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Do you believe in fairies? If yes, you better start to prepare a little fairy garden and welcome these magical little creatures for the spring. Yep, according to some myths and legends fairies are real, and well, even though you are way too rational to buy this theory, we can’t deny the delightful mood evoked by a vase decorated with magical tiny stuff and inspired by every enchanting tale we heard and know from our childhood.

Pick your favorite plants or blooms, plant them in your favorite vases and make a cute scenario on them. Gnomes, mushrooms, fairies, bugs, crystals, woodland animals, tiny doors, and everything magical you can think about are welcome in your lovely fairy home.

If you are not into making a little enchanting garden out of your terrarium or vase you can just improve a fairy house somewhere, adding tiny doors to a tree. The tiny lands below can feel so innocent and magical that they may actually make you wish you could shrink down and live there!

fairy garden vases

This is absolutely the most traditional type of fairy garden we know about. A lovely, innocent, and magical miniature little garden or house for fairies built in a vase. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to being the interior designer of a fairy! You can have fun by actually making a floor made of real stone or just adding tiny gnomes and mushrooms to your bonsai vessel.

easter fairy garden
fairy garden
miniature fairy garden

How fun is this lovely cactus house? Tiny details such as the ladybug among the real Aloe Vera and the painted vase make the magic come true.

cute gnomes and mushrooms fairy garden

What creates the magic here is the slightly overgrown and organized garden.

gorgeous fairy garden

vintage watering can

I absolutely love this! If you are into the Farmhouse or cottagecore decor style, making a small fairy garden filled with flowers in a rustic and vintage watering can create an extra cozy vibe to your space.

watering can fairy garden
white watering can fairy garden

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lovely teacup fairy gardens

Are you a romantic soul who loves Bridgerton? So you should turn your favorite vintage teacup into a little fairy home. Pink florals, curly wools, acorns, and actually fairy lights around it will make Tinkerbell beg for an opportunity to move in.

romantic fairy garden teacup
lovely pink teacup fairy garden
teacup fairy garden

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This lovely and creative alternative to a fairy garden is to build or buy an enchanting terrarium! A terrarium is a closed, self-sustained ecosystem that allows you to appreciate the magic of nature from your living room.

Mushrooms and a crystal protected by this lovely glass that resembles a dome make this a unique fairy house. Available on Etsy.


Another Gorgeous little creation! What makes this terrarium true magic is that it literally reproduces nature in miniature in a jar. Some biology knowledge and patience with the natural details, such as the right plants and the handmade bridges create the uniqueness of this type of fairy garden.

terrarium fairy garden with moss

A miniature of a fairytale forest is the feeling you get from this gorgeous fairy garden made with live moss.

terrarium fairy garden with moss

magic fairy castels and hunts

Your fairy friends will be quite happy if you set up a garden with an enchanting and thematic little home for them to live in.

fairy house and garden enchanting
enchanting fairy garden with castle

magic tree homes

What if instead of creating just a little garden you make a whole home & garden or village for your fairy friend?


Impossible not to feel the magic in this fairy portal that doubles as a book nook. This beauty is available on Etsy.



This absolutely gorgeous mushroom village lamp feels almost like a portal to a new fairy world and can be found in this Etsy shop.


intervention in nature

If you have the opportunity to create something literally in nature for a fairy garden, do it. DIY a tiny door, in any spot in a garden or in the woods where you can look and feel the presence of a fairy. And again, if you are too skeptical about it but enjoy the fun in the process, just look for a place that you think would look nice as a house to install your tiny door.

fairy garden purple door
fairy garden enchanted tiny door


A fairy mansion

Are you a real professional architect of the fairy realm? Then just give a try these absolutely stunning fairy gardens below.

mushroom fairy house

So, how amazing and magic are these fairy gardens? And, don’t forget, the more natural and real flowers and plants you use in your little garden, the happier fairies will be.

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