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Handmade and rustic have quintessential concepts in common, right? Rough edges, imperfect details, no identical pieces, the forgiving essence of natural materials, time-honored techniques. Also, it feels like bringing in some of the outdoors spirits. More and more, people are trying to avoid mass production or would like to support small local businesses, or simply prefer the aesthetic of craftsmanship unique products. Also, some people are ok with more human delivery times. That’s why we are growing this list with rustic kitchen products made in the USA by local artisans or by businesses that support the community and respect the environment. You’ll find unique bowls hand-carved from upcycled wood, hand-forged cast iron, ceramic mugs, etc.

This list is being consciously nurtured at a slow pace, with a lot of research and intention, just like everything we write on The Mood Guide.

Because farmhouse decor is trending, mass-produced rustic kitchen decor is flooding the shelves (and warehouses). However, some people care about the earthy essence of respecting nature as much as for the rustic aesthetic. Part of it concerns a self-paced transition towards thoughtful consumption. And I get it. There is a substantial beauty in honoring nature’s organic shapes and time. In times of unlimited greed, the respect for human-focused production and delivery times is a disrupting way of life.

Rustic Dinnerware & Cookware Made in USA

Photos Courtesy Farmhouse Pottery

Crafted Wooden Plate

These charming wooden plates are beautifully hand-carved from ash. They are food safe and made in Vermont, hometown to Pottery Farmhouse. Probably on of the most authentic rustic kitchen stuff I’ve seen so far.

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Farmhouse Pottery is a business with a mission to make more than money. They focus on promoting sustainable farm-to-table values and ways of living to local makers and farmers.

Photos Courtesy Etsy

Earthenware Plate and Bowl Set

KJ Pottery set of plate and bowl is made of iron red earthenware clay and is available in different colors. It’s a success on Etsy and worthy of a premium spot on any open shelf.

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kitchen products made in the usa

Photo Courtesy @smitheyironware

5.5 QT Iron Dutch Oven

Smithey is heirloom quality cookware hand-forged in Charleston. They are designed with the intent to stay in the family for generations. It’s the opposite of disposable; the more you use it, the better it gets. Cast iron cookware just feels like a farmhouse thing. I love it.

This iron dutch oven is a classic and it comes in 2 different sizes.

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Photos Courtesy Modern Artisans

Artisanal Mugs

Modern Artisans has unique rustic mugs made in the USA by authentic artists. These mugs are from different producers and of course, due to their artisanal nature, you may run into waitlists for some models.

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kitchen products made in the usa

Photo Courtesy Sur La Table

Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge’s cast iron skillets are said to be 15% lighter and just as good quality. You don’t even have to bother with putting it away. It doubles as a perfect decor for any rustic kitchen.

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Lodge has been forging high-quality cast iron cookware in US soil for over 100 years.

Photos Courtesy Uncommon Goods

Serving Bowl

Handmade in clay, this pot is a love statement to real farm life. It reads: “may the sun feed our Earth and its life nourish your soul”. No wonder it’s often on the waitlist!

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Photo Courtesy Weston Table

Copper Cookware 3Qt Saucepan

Of all cookware metals, copper is the noblest. Not in the sense of looking good, but for its heat and cooking properties.

The copper pans and lids produced by Brooklyn Copper Cookware are top-notch heirloom material. They have an entire line pristinely manufactured in the USA.

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Brooklyn Copper Cookware has an amazing journey, filled with challenges, resilience, and perseverance.

Photography by Ty Mecham & Mark Weinberg, for Food52

Pine Forest Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware produces high-quality kitchenware on American soil since 1946.

They have uniquely shaped bakeware, like this forest one, but you can find dancing skeletons, nutcrackers, and much more!

It’s the one for fun adventurous bakers!

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Photos Courtesy Weston Table

Shades of Blue Stoneware

The pieces are carefully handcrafted in New York by Willian Reardon, the talented artist behind the shop. The berry bowl is a mood and I’m figuring why I still don’t have one in my life.

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New York Stoneware was founded in 2013 in the Bronx. It’ is soulful work of art, made in America, respecting craftsmanship heritage and purposely slow.

Rustic Kitchen Tools & Pantry Staples Made in The USA

Photos Courtesy Food52, Sur la Table, and JK Adams

Ash Round Serving Board

This JK Adams cutting board is made in Dorset, Vermont. It comes in 2 sizes and has this handy hanger, which I really appreciate. Besides, it has a lifetime warranty. Yes, my little Jedi, l-i-f-e-t-i-m-e. In these times of disposable everything, this is music to my ears.

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JK Adams is a second-generation business. They make home goods from sustainably forested wood in the US and they are not messing around!

Photo Courtesy Modern Artisans

Fun Tilted Utensil Jar

This stoneware utensil jar is all of us in a Monday morning mood: barely keeping it together. I love it! Handcrafted in the USA, it’s also available in two different colors: mocha and vanilla.

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Photo Courtesy Modern Artisans

Stackable Storage Jars

Both the jars and the lids are made in the USA. Available in 3 different sizes, you can get a set or individual pieces.

They also have more kitchen stuff, including hand-turned mason jars and lids handmade in Whidbey Island (around Seattle).

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Turnco Wood Goods has 2 young wood producers as founders. They changed Vancouver city life for the slow-living of Whidbey Island, where they create rustic pieces with a very modern accent.

Photo Courtesy Food52

Reclaimed Wood Knife Graber

Name something to clear countertop space and I’ll probably like it. Knives are essential in the kitchen and we prefer easy access to them.

This knife graber is available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. It’s a creation of Peg and Awl, a couple who makes authentic woodwork from found objects!

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Photos Courtesy Modern Artisans

Handmade Pottery Canister

This durable clay canister is handmade and painted by Terra Cotta Pottery in Oregon. Coated with a lead-free glaze, is dishwasher safe and is 100% nana’s farmhouse vibe.

Shop at

Modern Artisans is a marketplace for authentic small artisans. In their own words: “artful living for home, garden, and soul”.

Photos Rocky Luten, Mark Weinberg, Bobbi Lin, Courtesy Food52

Sustainable Wooden Bowls

These wooden bowls are handmade in New England and receive a coat of food-safe teak oil. They come in several different sizes and 3 beautiful finishes.

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Farmhouse Pottery is a business with a mission to make more than money. They focus on promoting sustainable farm-to-table values and ways of living to local makers and farmers.

Photo Courtesy Terrain

Porcelain Serving Bowls

Who said porcelain can’t be rustic and organic? These bowls and serving tray are handmade by Happiest Days artists, in a 100-year-old farmhouse turned into a studio.

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Photo Courtesy of Weston Table

Black Walnut Oval Bowl

Spencer Peterman handcrafts boards and bowls from upcycled wood from New England’s forest floor. Alongside his partner and co-founder, he and their small team make sustainable magic from the shop in Massachusetts. They are food-safe, come in different sizes and each piece is unique due to its natural origin.

If you are traveling along Route 2 to the Berkshires, make sure you stop there!

Shop at

Photo Courtesy Food52

Hanging Bar Pot Rack

Even if we don’t have a wood stove to hang copper pans above, hanging bars are handy, particularly for small kitchens!

Made of maple, it’s available in 2 different finishes, natural or grey.

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JK Adams is a second-generation business creating home goods from sustainably forested wood in the US.

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