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This list of gifts for the puzzle lover is created for those who do not just enjoy the mindfulness feeling of turning off social media and forgetting about time assembling a classic 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, but also for anyone who loves to play chess and other games related to solving riddles.

The intriguing and challenging puzzle gifts on this list will tease the brain of engineers and excite an intellectual friend who loves a mental challenge.

Math and Logic Puzzle Gifts

safecracker puzzle gift
Photo: Etsy

Safecracker 40 Math Puzzle

Small and easily portable, this star seller little puzzle is an affordable option for math lovers. Like a safecracker, the object is to try to find the combination and get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 40 at the same time.

$24.00 – Etsy

artistic logic wood puzzle gift
Photo: Etsy

Dewey’s Dilemma A Unique and Artistic Logic Wood Puzzle

Another best-seller logic puzzle. This one is nice for logic and book lovers. For the basic challenge, arrange the 12 books so that there are no consecutive numbers, no books of the same author, & no books of the same height next to each other. Thus, you have 3 variables that you must keep track of to solve the puzzle

$24.99 – Etsy

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Around the World Brainteasers – Set of 5

This set of brainteasers is inspired by the inventions and achievements of five global civilizations (Chinese, Greek, Roman, Aztec and Egyptian).

$20.00 – Uncommon Goods

Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts

Photo: Etsy

Edgar Allan Poe Macabre Mansion 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

It is Halloween month, so I picked this amazing, thematic Edgar Allan Poe Macabre Mansion that illustrates 20 of the author’s short stories in one big, creepy house. A gift for smart geeks to enjoy the challenge and have some extra fun with the visual stories.

$35.00 – Etsy

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

When a game instigates you to go further and solve a fictional puzzle, the gifts get even more interesting, after all the dark academia vibes of puzzles and solving mystery riddles are a perfect match.

$19.00 – Uncommon Goods

Wooden Puzzle Gifts

unique wooden puzzle gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Night Sky Wooden Puzzle

A perfect gift for dreamers who love the Milly Way and the cosmos. This gorgeous wooden puzzle is great to enjoy with family and friends and is also a smart gift for kids.

$90.00 – Uncommon Goods

3d wood diamond puzzle
Photo: Etsy

Japanese Diamond Puzzle

A nice mechanical puzzle made of 12 nonidentical wooden pieces that fit together perfectly to lock into place and hold the diamond shape together. 

$30.99+ – Etsy

cylinder spin puzzle gift
Photo: Etsy

Cylinder Spin – Rubik’s cylindrical

Another nice puzzle gift for smart kids and adults. Cylinder Spin has 16 balls in 4 different colors inside rotating inner cylinders that you need to turn to get all four colors of balls into their own row

$36.00+ – Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Beautiful Green Shade Tree Challenge Puzzle

I love this one! Not only a nice and joyful puzzle but also doubles as a beautiful piece of art.

$41.99 – Etsy

Other Gifts for the Puzzle Lover

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Master Theorem Book of Puzzles

One of the most authentic gifts on this list. If you know someone who is truly obsessed with logic games and puzzles, this book is a must-have in the puzzle addict collection.  

$30.00 – Uncommon Goods

cute necklace gift for puzzle lover
Photo: Etsy

14k White Gold Puzzle necklace

A pretty, symbolic, and delicate gift for the woman who loves puzzles

$94.44+ – Etsy

Strategy Games for Puzzle Lovers

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Twisty Strategy Game

A nice game for puzzle lovers who enjoy a head-to-head competition. 

$34.00 – Uncommon Goods

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Sunnylife Wooden Chess & Checkers Game Set

A pretty 2 in 1 that merges the classic chess & Checkers in one gorgeous and playful set.  

$100.00 – Uncommon Goods

Photo: Shop Disney

The Haunted Mansion Light-Up Chess Set

A nice thematic chess game to be played in the dark and create an extra mystery mood when you think about your next move.  

$99.99 – Shop Disney

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