Sage green color, just like sage, the spice, evokes the earthy aspects of nature and is perfect for kitchen cabinets that will set the tone of your kitchen if you aim to achieve a mood of purification and cleansing in that environment. If this is your first time reading The Mood Guide, know that we don’t make standard “Best 10” lists, but we organize the best ideas and things by aesthetics to help you find what you really like, according to your mood, making then wiser purchase choices that represent your true self.

The overall vibes of the sage green kitchen cabinet

Sage green is a light and soothing hue of green that will evoke two main moods & aesthetics in any environment: Slow life and chic minimalism.

🌿 Slow living vibes: Green is one of the principal colors of nature, being present in trees and aromatic and medicinal spices and herbs. When it comes to sage green, its delicate and soft tones will transport us to a feeling of freshness, perfect for creating restful spaces.

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▪️ Chic minimalist vibes: the muted and unique aspect of this shade of green is a perfect match to sophisticated hues of white and beige, which makes this color one of the favorites in the palette of effortlessly chic yet minimalist influencers.

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The sage green kitchen cabinets setting the main tone of your kitchen will make this not just a place to cook or storehouse, but also a spot for calm and relaxation moments.

Sage green cabinets are the perfect choice for people who like to spend a lot of time cooking since this color will help you remain calm and focused on what you are doing without getting distracted by any bright colors or bored by an all-white or beige kitchen.

Sage green kitchen cabinet ideas:

There is a high-end yet nature-inspired aspect to it. The sage green kitchen, whether it comes in the wall or the kitchen cabinets, will evoke a modern, chic, soothing vibe. Check out this great post for a better perspective on sage green paint colors for a soothing space before choosing the perfect tone of sage green for your kitchen cabinets.

Chic Minimal mood in the Kitchen

A sleek and minimalist setup, combining sage green cabinets with gold accents and cabinet hardware and marble will evoke a chic minimalist aspect to your kitchen. Marble is a material long known for its timeless sophistication and matches beautifully with the calm elegance of sage green.

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muted sage green kitchen cabinets with white marble countertop

Grey marble countertop is more uncommon but also keeps the modern aspect of the kitchen.


Terrazzo style backsplash and counter with golden knobs make these sage green cabinets set a chic modern and cool tone to this little kitchen.

sage green kitchen cabinets with grey terrazzo countes

A trendy option for modern homes, the light wood, white countertop, and sage green and white cabinets instead of all green bring a nice and calm balance to this beautiful kitchen. I particularly love how the white cabinet, wooden shelves, and white subway tiles do the trick to maintain the chic and slow vibes of this kitchen without overdosing on the green.

sage green kitchen cabinets with white countertops and white subway tiles

A more sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic is what you will get with these sober and minimal sage green cabinets with no knobs or hardware.


The Sage green shiplab matches the gorgeous cabinets and modern visuals perfectly.


The traditional classic modern kitchen also suits well with sage green kitchen cabinets.,

sage green kitchen cabinets with white marble countertop
sage green kitchen cabinets

Small kitchens can also look modern, chic, and soothing with sage green cabinets.

small sage green kitchen

Sage Green Cabinets for a Vintage Mood

For a vintage modern yet soothing and calming mood, go for sage green cabinets combined with copper utensils, knobs and objects. The black marble countertop below creates the aesthetics of a super chic vintage kitchen.


Here we have the white marble countertop, opposing the black marble above and giving us an even more chic aspect to this calming elegant kitchen that is filled with charming vintage elements.

vintage modern sage green kitchen cabinets with white marble countertop

Sage Green Cabinets for a Boho Mood

Another nature-related aesthetic that is perfectly represented by sage green is the boho aesthetic. For nature, free-spirited, and creative kitchen vibes, sage green cabinets surrounded by plants and fun art is a wonderful choice.


This is the little kitchen of my dreams. Soft pink tiles mixed with airy sage green create a soothing, vintage, and feminine bohemian vibe. I love it.

boho sage green kitchen cabinets with wood countertop
cute boho farmhouse sage green kitchen cabinets

Sage green cabinets for a rustic farmhouse mood

Sage green is one of the favorite tones for a modern farmhouse-inspired home. As mentioned before, any shade of green evokes the calm of nature, and when combined with more vintage-inspired elements, like warm woods, will allow you to bring the powerful rustic feelings of the outdoors inside and still evoke an impression of elegant modernism.


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