Tubby Todd Bath Co.- All-natural body care basics for baby

Andrea Faulkner Williams created Tubby Todd as a natural solution for her family’s sensitive skin. For years they struggled with dryness and eczema, and smooth skin always seemed impossibly out of reach. It was frustrating for her spending money on yet another product that wasn’t helpful, clean, or safe. Out of those discouragements came a drive and passion to create their own clean, plant-based bath products.

Every now and then we write a post about brands we love! This one is about Tubby Todd an all-natural brand created by Andrea, a mom that sells only natural products for baby bath and mommy care! Each and every bath product is made with plant-based ingredients that are simple and safe. Andrea created Tubby Todd with sensitive-skinned babies in mind, and each product works hard to nourish, hydrate, and gently soothe skin from head to toe.

Why we love Tubby Tod natural baby products?

Every mom knows how common it is for babies to have skin issues. The TON of positive reviews coming from happy and satisfied moms on Instagram – who found only on Tubby Todd the solution for their babies eczema – got our attention! (you can read some at the end of this post)! Also, at their website, you find only great reviews like the ones below for their eczema cream:

Our Favorites

Tubby Todd natural Sunstick

Natural sunstick

¨☼ For on-the-go sun protection our Sunstick 30 SPF broad spectrum formula gives your little ones 80 minutes of fun in the sun.¨

Natural All Over Ointment

Their #1 seller and Eczema miracle cream!

¨☼ A balm for everything! A rich, creamy ointment made from plant-based extracts like jojoba, beeswax, and honeysuckle to naturally moisturize skin.¨

Natural Baby Fresh Spray and baby massage oil

¨☼ Spray: now added a natural deodorizer to Baby Fresh Spray and are calling this new, improved formula Botanical Shield FRESH!  The Baby Fresh Spray keeps parents, little ones, and their linens smelling so fresh and so clean

☼ Oil: Lavender & rosehip scent makes for a perfect bedtime ritual¨

Baby Natural Dream Cream

¨☼ Works like a dream! A rich, intensive cream that works wonders for dry skin. Packed with plant extracts like almond, lime, orange, and peppermint¨

Natural Hair & Body Wash

¨☼ A pure, hypoallergenic wash that really lathers like it matters! Packed with natural extracts and plant-based ingredients, our signature Hair & Body Wash softens, cleans, and moisturizes your little one.¨

Organic Chest Rub

¨☼ Stuffy, achy, or runny? This 100% organic rub calms and soothes little ones anytime, day or night. Full of calming oils like sunflower, olive, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree, it eases congested noses and sore muscles and helps baby (and you!) relax¨

A few more reasons to love Tubby Todd!

Their exclusive Botanical Shield formula are formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients to moisturize and condition dry, sensitive skin from head to toe.

Recycling guide, to get the most of their packaging and give the earth a little hug in the process!

Hydrating station, explaining the differences between all of their 4 moisturizers.

∘ Amazing natural products for moms.

Natural ingredients. They are all clearly sourced, clean, and animal cruelty-free.

Bellow, you can check the beginning of their full list of natural ingredients and the corresponding skin healing properties! Tubby Todd products are definitely a must-have for moms who truly care about what goes on their baby’s body and skin!


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