Dining rattan and wicker chairs are one of the most atemporal and trendy types of furniture to achieve a natural and calming look and feel in your dining table or dining room. Rattan chairs are largely used on coastal beach houses decor, outdoor, garden, and deck to add an instant pop of rustic- boho feelings to space.

Fiding stunning rattan chairs on the internet is easy, but finding THE perfect chair to achieve the look and feel you want is a bit more challenging! So, in this post, we will show you ideas of stunning natural dining rooms decorated with rattan, bamboo, cane, or wicker dining chairs that will bring inner peace to every mealtime.

Why Rattan Wicker or Cane dining chairs? Rattan, bamboo, and wicker are natural and comforting textures with earthy, stylish finishes that will certainly create a more calming vibe to any space. If you are a sustainable person, this is a perfect choice, since they are handcrafted and made of natural eco-friendly material. Both styles are a mix of the simplicity and modern Scandinavian style and the rustic, natural farmhouse.

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White Rattan Dining Chairs

The combination of white, rattan, and wood is perfect to achieve a bright mood in your dining room or outdoor space. These quality white rattan dining chairs are very famous for Coastal Chic outdoor dining furniture, but also perfect for cozy-slow-rustic dining room decor.

RIVIERA DINING CHAIR l Serena &Lily. By @allaboutthesouthwifey
RIVIERA DINING CHAIR l Serena&Lily. By @thewhitepinehome
sika design valerie chair white rattan dining chair
VALERIE CHAIR l Sika Design. By @sikadesign

Riviera Dining Chair – Side Chair l Serena&Lily

Serena&Lily Riviera dining chair is a timeless and versatile chair inspired by the classic Parisian bistro chair. This rustic, chic chair is made for outdoor or indoor use. The armchair option is also available

Photo: 2Modern

Valerie Chair Ivory Rattan Chair l Sika Design

Sika Design is a Danish manufacturer that creates timeless classic rattan furniture. Handmade in sustainable materials, this gorgeous chair will create a cozy atmosphere in your dining or living room.

Natural Rattan Dinning Chairs

Mixing neutrals and wood tones is a good solution to achieve a relaxed, natural vibe and clean aesthetic when choosing a dining chair set.

ROSSINI DINING CHAIR l Sika Design. By @sikadesign
ROSSINI DINING CHAIR l Sika Design. By @sikadesign
ROSSINI DINING CHAIR l Sika Design. By @sikadesign
Photo: HORNE

Rossini Rattan Dining Armchair l Sika Design

This handmade Natural Color Silka Design Bistro Chair is always sold out in the USA. Its classic and durable rattan and shape makes this chair a rustic dining chair favorite, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and a perfect match for round or rectangular dining tables. Available in 5 colors.

Avalon rattan dining chairs with cushions. Serena and lily
AVALON DINING CHAIR L Serena&Lily. By @serenaandlily
rattan dining chairs with cushions
AVALON DINING CHAIR L Serena&Lily. By @mycanvashome
rattan dining chair with cushion
Photo: Serena&Lily

Avalon Dining Chair – Natural l Serena&Lily

This luxurious yet rustic and cozy chair is made of hand-shaped, handwoven rattan. A great choice for those searching for a rattan dining chair with cushions.

rattan dining chairs
WENGLER CHAIR l Sika Design. By @sikadesign
natural wicker dining chair
FLEUR CHAIR l Sika Design. By @emeliesvackra
rattan dining chair
Photo: Finish Design Shop

Wengler Rattan Armchair- Natural l Sika Design

A stunning and organic wicker chair that can be used as an armchair or dining chair.

wicker rattan dining chair
Photo: Finish Design Shop

Fleur chair with armrests l Sika Design

This romantic and timeless chair was designed in 1902 by Robert Wengler, who was later appointed as a wicker maker to the Danish Crown. Great choice of wicker chair for indoor use.

rattan dinning chairs
MARGRET CHAIR l Sika Design. By @theeazey
margert natural rattan dining chairs.
MARGRET CHAIR l Sika Design. By Westelm
margret dining chair sika
Photo: Horne

Margret Chair with armrests l Sika Design

A soulful, earthy, feminine, natural, and handmade rattan chair that will encourage you to enjoy the art of cozy living.

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Modern Black Cane Dining Chairs

For a more chic, modern, and Scandinavian yet natural vibes, black cane mid-century modern dining chairs are a perfect choice.

black cane dining armchair
CANE ARMCHAIR l Industry West. By @alchemy_newyork
industry west dark cane dining chair
CANE DINING CHAIR l Industry West. By @scout.modern
Photo: Industry West

Cane Armchair l Industry West

A wood and cane high-quality chair for a touch of mid-century vibes.

black cane adining chair
Photo: Industry West

Black Cane Dining Chair l Industry west

A chic, simple, and functional black dining chair that is a true classic with a vintage edge.

cb2 black cane chair
Photo: Horne

Nadia Black Cane Chair l CB2

This stunning CB2 exclusive dining chair is perfect to bring a natural-chic-minimal style to your dining room.

More Inspiration for beautiful vintage mid-century black cane dining chairs from Instagram.

By @sweetpeaandwillow
black cane dinning armchair
By @homesweethomestylist
Photo By @_bonemade
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