I love and see a lot of use in accessories for baby. Headbands and small bows are suuuper cute, but nothing looks cuter than your baby wearing bonnets and sunbonnets, I mean, look at these pictures! They are not just cute but also great to protect from the cold and the sun. Actually, they are a must-have, because it is necessary to have something to protect the baby’s eyes from the sun.

Briar Bonnets are made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, or wool, and lining, wither beautiful 100% cotton or ultra-soft organic Sherpa cotton.

¨Founder, designer and fellow mama, Rachel Goode, began creating her signature bonnets shortly after the birth of her daughter Gracelyn Briar. She understood the need for a tie-hat that was both beautiful and functional and took it into her own hands. The response to her handmade and heartfelt bonnets from grandmas and mamas alike was the beginning of Briar Handmade as you know it.¨

Organic baby Bonnets that are alternatives to Briar Handmade

What they sell

◇ Bonnets

Beautiful and soft, lots and lots of models on the site, and perfect for warming your baby’s little head and ears.



◇ Brimmed Bonnets


Same utility as above, but with a sun protection flap. My opinion is that they are extremely useful since the newborn baby eyes are super sensitive to sunlight. I didn’t know about such bonnets and had a hard time wearing swaddles to cover Maya’s eyes when we came out in the sunlight.

◇ Sunbonnets

A more beachy version to protect the baby from the sun. When they are very little I recommend the model from above because it seems to get firmer in the baby´s head.

◇ Pacifiers

I don’t use pacifiers with my baby. Her doctor told me that it could interfere with breastfeeding, so I decided not to give one to my daughter. I considered though because she wakes up so much in the night (and because they are so cute!). So, if at some point I decide to buy a pacifier, this would be my option: natural and cute. 🙂

◇ Mommy bandanas

◇ Animals bonnets

Babies are cute by nature, and adding some extra cuteness with little critter years is even better 😀

◇ baskets

SO useful. The only problem, in my opinion, is that they last too little for such a high price.


What we Love.

◇ I love that All fabrics have been pre-treated using fragrance-free, hypoallergenic detergent.  🙂

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