Spring is around the corner and picnics are a huge trend on pretty and perfect Instagram feeds this time of the year. In case you are wondering what is cottagecore: The Cottagecore movement started as an aesthetic and now became a lifestyle focused on connecting with nature and living by the simple, countryside girl values. A picnic outdoors is a perfect way to celebrate and live the Cottagecore mood, contemplate nature, daydream, and enjoy the present moment.

If you don’t live in the fields but are in the mood for the nostalgic and romantic moments outdoors, smelling the roses, drinking rosé, and reading a good book while eating fresh strawberries and a warm baguette, you can.

One of our goals at The Mood Guide is to make aesthetic lifestyles more accessible. So, in this post, we will break down all you need to create your own whimsical romantic cottagecore picnic, even if you live in the city.

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picnic aesthetic poses photo ideas
Photo: @cottagecoreway
pretty vintage picnic aesthetic. picnic vegetable side dishes
aesthetic picnic
Photo: @faaaatmanur_

We believe that pretty photos come with huge symbolism of what makes us truly happy. Some images speak to our souls, and if you feel attracted to the cottagecore romantic, vintage, and carefree imagination this post is for you.

If you are in the mood for a romantic meal in nature and living a vintage moment, you shall have it!

Cottagecore Picnic Ideas & Essentials:

A cottagecore picnic is for the lovers and the dreamers, for the girl who wishes to live at least for a moment in a classic, vintage, and romantic book scene. Below is a list of the main elements of a cottagecore picnic, so you can truly and authentically live those feelings and moods beyond the Instagram screen.

Create your own secret garden:

The first thing to set a picnic is to find a yard, park, farm, forest, or garden of any kind. It can be a green square near your home or the field of your dreams with domesticated animals. Any open field that allows you to daydream in nature, feel the sunlight through the trees, smell the flowers, and experience a slow-living nostalgic mood is just perfect.

cottagecore aesthetic picnic
Park and lake picnic l Photo @cottagecoredream
cottagecore picnic animals
Field picnic l @cottagecoredream
romantic cottagecore aesthetic picnic
Picnic among flowers l Photo: @cottagecoredream
cottagecore picnic night
night picnic l @cottagecoreway

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Cottagecore picnic baskets:

Basket sets are one of the most important items of a cottagecore picnic. Picnics are so famous these days that some baskets even come with plates and mugs secured perfectly into the basket.

Tip from the : For more options of stunning picnic baskets, go to the picnic page at the Anthropologie website.

cottagecore picnic basket
1- The Beach People Picnic Basket l @jasminedowling
2 – Dressed En Plein Air Picnic Set l 2Modern
4 – Millstream Home Handcrafted Picnic Basket

The Beach People cottagecore picnic basjet
1 –The Beach People Picnic Basket l The Beach People
3 – Blue & White Stripe picnic basket l Food52
aesthetic cottagecore picnic
5 – Piccadilly Picnic Basket

Shop the Mood

1 – The Beach People Picnic Basket

aesthetic picnic basket

2 – Dressed En Plein Air Picnic Set

cottagecore picnic basket

3 – Blue & White Stripe Picnic Basket

4 – Millstream Home Handcrafted Picnic Basket

red and white wicker picnic basket

5 – Piccadilly Picnic Basket

6 – Les Jardins de la Comtesse

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Don’t forget the flower power! Decorate your basket with beautiful season flowers which you can pick yourself or just order some beautiful blooms.

picnic basket flowers
Urban Stems 1- The Santorini and 2- The Jansen bouquets l Photo: @urbanstems
cottagecore picnic basket flower arrangement
3 – Urban Stems The Luminary Bouquet l Photo: @urbanstems
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pink flower picnic basket

1 – The Santorini Bouquet

tulipes picnic basket flowers

2 – The Jansen Bouquet

yellow roses flower for cottagecore picnic basket

3 – The Luminary Bouquet

Picnic Blanket or Towel:

The most obvious item on this list: a picnic blanket or table towel to serve the food and sit on it. Floral or gingham patterns evoke both the cottagecore and the classic picnic mood. Red and soft colors like baby pink will create that romantic feeling for your picnic setting.

aesthetic picnic blanket tote bag red and white
1 – Outdoor picnic tote blanket. Photo: @picnictime
picnic towel
3 –Roll Up Printed Picnic Blankets l Photo: Food52
gingham picnic towel
2 – Gingham Picnic towel Photo: The Beach People
cottagecore picnic ideas; cottagecore picnic blanket
Happy Thoughts Linen Throw l Loveshackfancy
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tote red and white picnic blanket

1 – Outdoor Picnic Tote Blanket

picnic towel

2 – Gingham Picnic Towel

3 – Roll Up Printed Picnic Blankets

Cute Picnic Blankets to set a Vintage picnic vibe

Luxury Beach Towels To Elevate Your Vacations

Food and Drink Ideas for a cottagecore picnic:

Foods that can be easily picked with your hands like fresh berries, bread, and cheese is all you need. Fresh fruits bought on a local market and homebaked rustic recipes such as pies and muffins are perfect to bring your tea party outdoors. This mouthwatering no-fuss rustic lemon tart recipe is a great one to try!

Tip from the : Learn to home bake cottagecore picnic recipes like your grandma with this awesome Baking & Pastry course.

cottagecore picnic aesthetic. cottagecore picnic ideas. cottagecore picnic baked goods. cottagecore picnic dishes
Inspiration photo @liskin_dol

If you don’t understand anything about cheese but want to make a legit french picnic, the French Picnic page at Di Bruno Brothers website will solve your problems. The most delicious and attractive to our senses are options of cheese, ham, mustard, and much more.

cottagecore picnic food ideas
cottagecore picnic food ideas
Shop the Mood

wine and cheese picnic ideas

Normandie Brie

picnic jam

Raspberry Chia Smash Jam

picnic cheese

Italian Cheese Collection

picninc baked goods

Mix and Match Bakery Gift

To drink, a Rosé is a perfect choice to complement a Cottagecore food Menu. For this post, we featured Avaline, amazing clean wine created by Cameron Diaz. If alcohol is not your thing, afternoon tea is just perfect.

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picnic rose wine. cottagecore picnic ideas
cottagecore picnic black girl. picnic cheese and wine ideas. cottagecore picnic aesthetic
picnic basket ideas. cottagecore picnic aesthetic
Avaline Rosé: @alysonsimplygrows
vintage picnic rose gold aesthetic
picnic tea party. cottagecore picnic ideas
Royal Albert Miranda Kerr l Photo: @royalalbertengland
Shop the Mood

Avaline Rosé from Provence

Parisian French Loose Tea

Miranda Kerr Royal Albert

copper tea kettle vintage antique

Vintage Copper Tea Kettles

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Cute Dinnerware

Melamine dinnerware is versatile and safe! Definitely the best option to bring on a picnic. The Juliska vintage collection below is just the perfect match for a dreamy cottagecore picnic set.

Juliska Melamine Dinnerware Collection

Cordelia Food Storage Container

Juliska Sectioned Server

Butterfly Meadow Printed Knives Set

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Romantic books and notebooks:

Taking some time with a book and traveling to distant imaginary worlds or reading poetry will make this moment even more meaningful and magical. Another lovely option is to bring a journal or notebook with you to handwrite your own poems, dreams, and thoughts.

cottagecore picnic ideas. Cottagecore picnic books.
Anne of Green Grables book l @ceridwennreads
cottagecore picnic ideas. Cottagecore picnic book
loveshackfancy aesthetic. floral notebook cover. vintage notebook
Floral Print Notebooks l Loveshackfancy
cottagecore picnic aesthetic. cottagecore picnic ideas. cottagecore picnic book
Papier Wild Poesies and Into the Garden notebook l Photo @whishwishwish
cottagecore picnic black girl. Cottagecore picnic aesthetic. cottagecore picnic ideas.
photo: @megansoigne

Floral Print Notebooks

Wild Poesies Notebook

Foxworth Hall Notebook

anne of green grables book cottagecore picnic books

Anne of Green Grables

¨“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Other ideas for a cottagecore picnic:

picnic cooler vintage
vintage inspired coolers l Food 52
Keep that rosé cold with this beautiful and stylish vintage cooler.

A cute portable table is handy if you want extra comfort and style.

Folding Picnic Basket & Table l Food 52

Although we love nature, insects can be quite annoying and we don’t want to accidentally eat an ant.

Cute lightweight net food covers will avoid bugs from spoiling your picnic.

Vintage Coolers

Outdoor Net Food Cover

Folding Picnic Basket & Table

picnic backpack cooler

Wine Cooler Backpack

and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?

Vincent Van Gogh

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