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Oh, the love we carry in our hearts. I did some research but couldn’t find a reliable source to trace back when and how hearts began to be associated with love. If we are lucky enough, we will love and be loved by our parents, grandparents, best friends, and romantic partners. No matter the distance, in this plan or another, heart locket necklaces are a thoughtful way to materialize such a unique feeling. So, in this post, I picked some of the most unique heart locket necklaces, from affordable to luxurious jewelry, to gift yourself or your loved one.

Sweet Heart Lockets Earrings

Romantic Heart Pendant Locket

Romantic Heart Pendant Locket

This romantic silver locket is available in small and large sizes and 7 different types of chains in various lengths.

Jade & Marcasite Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

Jade & Marcasite Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

With a vintage aesthetic, this lovely heart locket has a beautiful jade stone and marcasites. Casual, but very beautiful.

14K Gold Heart Locket Necklace

Key Jewelers

Not sure how to declare all your love? A rose, a love statement, and a 14K yellow gold heart locket may be the answer.

Sleek Heart Locket Necklace With Zirconia Starburst

Wanderlust & Co.

For the one who carries a heart full of love and keeps their head upon the stars.

Polished Gold Pleated Heart Locket Necklace


Love speakers for itself and in this case, less is more.

Heart Locket Necklace With Red Stone

Heart Locket Necklace With Red Stone

Inspired by the Victorian Era, this two-color heart locket will keep your most treasured memories.

Personalized Heart Locket Necklace

Personalized Heart Locket Necklace

Add a personal touch by engraving your loved one initials and making it a unique and thoughtful gift.

18K Solid Gold Heart Necklace With Mother-Of-The-Pearl Center

18K Solid Gold Heart Necklace With Mother-Of-The-Pearl Center
Blue Nile

The classic combination of mother of the pearl and solid 18K gold in this heirloom piece.

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