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Play kitchens (just like playhouses ) can be considered complete toys because they provide a nurturing set for motor, creative, social, and emotional stimuli. Kids can profit from focused solo play as much as from teamwork. Also, it may lower screen time, as well as incite creative problem solving (“we are missing one ingredient, can we replace it?), organization skills (“dishes go on the top shelf, milk in the fridge, the kitchen must be cleaned at the end of the play”), math (“x grams of flour”), planning (“preheat the oven, prep the ingredients”), and the list goes on. And last, but not least, play kitchens can give kids a taste for cooking and baking, which is great!

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So, do you have a beautifully decorated playroom and you are looking for the perfect matching play kitchen? Or your little one loves being around your cooking pots and you wanna know what are the best options of cute play kitchens for kids? We selected only top-rated and good-quality play kitchens for every budget, play area size, and enchanting taste.

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Cute Sink & Oven Play Kitchen for Little Chefs

Tender Leaf Toys – Wood Kitchen Toy Play Set

range play kitchen tender leaf toys

Photo from Maisonette

Dimensions: 35.75″H, 11.75″L, 24″W. Counter Height: 20.5″

I’m starting with my absolute favorite! Call the interior designer because I found my dream kitchen! It’s a full wood gourmet kitchen, with an oven, cooktop with burners, sink, and microwave. And it’s an interior design dream! This thing would look good even in your living room!

First, I love the sweet mix of pastel colors. It’s delicate, joyful, and will match beautifully any girly room. Second, the accessories included are to die for! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the wicker baskets, please. And did you see the lovely soap dispenser? What about the dish rack with the blush dinnerware? It gives me some serious shabby chic vibe. Finally, Tender Leaf Toys is an ethical and environmentally friendly British company, so you’re sure to have safe materials at your little one’s reach!

Shop at :
You get everything you see in the picture. 1 little oven, 4 hot plates, 4 turnable buttons, 4 knobs to hang the tools from, a sink, microwave three plates, three racks of herbs, 2 wooden storage jars, 2 wicker baskets, three cooking utensils, one potholder, and one tea towel.

Bigjigs Toys – Pink Farmhouse Country Play Kitchen

Bigjigs Toys Pink Farmhouse Country Play Kitchens for kids

Photo from Maisonette

Dimensions: N/A

What about that ripped backsplash, open shelves, and wood kitchen utensils rack? If you love the farmhouse kitchen style, this play kitchen is for you! I mean, for your little one!

Besides the adorable design, this kitchen features a taller work surface, which is great for big kids and ensures more years of play. Also, it has helpful side handles, in case you wanna move it and keep what’s left of your lower back!

Shop at :
1 oven and hob with clicking dials, a storage cupboard, a Belfast sink, utensil shelves, and a clock with moveable hands, 3 kitchen utensils which can be slotted tidily in the shelf above the hob, a plastic bowl in the sink, salt & pepper, and 1 washing up bottle.

Step2 – Little Bakers Plastic Play Kitchen for Kids

Step2 Little Bakers Plastic Play Kitchen for Kids

Photo from Step2

Dimensions: 41.50″ H x 28.00″ W x 14.00″ D

You didn’t think I’d stick only with super expensive play kitchens for kids, did you? I know some people don’t love the plastic aesthetic, but this little kitchen is adorable. And because it’s catered for toddlers, you can expect the usual durability from Step2. Also, it’s made in the USA, so it gains many points with me!

I’m slightly obsessed with the recyclable bin, after all, it’s never to soon to learn!

A molded-in sink with faucet, granite-style countertop, microwave, refrigerator, and oven. All with working doors. Plus plenty of storage space for dishes and 30-piece accessories.

Cam Cam Copenhagen -? Sustainable Wood Pink Play Kitchen

Cam Cam Copenhagen Sustainable Wood Pink Play Kitchen

Photo from Scandiborn

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s lovely play kitchen is the most environmentally friendly option on this list. This non-toxic play kitchen for kids is made in Europe out of sustainable wood and under socially responsible conditions. The sink is made of metal and the curtain is GOTS-certified organic cotton in the whimsical Cam Cam floral pattern.

Shop at :
A little oven, 2 hot plates, 3 turnable buttons, 4 knobs to hang the tools from, a metal sink, and storage space behind the cute Cam Cam floral curtain.
Set up the most whimsical play kitchen!
Kids Chef Hat, $24.95 – Cam Cam Copenhagen
Mini Foldable Crate, $6.99 – Ay-Kasa
Kids Oven Glove Play Set, $20.95 – Cam Cam Copenhagen

Flexa – Dusty Rose Wooden Play Kitchen

Flexa Dusty Rose Wooden Play Kitchen

Photo from Scandiborn

D:35.50 cm H:74.30 cmW:60.00 cm

This beautiful play kitchen is so sophisticated, isn’t it? The design is a timeless mix between modern and retro. The dark rose is the kind of color that speaks to almost any mood: girly, modern chic, boho. It’s made of high-quality birch wood, plywood, and MDF with a cotton curtain. Your little chef will be very inspired!

Shop at :
 4 hotplates, turnable knobs, oven with window, water tap and sink, and a kitchen cupboard with curtain

Gourmet Play Kitchens for Serious Cooks!

Teamson Kids – 2-Piece Wooden Pink Modern Play Kitchen for Kids

Photo from Maisonette

Sink: 27.75×11.13×24.00 inch. Fridge: 13.75×12.00×31.75 inch.

With clean lines, a pretty shade of pink, and gold accents, this adorable play kitchen gives me some serious Upper East Side feelings.

Did you see the prep space next to the sink? What about the high-end triple-door fridge? Your little successful restaurant owner deserves only the best kitchen appliances when she comes home!

“The fridge has three doors and an ice maker with cubes to mimic a real-life kitchen experience. The stove has two oven doors, two hobs, one sink and two knobs which turn and click with sound. It includes large storage space below the sink perfect for storing their toys and kitchen accessories, helping them learn the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy space.” From

KidKraft – Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen Play Set

Photo from Kohl’s

Dimensions: 36.125” H x 35.75” W x 36” D

Your little busy bee will handle all the housework before serving lunch with this wonderful corner kitchen! Who doesn’t need a pink microwave matching the pink laundry machine?

A washing machine, oven, microwave, washbasin, and refrigerator with realistic doors and a chalkboard.
You are the dancing baking queen, strong and sweet!
Cute Mixer Playset $25 – Hey!Play!
Floral Oven Glove Play Set, $56 – Cam Cam Copenhagen
Pink Party Cake, $18 – Kid’s Concept

Melissa & Doug – Cupcake Pink Play Kitchen for Kids

Melissa & Doug Cupcake Pink Play Kitchen for Kids

Photo from Wayfair

Dimensions: 39″H x 43.25″L x 15.5″W

In case you have a toddler that is into bright pink like my niece, don’t even flinch. Maya always says: “the bright pink, not the light pink, please”. This cotton candy play kitchen is adorable, joyful, and fun! Also, it’s super complete with a lot of storage space to fill up with cooking accessories and play food. Great chances your little one will be focused for a while!

Refrigerator/freezer with working ice maker that dispenses two included “ice cubes,” an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, microwave with turning plate, sink with moving faucet and handle, grocery checklist, movable hooks, and ample shelving and storage.

Disney Princesses- Pink Gourmet Smart Play Kitchen

disnay princesses pink gourmet play kitchen

Photo from Walmart

Dimensions: 40.00 x 12.00 x 41.75 Inches

We should all agree that Snow White and Cinderella were more into housekeeping than the other princesses, right?

I’m still in awe with the dishwasher with a rack under the sink and the adorable play food and pink cookware that comes with this charming play kitchen. Absolutely worthy of a princess! Also, it includes lights and over 30 sounds, but I’m not sure how pleasant this feature is on your ears!

Shop at :
1 Kitchen, 1 Pot, 1 Flipping Fry Pan, 2 Spoons, 2 Forks, 2 Knives, 2 Plates, 1 Cup, 2 Ice Cubes, 1 Fried Egg, 1 Bacon Strip, 1 Pancake, 1 Hard Boiled Egg, 1 Spatula, 1 Serving Spoon, 1 Cake Pan, 1 Dish Rack and 1 Carton of Almond Milk. 7 feature appliances that include light, sound and/ or phrases; Faucet, Dishwasher, Overhead Fan, Stove Top, Microwave, Oven and French Door Refrigerator with Play Ice Maker.

Teamson Kids – Little Chef Westchester Retro Play Kitchen for Kids – Mint

Little Chef Westchester Retro Play Kitchen for Kids - Mint

Photo from QVC

Dimensions: 36.75″H x 38.25″W x 11.5″D

Gourmet kitchens look fabulous, but what we really like about it is the storage space for the little play food and cooking accessories! You can even add a little shelving or small boxes to keep everything in categories (hello organization freak here). Or you can just stuff everything in there and close the doors!

Just look at this vintage-inspired beauty and all those little doors! It’s available in pink and red too!

Shop at :
Refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, sink, and chalkboard.  Cabinets below the sink. The fridge has two doors, a thermometer, and a chalkboard panel. Cordless phone, toy clock, three oven doors, two burners, removable stainless steel sink, and three knobs which turn and click.

Retro Vintage Play Kitchen for Kids

Teamson Kids – 2-Piece Wooden Pink Play Kitchen for Kids

Teamson Kids  2-Piece Wooden Pink Play Kitchen for Kids

Photo from buybuyBaby

Sink: 26″ L x 11-1/2″ W x 25-1/4″ H. Fridge: 14″ L x 13-1/2″ W x 30-3/4″ H

If you have a corner space but you don’t want a corner play kitchen, this 2-piece may be a winner.

Again, plenty of storage space for all the tiny play kitchen accessories you’ll not spend hours looking for because of {yealling toddler} “Mommy, I need my pink pot to cook my socks, mommy!”

Fridge, sink, oven, stovetop with two burners, clock.

Let’s stock up that fridge!
Kids Wooden Eggs, $13 – Tender Leaf Toys
Cute Play Food Set, $56 – Bloomingville
Play Pretend Bottle Set, $14.90 – Kid’s Concept

KidKraft – Retro Vintage Play Kitchen

Photo from Maisonette

Dimensions: 35.75” H x 33” W x 13.5” D Countertop Height: 17.75”

Has anyone said 50’s glam! It’s so girly, so cute, and so glamorous that may inspire some serious cooking skills! Prepare your cute apron, mommy! If you prefer something even more discrete, you can get the limited edition with gold metals here!

Shop at :
Fridge, microwave, 2 cooktops, 3 turnable knobs, cabinets, phone and storage space

Teamson Kids – Little Chef Mayfair Retro Play Kitchen in White & Gold

Teamson Kids Little Chef Mayfair Retro Play Kitchen in White & Gold

Photo from Wayfair

Dimensions: Height: 36.5″ Width: 12.25″ Depth: 33.25″

If you prefer the 50’s glam in white, this toddler play kitchen with a fridge and gold metals may be your match. This beauty is easy to clean with a damp cloth so you can actually cook while your mini spends endless hours opening and closing all those little doors!

Openable oven and microwave doors, a refrigerator, 4 turning oven knobs, 2 oven burners, a shelf, an ice maker, and a sink. Plus 11 included accessories: a cordless phone, spatula, a pot, a pan, a lid, 2 plastic shakers, 3 ice cubes, and a cup.

Sebra – Retro-Style Blush Wood Compact Play Kitchen

Sebra Retro-Style Blush Wood Play Kitchen

Photo from Scandiborn

Dimensions: L 58 cm W 38 cm H 50 cm

Getting some mid-century vibes? The curvaceous design with the peg legs is a mood and I love it! This play kitchen upgrades any room and is perfect for hours of pretending baking!

An oven, 2 dials for the hotplates, and a removable sink which makes cleaning easy. 
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KidKraft – Play & Put Away Compact Retro Wooden Kitchen

KidKraft Play & Put Away Retro Wooden Kitchen

Photo from Maisonette

Dimensions: 23.5″ x 11.75″ x 21.65″

If you’re lacking space and want something cute but not pink for a change, this retro play kitchen is the one! The details get me every time. Look at this 70’s inspired backsplash! Come on!

The put-away feature is fantastic. You can remove the peg legs, store them in the back, and put the whole thing away!

2 turning and clicking knobs on the faucet and oven, pan and spatula.

Compact Play Kitchens for Big Baking Talent

KidKraft – Classic Play Kitchen Set for Kids

KidKraft Classic Play Kitchen Set for Kids

Photo from Wayfair

Dimensions: 26.4” H x 25.6” W x 14” D. Countertop height:

I wish play kitchen designers were working on real-life construction because their storage game is fire. And if you’re going for a compact play kitchen due to limited space, storage is key. This lovely play kitchen has a classic design, sweet colors, and doors that open for some real feel.

Shop at :
A microwave, oven, hand towel holder, knobs that turn and click, a removable sink, stovetop shelf for storage, and a nifty storage cubby.

Djeco – Lila’s Cooker Play Kitchen

Djeco Lila's Cooker Play Kitchen

Photo from The Tot

Dimensions: 14.5″ x 27.5″ x 19.6″

Really feeling like a chef’s momma? So directly from the “cuisine” land, we give you this French play kitchen. Oui, mon amour! Everything from the compact design and playful colors is perfect! The accessories are included, so your petit chef can start preparing for Le Cordon Bleu.

Like every toy sold in the EU, it complies with strict safety standards. This play kitchen is made of durable TSCA Title VI compliant plywood and uses non-toxic materials.

Shop at :
One frying pan, one lidded pot, one salt shaker, 2 cooking utensils, 1 printed tea towel and the cooker with kitchen sink and tap, oven, two hotplates and oven.

Teamson Kids – Little Chef Florence Pink Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Little Chef Florence Pink Play Kitchen

Photos from buybuyBaby

Dimensions: 35.50″ L x 21.50″ W x 11.63″ H

This little play kitchen has everything and more for your baby’s memorable dinner parties! All the storage space is great to keep all the cookware and the play food organized!

Oven door, microwave door, two burners, toy clock, one removable sink, and three knobs, which turn and click for lifelike noises, a cordless phone, a spatula, and 3 plastic shakers

Teamson Kids – Wonderland Ariel 2-in-1 Play Kitchen & Dollhouse

Photos from Wayfair and Maisonette

Dimensions: Height: 42.2″ Width: 18.7″ Depth: 23.4″

This beauty is not exactly tiny. However, because it’s a play kitchen and a dollhouse it may save you some space, particularly if the “playroom” is your living room! The kitchen even has some ok storage space, so that’s handy! It’s a creative toy with a smart design. Also, the pink and grey color coordination is chic and girly.

The kitchen: a refrigerator, a sink, a stove that makes realistic cooking sounds, an oven, a microwave, and 6 cooking utensils.
The dollhouse: a 3-level design with several different rooms, a balcony, and 9 pieces of doll furniture for multiple play options. 

Le Toy Van – Play Pretend Wood Toy Oven

Photos from Babyshop

Dimensions: Height: 21.3″ Width: 11.8″ Depth: 11.4″

If you don’t wanna compromise with a full chef’s kitchen, this lovely toy oven will do.

4 ring hobs with a frying pan and the play food; Two utensils.; Clock with movable hands. Easy-open oven with removable rack and gingham oven gloves.

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