Best Pink Silk Sheets to Sleep like a Glamorous Vintage Hollywood Star

Pink silk sheets are a classic when we think about princess, glam, and beauty sleep. Type ¨Silk Sheets¨on Google and you will find tons of huge brands selling them in every color, including pink. The point is that even though silk automatically evokes a feeling of luxury, the silk color definitely will change the mood of your bedroom. A powerful-mysterious black silk bed sheet, for example, will bring a totally different mood to your room (and to your own mood) than a glam-pink-princess-silk sheet.

The pink silk sheet aesthetic:

We all know that a good use of images has the potential to dig into our subconscious and awaken feelings and moods that really matter to us. Pink silk is all about glam, vintage, pampering yourself, and feeling like a princess who deserves to be always on a pedestal.

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Pink is also the color of love and self-love. So, sleeping on pink or blush bed sheets is really like putting yourself in the position of a beloved modern princess or glamorous Hollywood star.

100% momme mulberry silk sheets are a bit expansive because of all the benefits: Free of harmful chemicals, super-soft, comfy, and smooth yet breathable. Also best for anti-bacteria and anti-allergenic, which makes them perfect for allergy suffers.

If you don’t care about high-quality and just like the glamorous look-and-feel of pink silk, we list affordable polyester sheets (that are silky to the touch) here too.

Beauty Sleep Tip: Complete your glam beauty sleep with this lovely silk bowknot and beauty set.

Glamorous pink silk sheets

Photo Courtesy LilySilk

19MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set

1 pc 19 Momme silk fitted sheet; 1 pc 19 Momme silk flat sheet; 2 pcs 19 Momme terse silk pillowcases.

$364.00 – LilySilk

best 25 momme pink silk sheets
Photo Courtesy THXSILK

Extreme 25 Momme | Silk Bedding Sheet Set (4pcs)

The highest quality pink mulberry silk set to feel like Marilyn Monroe every night.

$999.00 $699.00 – THXSILK

best pink silk sheets
Photo Courtesy Rachel Silk

25 Momme Seamless Silk Fitted Sheet

High-quality fitted sheet 100% 25 Momme pure Mulberry silk. I love how gorgeous is this blush shade of pink.

$339.00 – Rachel Silk

Best pink silk pillowcases

best pink silk pillowcases
Photo Courtesy of Amara

Limited Edition Rose Gold Collection Pillowcase

This Limited Edition Rose Gold 22 momme Mulberry Slipsilk™ silk pillowcase is perfect for your beauty sleep. Don’t forget the mask!

$118.00 – Slip

best pink silk pillowcases
Photo Courtesy of Sephora

Slip Pink Silk Pillowcase

100 Percent Pure Mulberry Silk (22 Momme) pink pillowcase for a glam beauty sleep. Shop the mask here.

$89.00 – Slip

best pink silk sleep sets
Photo Courtesy Amara

Beauty Sleep To Go! Travel Set – Pink

22 momme Mulberry Slipsilk™pillowcase and mask set

$119.00 – Slip at Amara

best pink silk pillowcases
Photo Courtesy Nordstrom

Pure Silk Euro Pillowcase

100% silk anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bedhead Euro pillowcase.

$99.00 – Slip at Nordstrom

best pink silk pillowcases
Photo Courtesy LilySilk

19MM Silk Pillowcase With Ruffle Trim with Hidden Zipper

Pretty, cute, and affordable 100% Grade 6A 19 Momme pure Mulberry silk

$42.00 – LilySilk

Photo Courtesy Rachel silk

30 Momme Luxury Oxford Envelope Silk Pillowcase

Rose Pink luxury pillowcase.

$99.90 $69.90 – Rachel silk

Photo Courtesy Celestial silk


Affordable pink silk pillowcase.

$35.99 – Celestial Silk.

Photo Courtesy Morus

Organic 100% Mulberry Silk Queen Pillowcase – Pink

This shade of dreamy-ethereal-soft-pink just got my heart. 100% organic, is a good match for a very natural and delicate bed set too.

$55.24 – Morus.

best pink marble silk pillowcase
Photo Courtesy Nordstrom

Pink Marble Pure Silk Pillowcase

 An anti-aging, antisleep-crease, anti bed-head 100$% silk pillowcase

$89.00 – Slip at Nordstrom

Affordable polyester sheets and pillowcases

best pink silky to the touch bed setting
Photo CourtesyWalmart

Seduction Satin Solid Queen Rose Gold Sheet Set

 100% Faux Silk Polyester 

$48.90 – Seduction at Walmart

best pink silk bed setting
Photo CourtesyWalmart

Belles & Whistles Pink Satin Sheet Set, Full

 100% polyester silky satin sheets.

$44.99 $31.15 – Belles & Whistles at Walmart

silky to the touch pink sleep set
Photo Courtesy Ulta Beauty

Blush Satin Sleep Set

 100% satin polyester material. One queen satin pillowcase, along with a matching satin eye mask and a volume scrunchie

$36.00 – Kitsch on Ulta Beauty

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