Serenity, peace, quiet mornings, the beauty in the simplicity of things, and of course, comfort. Comfy gifts are objects that help us bring joy and all these good cozy feels to someone’s life. Staying at home and having a relaxing time on cold days is the coziest experience one can have and is simple enough for almost anyone to enjoy.

The right gifts are the ones with beautiful stories that are timeless, memorable, and can increase the power of the homebody’s cozy experiences.

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Scented Candles & Insences

A comfy home is like a sanctuary, where people stay to meditate, relax and recharge. Candles and scents in that environment can increase the cozy mood of a place, and, of course, bring some light to a dark day.

Comfy candles must have comfy scents, and comfy sents are the ones that invoke natural, calming relaxing nature scents.

cozy comfy candle aesthetic
Photo: Food52

Paper Incense & Dish Gift Box

How Beautiful is this little HA KO Paper Incense & Dish Gift Box? The visual pleasure of watching a paper burn nice and slow, combined with 8 unique scents tucked inside a unique wooden gift box. Perfect to clear the mind and make a cozy statement in the living room. Extra: it’s all made in Japan and won the 2019 Good Design Award.

$49.00 l Morihata International

comfy spice candle fall gift
Photo: Otherland

Spice it Up Candle

Woody, floral, spicy or fresh? Pick your favorite nature mood with a pretty and unconventional Otherland Candle. Honestly, I want them all! Spice it Up is a seasonal, cozy Hickory Wood, Pink Peppercorn and Brown Sugar scent. ¨This collection is inspired by time at home, and all its uncovered wonders.”

$36.00 l Otherland

Photo: @otherlandco
fall comfy gift
Photo: @otherlandco
candle mug comfy gift
Photo: Food52

Stoneware Scented Candle

Stoneware and ceramic are materials that create an extra comfy vibe to a moment. This handmade scented Candle (6 scents available) double as a mug and is a creative 2 in 1 comfy gift!

$32.00 – $64.00 l Convivial

palo santo comfy candle gift
Photo: McGee & Co.

Palo Santo & Oakmoss Candle

Notes of sandalwood, olibanum, black pepper, clove, & nutmeg with underlying notes of cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, & amber. Bring nature scents home for a perfect connection and intention rituals.

$45.00 l McGee & Co.

Comfy coffee and tea time gifts

If I ask you to picture a comfy moment in your mind, big chances are that you will think of books, coffee, and a beautiful rainy night. So, cute, thematic coffee mugs and teacups are a gift that will certainly stimulate friends to take some time, slow down and enjoy a comfy and warm cup of coffee or afternoon tea with no rush.

comfy gift
Photo: Etsy

Star & Stripe Mug

Super comfy handmade in USA ceramic mug.

$55.00 l MuddyHeart

Photo: Food 52

Taiwanese Tea Gift Set

A unique gift for good tea appreciators. This giftable bundle here comes with a medley of full-leaf blends, all sourced from small farmers in Taiwan. 3 options of gift set available.

$75.00 – $110.00 l Té Company

ceramic Pumpikin Cup
Photo: Etsy

Ceramic Pumpkin Cup

The most lovely fall-inspired ceramic cup.

$65.00 l BotanicaCeramica

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Comfy sleep time gift

Organic cotton or linen sheets, silk pillowcases, super soft blankets, and hight quality pajamas: all these options are good comfy gifts and will certainly create a super cozy comfy sleep experience.

Photo: Anthropologie

Slip Silk Pillowcase

This breathable, luxurious, comfy, and classic pillowcase is well known for ensuring a night of restorative sleep. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m sure that anyone would love to test!

$71.20 l Slip

comfy pj set
Photo: NAP Loungewear

The Lazy Cat PJ Set

Who doesn’t love nice and comfy pajamas set to lounge around and, of course, sleep like an angel?

$79.00 l NAP Loungewear

asos baby blue comfy slippers gift
Photo: ASOS

Slider slippers in baby blue

Soft and fluffy Comfy Slippers to feel like walking on clouds all day are never too much! These baby blue slippers from ASOS design look so cute and comfortable.

$14.50 l ASOS

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Sherpa, Fleece, Wool or Cashmere

Soft and soothing: We can’t think about cozy and comfy and forget about textures. Warm, super-soft textures like sherpa will bring a touch of softness to a friend’s day. Natural, soothing tones invoke relaxation and are the best aesthetic for comfy clothes.

Photo: Splendid

Eco Fleece Bubble Sleeve Pullover

For that sustainable living friend, this eco-friendly fleece, made from 100% recycled fibers and an extra soft finish for extra coziness is the perfect gift. Match with Eco-Fleece Crop Pant for the perfect loungewear set.

$98.00 l Splendid

comfy wool pants
Photo: Nap Loungewear

Hadley Drawstring Pants

Cozy chic 100% wool pants.

$58.00 l Nap Loungewear

comfy jacket gift
Photo: ASOS

Faux fur trucker jacket in blue

Super comfy, cute, warm, and affordable? Yes, please.

$64.00 l ASOS

@outfitsbyalexa wearing Eco-Fleece Buble Sleeve Pullover and Crop Pant
Comfy cozy jacket
@asos l ASOS DESIGN faux fur trucker jacket
Photo: Alo Yoga

Cashmere Jet Set Sweatshirt

Soft, cozy, and chic. Cashmere clothing is the comfiest and one of the most luxurious comfy gifts you could give to a friend

$275.00 l Alo Yoga

green comfy cashblend sweater
Photo: Splendid

Georgie Cashblend Rib Sweater

A bit more affordable option, this lightweight blend is made with a touch of cashmere for a soft touch. Pair with Georgie Cashblend Rib Pant

$168.00 l Splendid

comfy loungewear gift
Splendid Georgie Cashblend Sweater and pants

Comfy loungewear

Is anything comfier than loungewear and sweaters all day? Loungewear is cute and casual. The relaxed fit of simple sweatpants and sweatshirts will keep anyone cozy wherever they go. From all comfy gifts from this list, loungewear is one that just can’t go wrong.

Photo: Splendid

Alanis Jogger

Comfy, versatile joggers in a calming color palette are always a good gift for the homebody.

$110.00 l Splendid

Photo: Splendid

Alanis Tee

A soft-to-the-touch tee to shop individually or to match with Alanis Joggers above.

$82.00 l Splendid

loungewear comfy

Build a Cozy Set at 20% off

A very nice option for more affordable and high-quality loungewear. Build a cozy set from Mate the Lable. All fabrics are super breathable and comfy.

$48.00 + l Mate the Lable

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Alanis Mineral Washed Jogger and Tee by Splendid
Mate the Lable Comfy Loungewear – @matethelable

PS: I always pick a playlist to get in the mood for the post I am creating. For this one was Norah Jones and Practical Magic (favorite October movie) soundtrack. Highly recommended if you want to get in a comfy mood 🙂

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