When I search for baby girl feminine woodland nursery ideas online, most of the results I get are in pink and grey colors. Well, I got nothing against pink! To be honest I love pink and I usually buy a lot of pink clothes and stuff for Maya. But I also have a hard time finding stuff that is feminine but not pink when I search for baby girl nursery ideas. So, this selection of products is dedicated to adventurous or animal lovers moms who want to get away from the pink and still give a delicate and feminine tone to the decoration of the baby’s bedroom.

Here are my favorite and beautiful items with animals and forest elements like foxes, bears, and deer, but instead of the traditional brown and green tones, I chose more pastel, colorful, cute and delicate tones.

Montessori Bed – There are millions of Montessori beds to choose from around the web. These ones particularly got my attention on Pinterest for the cute fence that somehow evokes a nature mood and for the natural and light wood colors (they are the same bed, only changing the lightness of the wood). Altho Montessori beds are usually used for toddlers, I bought one for my baby girl since she was a Newborn, and she loves sleeping in there inside a baby nest.

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Woodland Baby Nests – Nests are great for babies, especially when they are newborns! They feel safe, cozy and comfortable, just like when they were in the womb. In the first days, your newborn baby probably won’t sleep in the bed or crib if he or she is not in a nest.

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Pixie Fox Items: I fell in love with this print, the colors and the cuteness of the fox. The fox pillow is part of a 4 pieces set and caught my attention first, but browsing the related products there are also other pretty useful for nursery items with the same print.

Darkening window curtain / Darkening Valance / Throw Sherpa / 4 pieces set

Play Gym / Mobile: Important for baby development, focus and to give mamma some extra time to do something else. I love these: simple, neutral and woodland-inspired.

Grey and Yellow Wooden baby Gym / Dear and Bear Baby Play gym / Enchanted Forest Mobile / Felt Forest Mobile

For the Wall: Whenever I look for nursery decor ideas for Maya, I wonder how her imagination and creativity can be stimulated. A scenery of mountains, small and sweet illustrations of camping that tell a story or a beautiful and didactic alphabet like the ideas below are things that definitely get my attention.

Wall Decal Camping Adventure / Woodland Alphabet / Mountains Wallpaper Mural /

Crib Sheet and activity mat: one more time, the mat tells a story and makes the kid play with their imagination. The sheet is just super cute and I love super cute stuff.

Woodland Play Mat / Bed Sheet

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