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I think we might all agree that just the thought of a picnic in the park or in the countryside, sitting on a large, soft and pretty picnic blanket, on a warm and slightly windy spring day, being sunkissed by the sun and enjoying our favorite sparkling drink, while traveling through the pages of a good book brings immediate joy.

Yes, the spring and summer seasons are finally on the way, so we decided to create an aesthetic picnic series at The Mood Guide, so you can properly set the appropriate mood to create the scene of perfect film-like picnic days. Check them out:

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In this post, we will show beautiful and high-quality possibilities of picnic blankets that will make the perfect backdrop to a dreamy picnic setting.

What to consider before choosing your picnic blanket

Investing in a high-quality blanket is worth it since it will last for years and you will guarantee the food quality, and not less important, the quality of your overall experience.

? Is it large enough to lounge with multiple people?

? Is it too warm for the weather?

? Does the material absorb dirt and sand?

? Will you bring wine that might leave stains?

? Will you need it waterproof?

? Is it easily foldable?

? The fabric quality is good?

? Roll up as a bag matters to you?

? Is it easy to clean?

Best Cute aesthetic Picnic Blakets

I made a selection of picnic mats and blankets that are light, large, and suitable either for a park, countryside, or beach picnic.

Pink Blankets

The color of love and romance, pink became quite a trendy color for vintage picnics settings these days. A pink backdrop is perfect to create a vintage tea party mood and scene for a picnic.

Picnic Blanket with Carry Straps

Fleece l oversized

pink gingham picnic blanket

Pink picnic blanket

waterproof l Rolled up and closed with a carrier bag

pink picnic blanket

Strawberries on Pink Picnic Blanket

waterproof on both sides l UV coating

strawberry pink picnic blanket

White Picnic Blankets

White, neutral and beige picnic blankets might be something you don’t want to consider due to the risk of damage and stains. There are so beautiful, though, that I couldn’t keep them out of this list. Besides, some are made of very easy-to-clean material and have a waterproof side, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Picnic Blanket with Carry Straps

not waterproof l handmade l roll up

Lace picnic blanket

waterproof l stain-resistant treatment

Picnic Throw Blanket

not waterproof l oversized l handmade

Picnic Blanket with Carry Straps l Etsy
Lace picnic blanket l Etsy


Although the classic grandma-aesthetic gingham colors for picnic blankets are black and white, these days we can innovate with colors and go for a lovely bright yellow or soft pink gingham blanket.

StrapsLinen BEACH blanket

European washed linen l handmade l roll up

Gingham Travel Towel

waterproof l stain-resistant treatment

gingham square blanket

waterproof l camping l handmade

Linen BEACH blanket l Etsy
Gingham Travel Towel l Etsy
red white gingham square picnic blanket
gingham square blanket l Etsy

Florals and Drawings

Less popular but still absolutely cute are mats or blankets with romantic floral prints and creative designs on them.

StrapsLinen BEACH blanket

water-resistant both sides l adjustable strap

Custom Picnic blanket

water-resistant backing l handmade

floral water resistant backing picnic blanket

Roll Up Printed Picnic Blankets

waterproof l sturdy handle


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