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High ceilings need big and long pendant lighting fixtures. First, for the perfect lighting. Also, beyond functional direct luminosity, the right glow sets the mood in any room, from the dining table to the foyer. Of course, for that, you need the right light bulbs, dimmers, and all the boring technical stuff. But no other type of lighting fixture will allow you to put so many light spots together in such a mesmerizing way as an oversized modern chandelier will. Second, breathtaking big chandeliers fill the space and give a pleasant sense of balance in the vast opening area between the ceiling and your outstanding furniture. No matter how minimalist we are, large modern chandeliers are the perfect lighting fixture for a high ceiling in a contemporary, cool, or modern-chic house, of course.

So, for this post, I selected only the most impressive modern chandeliers for high ceilings. The ones we see on interior designer and architect’s Instagram, you know? They will create a unique aesthetic to your well-appointed dining area, staircase, entrance, living room, bedroom.. you name it.

So here are my thorough picks of the most art-inspired, architectural, and showstopper modern chandeliers for high ceilings. I hope you feel inspired and excited to portray your authentic self in your decor!

Breathtaking Modern Chandeliers For High Ceiling

Round 3-Tier Big Modern Chandelier

3 Tiers | Maximum Hanging: Length 120″| Dimensions: Height 1.25″, Diameter 31.5″

Round 3-Tier Big Modern Chandelier , at Lumens
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A continuous band of integrated LED | Dimmable When Used With an ELV or TRIAC dimmer Dimmer (Not Included)

A minimalist oversized chandelier. Simple and sophisticated floating over your cool furniture.

This is the round large chandelier with 3 tiers in white, but it’s available in black and smaller versions with 1 tier. or with 2 tiers. And if the round tier is not your shape, you can get the model with square frames instead.

Crown Magnum Chandelier, by Nemo at YLighting

42 bulbs | Dimensions: W 59.4 in, H 48.8 in, D 59.1 in

Crown Magnum Chandelier, by Nemo at YLighting
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Lamp Type: LED | Dimmer type: Incandescent

Designed by the German Studio  Jehs + Laub, this modern candelabra has dramatic 7 tiers symmetrically aligned when looked at from below. Because, of course, this die-cast aluminum beauty was designed for a high ceiling.

It’s available in 6 finishes: white, polished, black, black pleated gold, and gold plated.

Long Modern Chandelier Toten Suspension Light, by LZF

28 Lights | Cable Length: 96 in | Dimensions: 33.8 in Dia x 91 in H

Long Modern Chandelier Toten Suspension Light, by LZF at 2Modern
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Lamp Typ: LED | Dimmer type: Dimmable with 0-10V dimmer

Some pendants in this post can also be used in regular ceilings, if it’s a large open plan, for example. Not this one! With 91″ this hanging glowing sculpture, made in treated FSC certified wood, is a show stopper. The best part? It’s available in 10 beautiful colors, so it really accentuates your decor.

It’s a perfect design piece if you are looking for something special to go with your Japandi decor.

This is the super long chandelier with 91in height, but it’s also available in a smaller version, with 61 in height.

Illan Led Big Modern Chandelier, by Zsuzsanna Horvath from Luceplan

Maximum Hanging: From 15.7″ To 118″ | Dimensions: 39.4″W, H 39.4″H, 25.6″D Canopy: 9.5″ Dia

Illan Led Chandelier, by Zsuzsanna Horvath from Luceplan at YLighting
$1,720 – $2,530
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Zsuzsanna Horvath designed this art installation pendant in 2019. To my surprise, this stunning chandelier is made of Forest Stewardship Council-certified plywood precisely cut by laser. So it really looks like art with the light on and off.

It’s available in 3 sizes: 40″, 32″, and 24″.

4 Tier Arca Chandelier, by Matter-Made

32 Lights | Drop Length: 36 in | Dimensions: Canopy 6.75 in Dia x 1.3 in H | Lamp Type: LED

$22,180 – $40,970
Shop at

The Arca is the modern-minimalist-chic version of the traditional Louis XY crystal chandeliers! It’s absolutely stunning and impressive. It’s the kind of contemporary piece that will never be outdated or tacky. Sleek curves are a huge trend in post-pandemic interior design, probably because it adds some coziness to the room without overwhelming the sight or cluttering the space. Besides the black that you see in the picture, this lighting sculpture is available in nickel chrome, gloss white powder coat, and satin black.

This is the huge 4-tier chandelier, but it’s also available in smaller versions with 2 tiers (small and medium) and 3 tiers.

Modern Long Black Candelabra Stellar Chandelier 80″, by Patrick Towsend at Horne

Cord Length: 12″ | Dimensions: 46″Dia. x 79″H

Modern Long Black Candelabra Stellar Chandelier 80", by Patrick Towsend at Horne
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Inspired by the cosmic string theory, but unlike it, this magnificent chandelier is proven to be the star in your house.

This is the large black chandelier. It’s also available in white and bronze (very beautiful) and you have the option to add a canopy.

Flock of Light Suspension Light, by Moooi

21 Lights | Cable Length: 98.4″ | Dimensions: 53.1 in W x 33.5 in D x 25.6 in H

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Lamp Type: LED | Dimmer type: Mains dimmable (trailing edge / reverse phase)

The airy unique chandelier is inspired by the hypnotic movements of fireflies and is basically an art installation hanging from your ceiling.

This is the extra-large chandelier with 21 bulbs, but it’s also available in a smaller version, with 11 lights.

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Gravity Chandelier, by Forestier

Cord Length: 72″ | Dimensions: 47 in Dia x 67 in H, Canopy: 4.5 in Dia

Gravity Chandelier, by Forestier at 2Modern
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Lamp Type: LED | Dimmer type: Dimmable with LED light bulbs

Modern-glam and unapologetic sense of style.

This is the large gold/champagne chandelier with 67″ height but it’s also available in small and medium versions and in black.

Dimmable LED Geometric Chandelier

Dimensions: 3.94” H X 33.46” W X 33.46” D

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Lamp Type: Integrated LED

The vast majority of modern chandeliers for high ceilings are expensive pieces designed for tall vaults. The price for this geometric chandelier is way below average and it has adjustable height.

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Extra Large 5-Tier Modern Chandelier 118″

5 Tiers | Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 78.75″ To 98.5″| Dimensions: Height 78.75″, Diameter 118″

Extra Oversized 5-Tier Modern Chandelier 118", at Lumens
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A continuous band of integrated LED | Dimmable when used with a 0-10V Dimmer (Not Included)

Now, in case you live in a modern castle and none of the chandeliers above were big enough for you, maybe this one will do!

Jokes aside, this is the huge ginormous chandelier with a 118″ diameter, but they have the “small” large version with an 81″ diameter. And both sizes are available in black (like the one from the picture), white, and gold.

So, do you agree with these picks? How breathtakingly mesmerizing are these modern chandeliers for high ceilings?


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