This is the Romantic Mood: Shabby Chic Decor. This guide contains the best furniture and decor stores with a feminine, pretty, shabby chic, antique aesthetic/look and a cozy, heartwarming, comfortable feel/mood.


This guide is for people who wanna live in a bucolic bliss, in a soothing, feminine, cozy, and pretty house. You want fresh air from blossoming roses and lavender. You love ruffled bedding, cotton and linen pillows, chipping paint wood dresser, antique look vanities, and feminine floral patterns. The perfect pick me up treat? Taking care of your rose garden. A dream soundtrack? Birds singing and your optimistic thoughts. No matter what happens you refuse wholeheartedly to live in a dark gloomy mood. Your furniture is comforting and cozy to balance life’s harshness. You love vintage and new shabby chic decor, soft pastel colors, and handmade look soft hues because you are a romantic at heart. After all, life can be better, and around you is always spring.

If you can see yourself living in the romantic mood and cute aesthetic of the description above, please visit our Romantic Mood Guides. You will find ideas from how to have a Bridgerton tea party up to the perfect Pink Dinnerware. If you are a mom, take a look at our Girly Mom & Baby Guides.


Romantic Shabby Chic Decor & Furniture

Shabby Chic Couture, by Rachel Ashwell

Oh, the heartwarming beauty…

Rachel Ashwell is the queen of decorating with Shabby Chic. She and her team carefully curate long-lasting beautiful vintage decor pieces, sweet cozy bedding, fresh cottage tabletop, timeworn cushy furniture, and all things adorably shabby chic. Also, she works with a talented team of craftsman, who creates customizable heirloom furniture in Los Angeles. The high-quality timeless pieces are meant to last through generations.

Average Price Range: $50 – $16,000

Bed Bath and Beyond

Uplifting shabby chic treasures…

Besides Bee and Willow, Bed Bath and Beyond has a beautiful shabby chic decor inventory! Plus, whether you are a member or not, they have competitive prices. It’s paradise for some pick me up decor upgrade, especially if you don’t want to commit big money. To narrow down your treasure hunt, select “European Heritage” at the style filter for the home decor categories (if you type shabby chic on the search bar, you’ll get only bedding and curtains!).

Average Price Range: $30 – $200

So simple, so beautiful…

This is Shabby Chic special furniture line with Target. Most furniture is available in different floral patterns and solid pastel colors.

Average Price Range: $15 – $1,100

Lush Décor

Sweet shabby chic details…

Lush Designs has a considerable collection of shabby chic bedding, romantic curtains, and accents at budget-friendly prices. In case you care about product origin, some of their products are made in China and they don’t hide it. Also, some of their textiles are OEKO-TEX certified (we marked them with a ?), meaning that they were tested free of harmful a lot of substances.

Average Range Price: $40 – $270

Regency Era Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor

Gracious Style

If Marie Antoinette & Queen Christine were looking for the season Shabby Chic decor…

I was not familiar with Gracious Style. First I fell for their antique bathroom vanities. Second, I obsessed over the antique mirrors, the french dinnerware, and all their decor inventory. They have everything country European, from Provence to Tuscany. If you feel like stopping at Versailles on your way to Provence, this is your station. You’ll have to go on a little treasure hunt to find shabby chic antiques among their collection, but it’s worth it. Plus they work only with high-quality manufacturers.

Average Price Range: $30 – $19,000

One Kings Lane

If Portia Featherington had budget to hire Violet Bridgerton interior designer….

One Kings Lane is the #1 place for trustworthy deluxe vintage furniture and decor online. Also, they have a marvelous contemporary inventory that includes a lot of refined shabby chic items, including some Rachel Ashwell bedding and sofas. Finally, as if it wasn’t enough, they invited Rebecca Cohen, from the ultimate romantic LoveShackFancy, to curate her favorite dreamy shabby chic furniture and decor. This author shall say this is indeed the most perfect match of the season.

Average Price Range: $80 – $19,000

Crispy Shabby Chic Decor & Furniture

Bee & Willow Home

Spring is calling. Always…

Bee & Willow Home is the Bed Bath and Beyond modern farmhouse collection. Therefore you can find lots of decor and furniture that are also cute and shabby chic. I’m slightly obsessed with the idea of planting my flowers for a lovely picnic and finish the day with a soothing bath!

Average Price Range: $15 – $300

Serena & Lily

When Provence meets Côte d’Azur and Paris…

We can say that Serena & Lily is lightweight shabby chic. They have a beautiful collection of romantic and feminine furniture, with an antique vibe, but not so much the timeworn aesthetic of raw chipping paint. If your mood is for weekends between Provence and Côte d’Azur, but weekdays in Paris; if you love the delicate cozy from the shabby chic but prefer sophisticated modern lines you might be enchanted by their style.

Average Price Range: $100 – $19,000

Cottage Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor

Carolina Rustic

The cottage life in the whimsical woods…

If Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, was looking for Shabby Chic furniture for her cottage in the woods, she would go to Carolina Rustics. As the name states, they are big in rustic furniture and decor, but we can’t dismiss their shabby chic and french cottage inventory.

Average Price Range: $250 – $5,000

The Bella Cottage

A promenade in the lavender fields…

The Bella Cottage makes a marvelous concoction of high-quality french country, cottage, farmhouse, and shabby chic furniture, bedding, DIY items, and decor. Also, they offer personalized design services, in case you need an extra hand with your lovely moodboard.

Average Price Range: $30 – $9,500

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