooler these days. This is a nice option if you need a cute and vintage option to take to the beach or guarantee that all things will keep your wine, water or beer cold.

Photo: One Kings Lane
Photo: One Kings Lane

First Class Picnic BaskLauren’s Premium Cooler, Sage Strip

This stylish and beautiful cooler from Business & Pleasure Co. is not just wonderful but also crafted from coated canvas that’s conveniently UV-, mold-, and water-resistant. The leather handles and gorgeous floral print inside give an aesthetic uniqueness to this cooler.

Vintage Backpack

And again, thank you designers for creating beautiful picnic backpacks for the modern-practical yet vintage-cute and aesthetic girl.

picnic cooler backpack sunnylife
Photo: Free People
aesthetic picnic cooler backpack sunnylife
Photo: Free People

Picnic Cooler Backpack l Sunnylife

I love how practical and ergonomic this picnic backpack from Sunnylife is. It includes everything you need: two cutlery sets, plastic plates, stemmed plastic glasses, and a detachable bottle cooler.

Wine Picnic Basket

Picnic baskets with wine holder is a great way to carry your wine with style and avoid unpleasant accidents. Some options also come with a glass holder

Country Canvas Wine Bag (4 Piece Set)

A classic, Europen-style, compact wine and cheese bag. It is made of a willow body and includes a hardwood cutting board, corkscrew and cheese knife.

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