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Farmhouse kitchens are the decor style of the moment! However, the farmhouse aesthetics is broad. As much as the clean and chic look of a modern farmhouse kitchen is hyping, some people don’t like it. With that in mind, we collected pictures of bold farmhouse kitchens with influences from all over the world. From the picturesque English countryside to the fascinating Mediterranean fields, they are authentically rustic, adventurous, colorful, and fun.

If you’re in a quest for bold and daring decor that looks the opposite of mainstream Pinterest trends, this post is for you!

The Mood Guide Wanderers

That being said, you’ll see tripping farmhouse kitchen ideas from disruptive designers and creative homeowners. So, if you’re in the mood for individuality in interior design, follow their Instagram for original decor inspiration. Carpe diem!

Adventurous Farmhouse Kitchens

Colorful cabinets, bold backsplashes, daring farm textures, and creative decor blends if you want your kitchen to reflect your wilderness and free spirit. How many different ways can you highlight a farmhouse sink or wood kitchen utensils?

Green Cabinets & Farmhouse sinks

There are a few ways to bring a sense of nature into the kitchen. Plants are one of them. The other one is with green paint! How green you wanna go is completely up to you, of course. But as you can see below, it goes well with everything! In case you are on the edge of boldness, you can double green on the backsplash and the cabinets.

Unusual Stores to Find The Best Modern Farmhouse Decor

Mix of colors! Yellow Bar Stools, Red Kitchen Appliances, Blue Kitchen Cabinets

How much color is too much color for you? Why go with 1 color if you can have more?

Fun Backsplashes for Farmhouse Kitchens

Backsplashes with colorful ethnic patterns give me an international travel vibe. Particularly the ones that resemble old Portuguese ceramic, Spanish floors, and Moroccan tiles. Considering that both countries had a strong presence in the Americas, Asia, and Africa a few hundred years ago, no wonder why this cultural concoction feels familiar to many of us.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens Ideas

Rustic aesthetic is a choice that doesn’t mean giving up comfort. Also, it can be a sustainable approach to decorating. Repurposing old craters, DIYselfing kitchen island, opting for reclaimed wood (if handwork is not your thing) are efficient ways to lower the burden on nature. Less natural extraction and less trash production is disruptive AF in our society and it’s the way to go.

Distressed Farmhouse Kitchen Islands & Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Original old farmhouse is your vibe. You could build a time travel machine or just move to England countryside. Live in a cottage farm, feed your horses, and plant potatoes. Farm to table life at its best! At some point, you can feel all that rough natural wood breathing with you. It is as close to living in the barn as possible. But it has heat, fantastic vintage kitchen appliances, running water, high-speed wi-fi, and everything a functional kitchen needs because this is real life in the XXI century!

High-Quality Handmade Rustic Kitchen Stuff Made in The USA

Vintage Kitchen Appliances + Farmhouse Sink + Open Shelves + Timeworn Cabinets

Turns out the modern fancy vintage kitchen appliances we love are inspired by the old farmhouse aesthetic, right? Honestly, I love it. Maybe because I grew up spending vacations at my uncle’s farm. It gives an authentic farm vibe to any farmhouse kitchen no matter the color pallet you choose.

Exposed Brick Wall

Back in time, farmhouses had wood stoves and in some countries (Brazil, for example) they were made of exposed brick. It is a strong element of authentic farmhouse culture. Not only that, entire houses were built like this (hence millionaire heritage brownstones). Bringing it to everyday life, the exposed brick wall is warm, full of character and it also goes perfectly with any color palette, from light to dark.

Exposed Rustic Wood Beams & Pendant Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Of all design ideas so far, this is probably the less available, because it is construction structure. So unless you’re lucky enough to have it you must go on a remodel to build it. Unfortunately we can’t just orden exposed wood beams online and superglue it to the ceiling, right (or can we?). Anyway, it’s 100% farmhouse mood even in an empty room.

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