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Cinderella Shoes: Made of crystal, rare, beautiful, magical, and probably the most iconic pair of shoes from our culture. Just the idea of these unique glass slippers makes us feel powerful yet dainty and closer to living in a fantastic princess dream in real life. Many visionary brands recognized the value of these magical, cute pairs of shoes and created stunning versions to prove to us that the perfect Cinderella shoes do exist. Cinderella story and these precious jewel bumps are proof that any fairy tale can come true with the right shoe.

Of course, we know that we can‘t actually wear glass or crystal shoes because they will break and hurt our feet! But that didn’t stop these brands to put their creativity and imagination to work creating the most magical and stunning shoes they could, probably with the intention to make you feel just like Cinderella did in the ball night: Special, sparkling, dainty, and unique. These words define Cinderella and all the moods evoked by Cinderella-inspired shoes. So, slip into these dreamy, sparkling princess shoes below and awaken the Cinderella magical moods inside you.

Have courage & be kind…& always believe in a little magic


All Cinderella shoes from this list are transparent, to resemble glass, or very, very sparkly, and made to make you feel the princess you are. Perfect for weddings or for just living your personal fairytale when and how your heart desires, with or without a prince charming.

Jimmy Choo Cinderella & Crystal Shoes Collection

The Jimmy Shoes Cinderella shoes are definitely the most iconic Cinderella shoes for adult women. The absolute ¨Dreams Come True¨ Mood lives in these shoes. Although many women purchase them for their special wedding day, nothing stops you from feeling like a princess wearing these on a fancy dinner. After all, we all deserve to create our own happily ever after. Besides the Jimmy Choo Cinderella Edit we also picked some other options of sparkly Jimmy Choos with a fairytale vibe.

“Well, there’s one thing: they can’t order me to stop dreaming.” – Cinderella

The Shoes

Avril Crystal Covered Pumps

Embrace the Cinderella spirit in these stunning crystal Shoes. This classic model is layered in Swarovski and is on the wishlist of almost every bride.

jimmy choo cinderella pumps

Allure Crystal Covered Pumps

Also layered from toe to heel in luxurious Swarovski crystals, this model is the one with the biggest resemblance to the original Cinderella pump.

Attila Crystal Covered Flats

This one is also layered in luxurious Swarovski crystals. This Flat, dazzling shoe is perfect for extra comfort on a special occasion.

✨ All Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoes above are also available in gold, pink and red.

Jimmy Choo Cinderella Moments
jimmy choo cinderella crystal pumps
jimmy choo cinderella collection
jimmy choo cinderella heels

Amina Muaddi

Festive, chic, and transparent, the Amina Muaddi clear shoes have all the Cinderella glass slipper vibes and are a unique statement heel choice for sparkling events, such as New Year’s Eve, and, of course, they are also perfect wedding shoes.

Your majesty, I am not a princess, I have no carriage, no parents, no dowry. I do not even know if that beautiful slipper will even fit. But, if it does, will you take me for who I am, an honest country girl who loves you?“ Cinderella Movie – 2015

The Shoes

Ursina crystal-embellished PVC pumps

All transparent, minimalist, and gorgeous. These Amina Muaddi’s are accented with the signature crystal-embellished chainmail strap and are just perfect.

amina muaddi rosie glass pvc shoes

Rosie crystal-embellished PVC pumps

Amina Muaddi Rosie glass in transparent PVC shoes with a dainty crystal bow is one of her most popular signature designs.

Begum Glass Pump Heels

Amina Muaddi’s most popular shoes on Instagram, these beautiful heels feature crystal cut detail and are one of the most famous pairs of shoes from this post.

Disney x Aldo Cinderella Collection

Some brands really do their best to make our dreams come true. Disney starting a partnership with a shoe brand is one example! Disney X Aldo Cinderella’s whimsical shoes are there to make anyone live in a real fairytale. From modern glass shoes to dazzling sneakers and even slippers, this collection is a dream come true for any Disney and shoes lover. This dazzling collection is limited edition so, go for it before the clock hits midnight!

” Cinderella never asked for a Prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.”~Kiera Cass

The Shoes
aldo cinderella shoes light blue

Striketwelve l Ligh Blue

Cinderella’s main aesthetic color is light blue! So, of course, a translucent shoe in blue would be iconic and dreamy.

aldo cinderella shoes crystal clear

Striketwelve l Clear

These classic clear crystal shoes are embellished with sparkly crystals & pearls. Also available in light blue.


Created for the modern, cool Cinderella, these transparent ankle boots are for the extra glamorous Ellas out there.

Glassslipper l Clear

This Stunning clear high heel shoes with a clear ankle strap are a more sophisticated and classic option to invoke de cinderella inside you.

Glassliper l Bone

For a girly touch, this sparkly nude, pinkish glass slipper is an authentic and also magic option.

Aldo X Disney Cinderella Moments
disney aldo cinderella shoes
disney aldo cinderella heels

Louboutin Cinderella Shoes

Christian Louboutin glass sleepers heels and strass heels are super fancy and versatile. You can see sophistication in every detail of its shape, and of course, the daring vibes present on all Laboutin designs – and on Cinderellas personality for facing her stepmother and attending to the ball.

Cinderella proves that a pair of shoes can change your life ~Unknown

The Shoes

Degra 100 crystal-embellished mesh pumps

This one is for all the extra daring Cinderellas out there who are ready to face the mean stepmother standing in the way of their dreams and go for what they want! These shoes scream ¨watch out, I wear crystal slippers…with spikes on them¨

louboutin cinderella heels

Mini Glitter Follies Strass Pump

The closer to what we seek on an aesthetic Cinderella shoe from all the Laboutin designs. Less daring but very enchanting, these delicate twinkling crystals sparkling shoes combined with the bold red soles gives such a stunning, powerful impression that would make even Fairy Godmother rethink her own shoe design.

Kate Crystal Embellished Pointed Toe Pump

This shoe is the ultimate combination of magic and power. The iconic red sole plus all the myriad tiny crystals scintillating and sparkling makes these gorgeous babies the perfect choice for the Cinderella inside who wants to be seen and noticed!

Bella Belle Cinderella Shoes

Perfectly detailed, handstitched, and hand embroidered. Louboutin shoes were the ones to go for the women who identify with the daring yet dreamer side of Cinderella, and these Bella Belle pumps are the perfect choices for the women who relate with the extra dreamer and romantic side of Cinderella personality.

Salagadoola menchicka boola

Put them together and what have you got

cinderella shoes

Elsa Blue

¨Cinderella glass slippers that are actually wearable and comfortable ✨¨ these words are on Bella Belle Instagram’s description of these stunning pair of shoes. Nothing more to add!

bella belle heels

Elsa Ivory

The Ivory version of Elsa blue. ¨Elsa Ivory studded high heels are a comfortable, modern take on Cinderella’s glass slippers as 4 inch heels.¨Absolutely stunning Bella Belle heels!

Edna Floral Shoes

A Cinderella meets Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, the dramatic tule details mixed with the delicate flowers make them unique.

Etsy Cinderella Shoes

I started this story affirming that you deserve to make your dreams come true and invoke your inner Cinderella wearing one of these shoes. But, of course, is not everyone who can give 1000 dollars or even more than 100 dollars on a pair of shoes even if they want them and recognize their value. The good news is that there are amazing creative dreamers around the world making Cinderella-inspired shoes and selling on the digital ¨makerland¨ Etsy for much more affordable price tags.

Bridal Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella Low Heel Shoes

Cinderella Pump

Other Cinderella shoes

gold Cinderella shoes

Gianvito Rossi l Crystal Embelished Pumps

Gold Cinderella shoes? Yes, please. These enchanting gold organza pumps are made in Italy and are extra glamorous.

crystal cinderella pumps

L‘AGENCE l Portia Crystal-Embellished Pumps

These pointed-toe pumps are one of my favorites. The mix of silver and crystals gives them extra magical feminine vibes.

pvc cinderella shoes

Aquazzura l Seduction Crystal-Embellished Slingback Pumps

Another PVC slingback Cinderella pumps with strass crystal embellishments. A super chic and enchanting shoe design.

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