Sleep in lovely, pretty, perfect, soft pink silk pajamas is all about feeling like sleeping in the clouds, and you deserve to give yourself the opportunity to feel embraced by this high-quality material when you go to bed.

This post is not just a super complete list of luxurious soft pink pajamas made from real silk, but also a visual mood board to help you visualize the difference a pink silk pajama and the right sleep routine make in the process of living your most authentic life.

Set the mood to sleep into cute and pink silk pajamas

Many posts we see about silk pajamas do not organize them by color. We do it because we know that colors have meaning and affect our mood. Sleeping in a totally black room feels completely different than sleeping in a soft pink room. The same happens with the pajamas we wear.

Pink is about sweetness, self-love, dreams come true, old glamour, and innocence. So, before we list our pajamas, we created a mood board to help you set the right mood when you sleep into your cute (and expensive) romantic pink or blush silk sleepwear. From a lovely playlist to floral bedroom scents: Everything harmonized will allow you to create your own princess nighttime (and you won’t even need to rent a castle for it). All images below are linked to the original products.

Complete the mood: Best Pink Silk Sheets to Sleep Like a Glamorous Hollywood Star.

Best Light Pink Full Lenght Silk Pajamas set:

belted silk jumpsuit pajamas in pink. pink silk aesthetic
Photo Courtesy: LilySilk

22 Momme Casual Belted Silk Jumpsuit Pajama

LillySilk is a heaven of cute luxury pajamas. I chose my favorite one to showcase here. Some others are on the mood board above, and I highly recommend checking in on the pajamas section of their website. This silk pajama set is literally a dream come true gift for anyone who loves to dream.

$255.00 – LilySilk

classic 22 momme pink full length silk pajamas set. Pink silk aesthetic
Photo Courtesy: LilySilk

22 Momme Full Length Silk Pajamas Set

Another one from LilySilk, because this soft pink silk pajama is a long-time classic and favorite and must be here.

$178.50 – LilySilk

pink pajamas set
Photo Courtesy: LilySilk

Elegant Lapel Collar Silk Pajamas Set for Women

Sorry girls, I swear this is the last one from LilySilk. This shade of pink is less girly and more sophisticated, and I didint see it anywhere else. Certainly a cute and glamorous pajama set.

$179.99 – LilySilk

mood pink silk pajamas aesthetic. soft pink aesthetic.
@ootdgloriamp wearing Full Length pink LilySilk Pajamas
mood pink silk pajamas. silk pajamas in bed
@ananajerac wearing Full Length pink LilySilk Pajamas
silk pajamas black woman
@mickiphit wearing LilySilk

VICTORIA'S SECRET pink silk pajamas set


Another one from LilySilk, because this soft pink silk pajama is a long-time classic and favorite and must be here.


morus soft pink silk pajamas
Photo Courtesy: Morus

22MM Organic Silk Pajamas Button Down Pant Set

A classic and soft 100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk. This classy yet modern light pink pajama set is perfect to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

$186.99 – Morus

olivia von halle pink silk pajamas
Photo Courtesy: Browns Fashion

Coco Silk Pyjamas

Stay in wearing Olivia von Hallen 100% silky pajamas while enjoying a fine rosè sounds just good to me.

$495.00 – Olivia von Halle at Browns

selena gomez pink silk pajamas. blush pink silk aesthetic. silk pajamas celebrity
Selena Gomes wearing Coco Silk Pajamas – Olivia von Hallen
pink silk pajamas set. silk pajamas outfit.
Poto @oliviavonhalle Coco Silk Pajamas

Best Pink Silk Pajamas Shorts and Camisoles

blush soft pink pajamas shorts and camisole
Photo Courtesy: River Left

Colette Camisole Dusty Rose

This flowy and flattering pajamas made of washable sustainable silk is just gorgeous. Click here to shop the camisole and here for the shorts.

Camisole: $148.00 l Shorts: $128.00 – River Left

blush soft pink camisole pajamas shorts
Photo Courtesy: Rachel Silk

Lovely Flounces Trimmed Silk Camisole Set

Another one from LilySilk, because this soft pink silk pajama is a long-time classic and favorite and must be here.

$149.90 – Rachel Silk

soft pink aesthetic, cute girly baby pink silk pajamas shorts
Photo Courtesy: Anya Lust

Pillow Talk Silk Pajama Top and Shorts

I dare you to find any pajamas as cute and luxurious! This super girly pure silk pajama set is one of the cutest chic things I have seen on the internet! I bet Regina Geroge, Elle Woods and and Cher (from Clueless), would have one of those! Don’t forget to pair it with this pair of Marilyn Boudoir Mule.

TOP $375.00 l SHORTS $165.00– ANYA LUST

luxurious pink silk pajamas shorts
Photo Courtesy: Anya Lust

Sophia Silk Pajama Set

Simple, luxurious, beautiful and romantic 100% silk pajama set.

$330.00 – Anya Lust

lunya blush pink silk pajamas
Photo Courtesy: Lunya

Washable Silk Tee Set

Lunyas silk pajamas are so stunning that I had to recommend them here, even though they are not really pink, but blush.

$198.00 – Lunya

pretty blush pink silk pajamas camisole, silk pajamas set for women
@katieboren1 wearing River Left Sleep
blush pink silk pajamas set
@riyapatel_ wearing Lunya
cute pink silk pajamas lace
Photo Courtesy: Revolve

x Journelle Charlotte Cami & Tap Short Set

Super authentic Quartz Pink pure silk pjs set made in Italy? Yes, please.

$205.00 – Cosabella at Revolve

Best Pink Silk Nightgowns and Chemises

blush pink silk pajamas dress nightgowns
Photo Courtesy: River Left

Saint Germain Nightgown Dusty Rose

Chic, elegant, luxurious, comfy and versatile. With a stunning silk nightgown like this, we understand why River Left was featured on big media outlets like Forbes and Vogue. I would definetely wear it for a night out!

$278.00 – River Left

classy and cheap baby pink silk nightgown
Photo Courtesy: THXSILK

High End 19 Momme Silk Chemise Slip Dress

This cute and affordable real silk nightgown is the perfect choice to experience being embraced by silk when you sleep without breaking the bank! Super well-rated and available in 5 colors!

$69.00 – THXSILK

cute baby pink silk nightgowns
@tiamcintosh_ wearing THXSILK chemise slip dress
@madelineaford wearing River Left Saint German Nightgown
@madelineaford wearing River Left Saint German Nightgown

pretty pink silk nightgown
Photo Courtesy: Anya Lust

Melody Silk Slip

How chic is this modern vintage Old Hollywood-inspired silk slip with french lace? Perfect to feel stunning even if you stay home all-day

$350.00 – Anya Lust

pretty pink silk nightgown
Photo Courtesy: Bloomingdales

Silk Chemise

I can easealy picture any woman feeling like classic Disney Princess wearing this luxurious 100% silk bridal rose chemise.

$148.00 – Ginia at Bloomindales

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎

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