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Today I will list gift suggestions for those who love the Slytherin house from Harry Potter. Here you will find themed gifts and gifts that do not come with the Slytherin or Harry Potter logo but have a Slytherin aesthetic, which means that the person who owns it will evoke the energy of a true Slytherin.

Writing Harry Potter-themed posts is almost therapy for me, as I’ve been a fan since I was 13 (I’m 36). I’m rereading the saga to create more original content, and I realize that today I gain even more insights from all the genius and teachings about the human distress and shadows in this fantastic journey, which serve as therapy and self-knowledge to me to this day.

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Slytherin-themed merchandise to make the ones who wear them or have them as a decor house piece make a statement of their Slytherin pride.

Brooch, classic Slytherin snake enamel pin, or a mechanical pocket watch to cute and affordable kitchen things, like a themed mug or an engraved rolling pin.

Slytherins are very sophisticated and elegant. So, if you are an adult and would like to find something that does not look like merchandise, but evokes the wealthy, refined, ambitious, and cunning moods of the Slytherin house without being too obvious, the gifts below are for you.

Snakes, silver, and emerald green have a powerful symbology in this house (check it all here in this post about the green color meaning), and just by choosing a serpent-themed silver and dark green jewel or elegant emerald green bag with dark academia aesthetics, you will please someone with a Slytherin soul.

There are plenty of original inexpensive gifts for her and for him that exhale a Slytherin powerful ambitious dark energy. From a pretty silver snake and green malachite necklace to a gorgeous snake candle black skull candle holder. I wonder what the Draco candle seductive Slytherin swagger smell feels like!

Mature and elegant gift options with Slytherin aesthetics that go from a Canadian Nephrite Dark Green Ogden Jade specimen to a Black Rhodium Round Green Emerald ring set that is sold as a wedding ring, but can perfectly work as a friendship ring among sophisticated proud Slytherins.

For wealthy adults who love Slytherin but also have a good taste for the best stuff and want to express the Slytherin mood in their lifestyle, home decoration, or style.

From a one-of-a-kind exclusive antique candle holder in the shape of a serpent that looks like an original piece from a Malfoy mansion to an exclusive leather handmade notebook with top-notch quality.

There are Slytherin gifts for everyone, from teenagers who like to exhibit their obsession with a costume or the bedroom decor, to real adults like me, who have been fans of the Harry Potter saga since they were 13. Still, now we are hitting our 40s, and we like to express the Slytherin moods in an adult, sober way.

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