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Thanksgiving and Hygge are a perfect match. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to the good and simple things in life with gratitude and pleasure, and the Hygge lifestyle – a concept created by the happiest people in the world: the danish – is all about that too.

The Hygge Mood

According to the book Hygge: Unlock the Danish art of Coziness and Hapiness, to live the Hygge lifestyle is to embrace a philosophy that is much of a mindset as it is a way of life.

hygge mood definition. autumn aesthetic. fall aesthetic.

Create the Hygge Mood on Thanksgiving is all about togetherness, gratitude, coziness, shelter, comfort, and happiness. Set a blissful and natural environment and cook homemade food with loved ones seasoned with the best spice of all: Love.

Below you will see a few simple ideas to help you achieve a mood for household harmony and experience a serene Thanksgiving with your children, parents, partner, or friends.

Thanksgiving Cozy Decorations

Since we are aiming for a cozy nordic mood, you must mix the Scandinavian chic and simple style with the ¨feels like a warm hug at home¨ fall mood. To achieve that, we recommend minimalist, natural, and white thanksgiving decorations, mixed with an autumn-inspired soft colors palette.

So, before anything, you need to create a sense of coziness in your environment. The hygge lifestyle has nothing to do with high price tags, but with simplicity and comfort in the small things, from the textures to the smells, to the lightning, to handmade items created with love and purpose.

01 Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation: It is still time to let your friends and family get a hint of what is expecting them. A nice invitation with the right look-and-feel will do the work.

zazzle thanksgiving minimalist dinner invitation
Courtesy of Zazzle


The watercolor painting and soft light color here really translate the Danish Hygge Mood in an invitation. You can even frame one and use it on your thanksgiving decor. Tip: matching Thank You tag

Average Price: $1.70 per card –  Fine and Dandy Paperie

friendsgiving invitation ideas
Courtesy of Zazzle


Celebrating with friends? This invitation with hand drawn berries and leaves doodles is a sweet and adorable option. Tip: matching kitchen towel for the envelope.

Average Price: $1.53 per card

02 Hygge Atmosphere: Atmosphere is one of the Hygge lifestyle principles and it is all about turning down the lights. Scented candles (Lots of them!) with the season scents will bring some warm brightness to your grey autumn day.

pumpkin candle thanksgiving
Courtesy of The Little Market


This Candle is one that I am proud to promote here, not just because it smells like homemade pumpkin pie, but also because it is ethically produced in the USA by female refugees . Each purchase supports these ladies and their valuable manual work. All Fall Candles.  

Average Price: $44.00 – The Little Market

Courtesy of Anecdote Candles


Another ethically made and sensorial candle! We love when brands help us know the feelings a product may evoke, and this candle made with a rich mix of natural fragrance notes does it pretty well.

Average Price: $26.00 – Anecdote Candles

pillar candles decor hygge thanksgiving
Courtesy of Terrain


The Queens of a heartwarming environment. For each 10 cozy home decor pictures you see on Pinterest, 8 will have charming pillar candles.

Average Price: $14.00 – $48.00Terrain

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03 table setting: You don’t need much for a meaningful table setting. When we talk about Scandinavian references, minimalism and punctual color accents are key, so fewer things with attention to the details will make your feast and laugh moments even more unique.

cozy thanksgiving dinnerware
Courtesy of Wayfair


A lot of style and natural colors in this dinnerware for a great price. No wonder why Sango dinnerware sets are always out of stock.

Average Price: $68.90 – Sango

beautiful thanksgiving plates for your table setting
Courtesy of Wayfair


Among so many plates options on the internet, a sharable gift plate with a message caught my attention. This one is not only for serving, but also to give as a very special thank you gift to someone.

Average Price: $30.00 – Mud Pie

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pumpkin serving dish
Courtesy of Wayfair


A natural and themed option to serve your thanksgiving appetizers. This pumpkin serving dish made with Paulownia Wood will add some relaxation vibes to your table setting.

Average Price: $42.23 – Mud Pie

Courtesy of ETSY


A gorgeous piece of garland handmade with faux flowers, faux white felt pumpkins, and faux eucalyptus.

Average Price: $69.99+ – CreationsbyJoyBelle

Courtesy of Terrain


Anything inspired by nature will add an extra housewarming mood to a Thanksgiving table.

Average Price: $34.00 – Terrain

☾ This DIY Centerpiece tutorial from D’AMORE 1896 blog is stunning and will add a lot of the Hygge mood to your table setting.
thanksgiving DIY table setting decorations
Courtesy  D’AMORE 1896 blog

Comfort Food Thanksgiving Menu:

An important Hygge tradition is cooking together! So, why not organize with your guests a cook-together-get-together? While a person is in charge of preparing the appetizers, others can make the dessert and someone else prepare the drinks. If you have kids, invite them to help, it will certainly straighten your bond!

01 The Food: The perfect Hygge Thanksgiving Menu has two main special ingredients: Homemade and connection with nature. So, don’t be afraid to explore the magic of natural herbs and spices smells, flavors, and visuals in your appetizers, pies, and turkey. Any idea how to do these things? There are some pretty cool courses at Craftsy to make you become a true comfort food chef:

add deeper meaning to your cooking and learn to bake bread in a variety of shapes and sizes, including impressive swirls, spirals and braids with this Baking with Herbs & Spices Course.

 learn the basics of making delicious baked pies, bisquits, cakes and bread at home with this Startup Library: Baking & Pastry.

animal welfare certified turkey
Courtesy of ButcherBox


Quality meat matters when the subject is our inner bodies and spirits well being. A turkey that is animal welfare certified and never given antibiotics is the right choice and energy for a Hygge thanksgiving.

02 The Drinks: The classic for autumn and winter cozy and good moments together: wine. What about experiencing nature flavors by having a non-alcoholic cocktail?

seedlip non acoholic beverage
Courtesy of Better Rhodes


Seedlip is a famous British brand that creates non-alcoholic, zero calories, sugar & sweetener free drinks. They merge sophisticated flavors of natural aromatic spices, creating one unique drinking experience. You can purchase in the USA at the Better Rhodes website and get some cocktail recipes here.

Average Price: $17.99-Seedlip

gold medal wine for fall
Courtesy of Harry&David


I admit I am not a wine expert (not even close). However, I am recommending this one because this stunning holiday box enhances the housewarming mood we want. Imagine the first impression of your guests when they see this? Also, the wine is a 2018 Pinot Noir (750 ml) – Gold Medal winner at the Oregon Wine Experience. Must be good!

Average price: $79.99 – Harry&David

Quality Time

A crucial value of the Hygge lifestyle: BE PRESENT and switch off the phone. Something very hard to do in our society, but with the right people, the right drinks, good music, proper environment and options for nice entertainment that can be enjoyed in togetherness, the quality offline time with loved ones will just flow!

comfy puzzle
Courtesy of Ordinary Habit


With 6 stunning artwork options to encourage calm and joy, these sensorial and playful puzzles were made to help you reset and reconnect to the present.

Average price: $40.00

Courtesy of Areaware


This set of amazing nontoxic architectural building blocks is not just a fun option to spend creative and joyful time with your people but also serves as a very cool decor item.

Average price: $150.00

? Check it out if you are in the mood for living slow and simple these days.
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