There are so many ways to decorate a living room, but among so many styles and design options, it can be challenging to define the perfect house or apartment living room aesthetic. Every visual detail in the decor should reflect not only your personality but the emotions you want to feel when spending time in your living room. Your living room and house aesthetic should be an extension of who you are, a sacred nest where you can be and do you.

Unlike the clothes we wear or the makeup we put on, we are in contact with the same decor and furniture for long periods of time. Whatever we surround ourselves with has the ability to interfere with our mood, emotions, and therefore with our decisions. On that note, something as trivial as a tea mug or a food container can make a difference at the end of the day.

Therefore, if you are an optimistic dreamer you might feel good in calming and romantic soft pink environments. On the other hand, if you are a serious workaholic, a modern chic living room painted with sober colors might be the right aesthetic.

So below we list a few aesthetic living room ideas to help you set the right mood and connect with your intentions.

Girly Aesthetic Living Room

A girly living room should be a place to make romantic dreams come true. Create an environment where dreams and reality collide and spend precious serene moments with loved ones or with yourself. A soft pink living room aesthetic is about mixing period drama elements with modern design decor to create magic.

The moods: bright, homey, romantic, nostalgic, uplifting, feminine, self-love.

The aesthetic: florals, whimsical, angelcore, pink, gold, peonies, soft pastels, vintage, glamorous, sparkle, glass, dainty, fairytale, Marie Antoinette.

The furniture and decorations: cute decor, pink sofa, chandelier, pink flowers, candles, flowers in a pot, greek statues, vintage wall art, vintage pieces, china cabinet filled with treasures, floral delicate sofas, gold and glass/gold coffee tables, white marble coffee tables, slipcovered sofas, pink peonies in pots, velvet sofa, comfy soft cushion, fluffy blankets.


A place for sipping rose tea with lavender cookies with your best friend, reading epic books, Watching girly movies with hot cocoa.

The living room styles: Shabby chic, cottagecore, girly, Eglish Cottage, Preppy, Soft, pink aesthetic living room.

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Modern aesthetic living Room

A modern living room is a chic and simple place where the modern city girl lives and feels their ambitions.

The mood: powerful, ¨playing it cool,¨ serenity, sensual, fearless, high standards, simple, minimal, effortless, chic, casual, sophisticated, uncomplicated.

The aesthetic: modern, clean lines, cream palette, bling, silk, black, white, gold, grey, classy, artsy, nordic, luxury, Parisian, New Yorker, neutrals, sleek, bold, contrast, creamy whites, leather, geometric.

The furniture and decorations: modern soft sofa, real marble coffee table, boudoir, classic addition, black table, hotel worthy decor, glass and gold candle holders, gold accents, dark stone, white lilies in a pot, stylish minimalist frames, statement pieces, greek statues, fashion books, neutral shelves, contemporary sectional sofas, elegant cabinetry, modern floor lighting, geometric tables, contemporary artistic tables.

Photo: Burrow
Photo: Lulu and Georgia

The living room styles: Scandinavian interiors, Parisian, edgy, Mid Century, Contemporary Modern, minimalist, modern living room decor.

A place for candlelight champagne and red wine, moments of bliss, feel effortlessly luxurious while reading a fashion book.

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Natural aesthetic living room

The mood: Slow, calming, good mood, peacefulness, silence, relaxations, cozy, serene, constant smell of warm freshly baked break with organic honey coming from the kitchen.

The aesthetic: rustic, organic, natural fiber, texture, earthy, simplicity, morning light, raw wood, soft color palette, farm, cream and beige color tones, pops of green.

The furniture and decorations: natural fiber, ceramic items, tonal pillows, linen sofas, organic shapes, natured inspired furniture, linen pillow covers, wool blankets.

natural aesthetic living room
Photo: Cedar Stump from Jenni Kayne

The living room Style: Rustic living room decor, farmhouse, boho, Hygge.

A place for home-baked breakfast on the couch, reading poetry in the afternoon light, a calm space to ground yourself.

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Industrial living room aesthetics

A place to relax and feel the harmony between life in the city and in nature.

The Mood: adventurous, wild, free, independent, nostalgic, warm, retro, atypical, creative, earthy aromas,

The Aesthetic: black, brown, greens, dark wood, red and black gingham, wooden cabin, trains, old factories, metal, iron, concrete, mid-century airplanes, modern furniture with antique finish, handcrafted, flannel, pine forest,

The furniture and decorations: lanterns, distressed leather sofas, brick walls, steel table, hand-stitched sofas, exposed frames, iron legs, chesterfield distressed leather sofas.


The living room Style: Hipster, adventurous, modern Mid Century, Vintage.

A place for telling travel stories near the fireplace. Working with your notebook on a super cozy couch

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Mystic living room aesthetic

A place with a window to the moon to be always connected with your intuition, personal transformation and interior alchemy

The Mood: Good vibes, power, positivity, Celtic folk music on the background, earthy essential oils, harmony feels in every detail and sense.

The aesthetic: magickal tools, nature, earthy tones, purple, black and gold, constellation, moon, owls, 5 elements of nature, fantasy

The furniture and decorations: thoughtfully picked, handmade, and energized items, crystals, scented candles, tapestries, wooden shelves, plants everywhere castiçcal, arched shelves, fairy lanterns, Victorian accents.

witchy living room aesthetic
Photo: Apartment Therapy
witch house living room shelf aesthetic
witchy living room aesthetic decor

The living room style: Witchy, Botanical, Gothic, Victorian.

A place for having herbal tea or a dancing night with girlfriends.

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