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You might be looking for the right faux antler chandelier because you want to make a statement in your living room, or because you want to create dreamy mountain vibes on it. Maybe you just know that modern cabin is a big design trend for 2022 and antler chandeliers would look wonderful in a modern chalet dining room.

But one thing people don’t usually think about when purchasing a beautiful piece like this is the emotional meaning of what they are purchasing and the moods evoked by the symbology of it. Yes, every color, shape, or object, that you bring to your personal space can trigger you to channel or express certain moods. So, if you hang a stunning piece of faux antlers chandelier on your living room, it might evoke the rustic, bold, adventurous, earthy, elegant, free, and charming features of a stag, deer, or moose in that area.

I particularly love the storytelling and meaning behind things. I believe this is the best way for me to know if I am purchasing something because it feels authentic to me and connected to my true self or if it was more of an impulse purchase.

To know more about the myths and histories evolving the stag, check this post about How to Channel your Inner Artemis: The Goddess of Hunt and Moon out, and learn why the stag is the animal that represents this wild mythological deity.

That being said, you don’t need to live in a rustic lodge or own a big cabin in the mountains to have an antler chandelier. All it takes is to love the aesthetics and find a personal connection with the symbology of wilderness and the power invoked by this powerful yet lovely animal.

? Stag moods and symbology: There are many different cultural and mythological meanings associated with the stag, so here I will limit to how we can relate to their behavior in nature. Stags are peaceful, graceful, free, wild, awere, strong, agile, magestic, elegant and powerful .
The antlers protect the stag in the wild and is sharp and dangerous. Although they are graceful creatures, they have the power to carry alone their big and heavy antlers. Due to its resemblance with a crown, the antlers evoke a feeling of authority and respect.

There are a lot of options for antler chandeliers on the internet. So, for this post, I have picked one of each type: from small to modern and white antler chandeliers, so you can see more clearly what are the options and feel which one speaks to your soul, is functional and aesthetically pleasing with your decor. Regardless of your personal style, all the chandeliers above will certainly create a wow effect moment in your space.

Classic Antler Chandeliers

The most traditional type, the classic, natural color antler chandeliers are the statement chandeliers that imitate the natural, real antlers. These are also the ones we see in aesthetic architecture magazines, creating a rustic and warm mood in mountain cabins.

Faux Antler Chandelier

This stunning piece is a classic antler chandelier medium-sized that will create a cozy yet wild and elegant ambiance anywhere. Each antler is painted by hand for realistic effect.

Pottery Barn Faux Antler Chandelier
Pottery Barn Faux Antler Chandelier

Faux Antler Linear Chandelier

A fantastic mix of cozy rustic charm with modern elegance is what we feel from this linear chandelier. Made of polyresin faux antlers on an iron frame with iron candle cups, this beautiful piece has its antlers carefully sculpted then painted by hand, creating this unique natural look.

classic antler chandelier
Pottery Barn Faux Antler Linear Chandelier
antler chandelier dining room
Pottery Barn Faux Antler Linear Chandelier

Wagon Weel Antler Chandeliers

I absolutely love these. The wagon Weel shape takes us back to medieval times, and when mixed with the rustic and wild spirit of the antlers they make a perfect match for rustic old houses that wants to evoke a rustic-cozy yet mysterious-medieval mood with a modern touch.

Biergh 6 – Light Unique Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Antler Accents

My favorite from this list! The black iron finished weel creates an interesting mix of witchy and modern feels that contrasts with the spirit of the wild in the antlers, creating something beautiful, eclectic, and unique.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Antler Accents l Wayfair
Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Antler Accents l Wayfair

Journey Earth Black Six-Light Chandelier

A more rustic version of the previous wagon wheel chandelier. The antlers are made of resin and the design of the horns pointing to the sky in this one evokes the power of the real deer here. Also, perfect to mix rustic and modern decor.

medium wagon wheel antler chandelier
Journey Earth Black Six-Light Chandelier l Bellacor
Journey Earth Black Six-Light Chandelier l Bellacor

White Antler Chandeliers

Whether you choose a small 6 light one or an opulent 12 light, white antler chandeliers will mix rustic with delicate and classic.

Big Sky 12-Light Chandelier, White

This big white antler chandelier channels the ultimate wild feminine power to me. The peaceful white color in combination with the delicate yet rustic-wild faux antlers has the power to create a stunning environment anywhere. I can see this hanging in the living room or on the outdoor space of a chic, elegant yet wild and powerful woman.

Big Sky 12-Light Chandelier, White

Big Sky 6-Light Chandelier, White

The rounded shape of the horns tips gives an extra delicate and feminine attribute to this rustic and elegant chandelier. It is also about showing off elegance, power, and wilderness, but being a bit more low-profile.

Antler Chandelier, Matte White

Very similar to the options above, but with smaller antlers and smaller candles, making this beauty even more delicate, still quite powerful though.

Antler Chandelier, Matte White l One Kings Lane
Antler Chandelier, Matte White l One Kings Lane
Antler Chandelier, Matte White l One Kings Lane
Antler Chandelier, Matte White l One Kings Lane

Antler 6 light Chandelier, Silver Leaf

This beautiful antler chandelier by Regina Andrew is for those who want to bring an extra-luxe and silver-chic style to the nature-inspired accent of the decor. Just like the stag, this chandelier brings me a feeling of elegance, wealth, wilderness, and strength.

Antler Chandelier Silver leaf l One Kings Lane
Antler Chandelier Silver leaf l @jillchazephotography


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