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Gold Ring Stores IN THIS ARTICLE

Gold rings are timeless. Such is the case that there are so many different styles and prices, from fine jewelry in solid gold to cheap pieces in vermeil gold. They are very versatile going from a romantic wedding band to a bold dome croissant ring and so on. All of this, make them a perfect gift for any occasion: just because gift for yourself, anniversary, wedding, birthday, push, Mother’s Day, Valentines, Christmas, and so on. But of course, like everything else, some brands are more modern and aesthetic than others. And since everyone knows about Tiffany’s, Cartier, and the traditional jewelry stores, I wanna bring some novelties in this post. I rounded up the most modern, cool, and aesthetic places to shop for high-quality gold rings! They are divided into 2 categories: fine jewelry and cheap gold rings. But make no mistake: I picked cheap brands, with gold rings starting under $50, that look expensive and have great quality.

Fine Jewelry Gold Rings

Aurate NY: Fine Jewelry With A Contemporary Aesthetic and Reasonable Price Tag

14K & 18K White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Rings | Solid Gold & Gold Vermeil | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems.

starting at $65

Aurate NY is a jewelry company in tune with its time. Founded by 2 women, Aurate NY only uses recycled gold and sells directly to customers, which enables their reasonable price tag. Besides, sustainable gold they only use sustainable pearls, ethical diamonds, and carbon-neutral shipping. Even though the company has an entire line of fine jewelry, the gold rings are the most coveted pieces.

Also, Aurate NY has a massive presence on Instagram and they know how to leverage their chic and modern pieces with the most aesthetic pictures. From minimal-chic to baddie girls, everyone wants to put their hands on Aurate NY rings.

Zoe Lev: glamorous and fashionable Fine Jewelry Gold Rings

14K White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Rings | Solid Gold & Gold Vermeil | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems, birthstones, initials, and name rings.

starting at $70

Zoe Lev has a few affordable pieces in gold vermeil but the vast majority of their stunning collection is glamorous, luxurious, and desired expensive solid gold rings. They are from Los Angeles, so you’ll get the expensive California boho-chic (way chicer than boho) vibe from the rings with colorful birthstones and precious gems like emeralds and sapphires.

Sophia Ratner: eco-friendly contemporary jewelry handmade in NY

14K White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Rings | Solid Gold & Silver | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems, pinky, and custom-made rings.

starting at $115

Sophia Ratner is a women-founded and owned company that focuses on sustainability and modern design. All the pieces are designed and handmade in their New York showroom using only lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced 14K gold.

And because they do it themselves, you can talk about having a custom-made piece. It’s a very thoughtful gift.

Net-A-Porter: Luxurious Fine Jewelry Gold Rings

18K White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Rings | Solid Gold | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems,

starting at $250

Even though Net-A-Porter is an online luxury retail store, they have my favorite curator of design and luxurious fine jewelry, including mesmerizing gold rings, of course. They have French classic jewelry like Chopard and Piaget but they also have modern pieces from contemporary designers like Suzanne Kalan, Jennifer Meyer, and Anita Ko. Of all the luxury online stores we feature in The Mood Guide, Net-A-Porter is our reader’s favorite.

+ Fine Jewelry Rings Stores:

Cheap Gold Rings

Kendra Scott: Eclectic modern Jewerly For Every Style

18K White & Yellow Gold Rings | Solid Gold, Gold Vermeil, Silver | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems.

starting at $50

Kendra Scott has as many cheap gold rings as fine jewelry and it’s hard to tell them apart because everything is of such great quality that they all look expensive. You’ll find a lot of modern rings, with contemporary designs but also the cutest rings with dainty hearts. It’s a very eclectic store, with something for every mood!

Mejuri: cheap & fine jewelry Gold Rings for men and women

14K White & Yellow Gold Rings | Solid Gold, Gold Vermeil, Silver | Stackable, wedding bands, with gems, for men, pinky rings.

starting at $48

Mejuri has from dainty stacking bands to bold dome croissant rings. The leader, btw, is their iconic piece, very popular on the most aesthetic Instagrams. But the best thing about Mejuri is that they are inclusive. They work with solid 14K gold to create fine jewelry. with diamonds and bling. But they also have a vast collection of vermeil gold and silver, which are way more affordable. To top it off, Mejuri has some pretty cool men’s rings.

Wanderlust + Co.: affordable Gold Rings For Zodiac and Magic Lovers

Lead-Free brass or sterling silver | plated with 14K gold and rhodium | Signets, bands, dome, stackable.

starting at $39

We love Wanderlust+Co because they have a mystic and magic aesthetic. So you’ll find from moon phases and bee signets ring to starry domes. I also love that they have a cohesive line of products, so you don’t get lost or confused browsing their website. And everything is lead-free.

Caitlyn Minimalist: minimalist Personalized plated gold rings on Etsy

Solid 925 Sterling Silver | plated with 18K gold and Rose Gold | Signets, bands, Initials, stackable, Name rings.

starting at $18.55

This store is a huge success on Etsy, with more than 1 million pieces sold and 5-stars reviews. They focus on all sorts of personalized jewelry of great quality at low prices.

Where else to shop for quality and affordable gold rings on Etsy: Gold Personalized and Alaridesign.

+ Cheap Gold Rings Stores:

I am very minimalist with accessories. However, I have a collection of stackable vintage gold rings that belonged to my mom and that I’ve been wearing for over 2 decades. Of course, they are jewelry, so they don’t tarnish and I love how they contrast with my platinum engagement ring.

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