In this post, I will list amazing hairstyles for your dreadlocks. Dreadlocks, dreads, or just locks are such a polemic way to style the hair especially when the owner of this authentic hairstyle is a woman. A woman with dreads on her head screams freedom and authenticity, two qualities that still scare a big slice of society.

Usually, a woman with dreads is carefree, wild, free-spirited, out of the mainstream, and wants to make a statement to the world that she is who she is. And of course and most importantly, dreadlocks are also an expression of resistance to black communities around the world, which I will explain a bit more below.

A challenge, though, is to decide how to style your dreadlocks. So, below I list some inspiration and accessories to make this stylish and beautiful hairstyle look even more amazing!

Types of Dreads and history:

Before going to the inspirations, is important to give a short explanation about the history and origins of dreadlocks. There are registers that old tribes in India, Africa, and even Peru in the XIV and XV centuries wore dreads as a form of spiritual connection. It became popular tough with the Rastafari movement. There are a few different types of dreads, from naturally formed rasta to soft, wavy extensions, to retwist. I recommend this article for details.

Dread Hair Styles

Short dreads

Accessorize or make a little top bun. Colored short hairs with dread are also super pretty. Bandana is a friend of any type of hair.

short dread hairstyle

Updo with a full bun or half-up.

Beautiful and simple, this full bun-up is a nice idea for any type of dread.

Half bun up pineapple style.

Leave a strand of hair or wearing a headwrap are nice ways to add style to a dread bun

Wrapped locks with a turban or bandana and accessories are one of my favorite ways to style dreads, whether rasta dreads made from real and natural hair or faux ones.


For medium or long dreads, ponytails are practical and comfortable ways to style dreads.

This wonderful woman made a ponytail and tied it up with her own long rasta dreads.

Partial dreads

If you don’t feel ready to go all the way and do the locks in your entire hair, it might be a nice option to do only half of it or add faux dreadlocks extensions.


Dreadlocks are raw and revealing and I hope you could get inspired by this mystic and filled with culture and history ways to express your inner self. Dreads are clean, dreads are aesthetically pleasing and yes, you have a ton of creative and out-of-the-box ways to style your dreads.

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