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Warning: This post was written with the intention to help you feel relaxed.
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I’m cool about many things, but I can’t sleep well in pilled, dirty, sweaty, smelly, unmatched sheets. You’ll have me buying new sheets or carrying my own with me to Airbnbs if I must. For me, sleeping well and having relaxing moments of doing nothing by myself, is a matter of physical and emotional health. Also, it brings me great joy to make the bed in the morning and go back to a comforting pleasant bedroom later. Believe it or not, choosing my own bedding and creating an organic sleeping ritual was such an important part of my emotional healing and self-discovery journey. So, as the bedding freak that I am, I rounded up the best pink bedding you can buy, in different fabrics and weaves, to have the beautiful, elevated, and relaxing Queen bedroom that you deserve.

I also share the most helpful tips on which fabric is better for whom, why pink, the importance of good sleep and relaxation, and how different shades of pink can create different rooms aesthetics and suit different moods.

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I rounded up the top best bed sheets, comforters, duvets, quilts, throws, blankets, and the cutest decorative pillows that are available in different shades of pink, blush, antique rose, hot pink, and so on! You don’t have to spend a fortune on extra luxurious designer bedding, but putting in some extra dollars will get you from sleeping in sandpaper to sleeping in the clouds.

The Power Of High-Quality Pink Bedding

And why pink for grown women, Stella? Oh, my sweet fairies. Pink is a soothing and uplifting color, perfect to relax the nerves and brighten up the mood. So, whether you’re sleeping by yourself, with a partner, a roommate, you’re feeling down, or you are full of energy, different shades of pink will help to balance it all out. Also, the different shades of pink combined with different fabrics can create different aesthetics for the room.

Linen bedding in dusty pink will set the mood for a feminine boho room; blush cotton and soft pink sateen weave are girly and romantic AF, and both can be a bright pop of color for modern or minimalist bedrooms.

There is also the bucolic shabby chic bedding, with florals and ruffles, and the glam Hollywood diva style, with pink sateen sheets. They are such unique feminine aesthetics that we have dedicated posts for them:

So there you go. Sweet dreams, my darling!

Sleeping and Resting: an act of self love and self care

Oh, the bed! Our holy sanctuary, the best place in the house, maybe in the whole world, me time haven. Even if you share a house with 10 siblings, have a nasty roommate, or sleep in a tiny dorm, chances are that your bed is only yours or you share it with someone you love.

Also, the bed is where you should be having quality sleep. I see you there, binging on the couch, sleepless, I’ve been there too. Quality sleep is so necessary for our physical and mental health! That’s when our body recharges and gets ready for the next day. And if you’re like my fiancé who by the age of 19 decided that sleeping was a waste of time, know that it’s good for your memory, for your metabolism, and for your health in general. Just ask any new mom what she misses the most and 99.9% of the ones who are the primary caregivers of their babies will say that they miss sleep and being alone. We need it!

⚠️ I’m not talking about sleeping all day, or drunk, or on drugs. If you don’t have the energy to get out of bed or if you have chronic insomnia, please look for help. I’ve been there. Good pink bedding is not gonna hurt you but it will definitely not treat you! I’m talking about healthy sleep hours that will get you energized in the morning to go conquer your dreams!

And if I can’t convince you with that, know that sleeping is good for your skin. Basically, if you don’t get enough hours of good sleep, you’ll be wasting all the money from your skincare routine.

Here is my golden great skin advice for you: if you have to choose between an expensive face cream and good bedsheets and mattresses, pick the ladders. And I use La Mer, so believe me when I say that my comfy sheets and restful sleep hours have been doing more for me over the years than just the La Mer (which is really good).

If you have a limited budget: As much as throws, coverlets, and blankies are cute and elevate the decor, you can get really pretty ones for cheaper. So invest your dollars in comfortable, soft, high-quality, durable (that won’t pile after a year), easy to wash sheets, comforters, and duvets because they may add real improvements to your life.

The Best Pink Bed Sheets

The top picks for linen, cotton, and bamboo pink bedsheets!

Brooklinen Luxe Core 480T. Cotton Sheet Set

1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases | 100% Long-Staple Cotton W/ Luminous Finish | Sateen Weave | ? Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX Certified
Photo from Brooklinen
$175 (Queen-Size)

Brooklinen bedding is super famous and this set of cotton sheets with a sateen finish is their bestseller. Over thousands of reviews praise how smooth they are against the skin, they don’t pile, and they have labels indicating the right side of the mattress. If you prefer wrinkle-free bed sheets, and you don’t iron them like my dad, this is the one for you.

Bedsheets that help you make the bed, hug you gently, and expect nothing but your beauty sleep in return? And they don’t snore. Honestly, Brooklinen is better for bedtime than some partners out there! 😉

♥︎ Best Overall Bed Sheets according to the GoodHousekeeping Lab.

Parachute Linen Bed Sheets Set

1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases | 100% Pure European Flax | ? Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX Certified
Photo from Parachute
$169 (Queen-Size)

Linen bed sheets are the cool luxurious bedding that makes you wanna jump into your phone every time they pop on your feed. And linen sheets are the gift that keeps on giving for cleaning freaks like me, because the more you wash them the softer they get!

Parachute’s linen sheets are next-level comfort, softness, sustainability, and social impact. They are made in Portugal, out of 100% European Flex (under strict human-oriented European regulations), in a multi-generational family-owned business that has been mastering the art of working with linen for decades. They also have linen crib sheets, just are soft and clean, perfect for babies.

♥︎ Best Overall Linen Bed Sheets according to the GoodHousekeeping Lab.

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets

1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases | 100% Viscose From Bamboo | Sateen Weave | Thermal Regulating
Cariloha Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets
Photo from Cariloha
$239 (Queen-Size)

100% bamboo sheets are the best for people who sweat a lot or have sensitive skin. They are naturally cooling and have allergy and odor-resistant properties. The Resort sheets have a sateen weave, which gives it extra softness and that luxurious feel.

After all, the minimum you deserve after hustling all day is going to bed and be treated like a queen on vacation.

♥︎ Best Overall Bed Sheets according to The Spruce.

Blush Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases | Organic Cotton | Percale | ? OEKO-TEX Certified
Blush Organic Cotton Bed Sheets
Photo from Target
$59 (Queen-Size)

These organic sheets have over 1000 positive reviews on Target and it’s the cheapest on this list. The combination of organic, non-toxic OEKO-TEX certified, and affordable is lovely, but not very common. It’s a great option to upgrade your bedding game by the cost of less than a week of sugary Starbucks, which may be tasty, but will do nothing for your sleep!

It’s available in more colors.

All You Need To Know About Comforters X Duvets

Before we jump to bed, let’s make things clear! Or you can click here to skip the talk and go straight to the best pink comforters and duvets!

Comforter x Duvet, what’s the difference?

Straight to the point, the duvet consists of 2 separated pieces: the duvet insert and the duvet cover. The comforter is a single piece as if the cover was attached to the insert. But, if you can fit a comforter into a duvet cover, then what would that be? Honestly, the names are less important than the materials, the fabric quality, and how you wanna use them IRL.

Comforter x Duvet, which one is better?

That’s completely up to your personal sleeping preferences and lifestyle. In real life, I’ve been using both for different purposes for years, due to ease-of-clean and my preferred level of snugglyness.

Down or Poly Comforter?

I love using light and medium weight poly comforters as the top layer on the bed, to protect it from dust and nasty butts and I remove them when it’s bedtime. I prefer it over coverlets because it’s more aesthetic. It elevates the bed look and gives that extra cozy feel to the bedroom and it’s comfy when I wanna binge watch something from bed during the day.

Also, poly comforters go well in the washing machine and don’t wrinkle too much after the dryer. And I try to wash them at least once a month, depending on my mood and dust tolerance. If I finish cleaning the bedroom and I feel the air is a bit heavy or the energy is odd, off we go to wash the comforter and all the pillowcases. I even like to choose the softener according to my mood. Finally, poly-filled comforters are more affordable than the extra snuggly down-filled options and they are not so heavy, which is great to make and unmake the bed every day.

I will avoid down comforters without duvet covers (?) at all costs. Because of my lifestyle and how I clean my house, it would be a waste of money and resources. I believe I would ruin the comforter and the laundry machine putting them to wash that often. And I’d ruin my peace of mind letting them dusty over the bed! So, if I can fit a duvet comforter into a soft and easy to wash cover, which technically would turn it into a duvet (?), I’ll take it. Otherwise, no down comforter for Monica Geller here!

Down or Alternative Down Duvets?

Now, when it comes to what I prefer over my tired little body when it’s time to meet Morpheus, that’s down duvets, of course. And I don’t need to explain a lot here, right? The down insert is the softest, most airy, and warmest thing one can have over the body, and the cover is super clean freak friendly. The best of both worlds for me. If you are vegan or you wanna avoid down, there are great down-alternatives that are soft and wicking, and more affordable. My best friend lives in Vancouver and, like me, she doesn’t eat animal meat, but unlike me, she is way more strict with not using animal products. She has down alternative duvets and I find them very comfortable.

The Best Pink Comforters & Duvets

UGG 3-Piece Reversible Pink Blush Comforter Set

1 Comforter, 2 Pillow Shams | Polyester | Polyester Fill
UGG 3-Piece Reversible Pink Blush Comforter Set
Photo from Bed Bath and Beyond
$99.99 (Queen-Size)

This collection of UGG comforters is exclusive from Bed Bath and Beyond and is available in 25 colors besides the blush pink you see here.

I love how it looks beautiful and tidy on the bed, but the polyester filling is not my favorite for sleeping. Like I mentioned before, poly-filled comforters are my favorite to cover the bed.

♥︎ UGG is the top searched brand for comforters in the US.

Duvet Cover & Sham Set Riley Home (+ European Down Comforter)

1 Duvet Cover, 2 Pillow Shams | 100% Cotton Percale Weave | ? Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX Certified
Photo from Riley Home
$229 (Duvet Cover & Sham Set Queen-Size)

Riley Home’s bedding lives up to the buzz in quality x price. Made in Portugal with the finest craftsmanship, this blush pink set feels luxurious and extremely soft and will have you sleeping in the clouds.

The duvet cover is the perfect fit for Riley’s hyped white European down comforter, which is handcrafted with the highest quality European White Goose Down and built to ensure an even down distribution, so you can sleep like the queen you are. If you’re not into animal products, Riley’s down alternative comforter is also an option. Both down and alternative comforters are available in the lighter all-season and heavier extra-warm feature.

♥︎ Best Overall Duvet Comforter according to The Wirecutter, NY Times for the past 3 years in a row.

High-quality cotton percale bedding will be comfy year-round and makes a crispy neutral canvas for any feminine aesthetic you choose for your room, from soft girly girl to cottagecore to glam.
?@rileyhome, Cotton Percale Blush Bedding Set

West Elm Blush Crinkle Velvet Duvet Cover & Sham Set (+ Down Alternative Insert)

1 Comforter, 2 Pillow Shams | Velvet | ? Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX Certified
Photo from West Elm
$259 (Duvet Cover & Sham Set Queen-Size)

This velvet duvet cover from West Elm is perfect to give an extra cozy luxurious vibe to the bedroom. It’s textured on one side, solid on reverse, have a button closure, and 4 interior corner ties to keep the insert in place

Speaking of duvet inserts, West Elm has great quality options, from down alternative to blended down to 100% Premium European Down for year-round and heavier for winter. They are all OEKO-TEX Certified and have the shell made of soft organic cotton.

♥︎ West Elm down alternative duvet insert is on NBC’s list as one of the 6 best of 2021.

Dusty Pink Linen Duvet Cover & Shams Set (+ Down Duvet Insert)

1 Duvet Cover, 1 Sham Set | 100% Pure European Flax | ? Non-Toxic OEKO-TEX Certified
Dusty Pink Linen Duvet Cover & Shams Set (+ Down Duvet Insert)
Photo from Parachute
$329 (Duvet Cover & Shams Set Queen-Size)

Linen duvet cover is one of my favorites because the more you wash it, the softer it gets and it’s such a breathable fabric. Parachute’s linen bedding is made in Portugal, out of 100% European Flex (under strict human-oriented European regulations), in a multi-generational family-owned business that has been mastering the art of working with linen for decades.

But if you don’t like the wrinkled aesthetic from linen, you can choose between Egyptian dusty pink cotton percale or blush sateen.

And Parachute’s down duvet inserts are also of great quality, made out of 750 fill power European white down, to hug you and never let you go.

♥︎ Best Heavy down duvet insert according to The Spruce.

Pink Throw Blankets

Light Pink Knitted Acrylic Throw Blanket, Ikea

Photo from Ikea

This knitting throw is a pretty idea to elevate the room decor and staying on the budget!

Pink Quartz Plush Throw Blanket, UGG

Photo from Nordstrom

UGG is famous for its coziness, so here is a great gift for a girly teen or a millennial friend who live the UGG fever a decade ago!

Hot Pink Wool Chechered Throw Blanket, Tweedmill

Photo from Jonathan Adler

This luxurious wool throw is hand-loomed in England and is a sophisticated gift for your girly chic friend or for yourself!

Faux-Fur Light Pink Throw Blanket, Bed Bath and Beyond

Faux-Fur Light Pink Throw Blanket, Bed Bath and Beyond
Photo from Bed Bath and Beyond

A touch of glam, a sprinkle of girly, and a whole lot of cuteness with this soft pink faux-fur throw.

Pink Pom Recycled Sherpa Throw

Photo from Pottery Barn Teen

Don’t be fulled by the picture or by the fact that this is Pottery Barn Teen. The pom-poms are bigger than they look and the recycled sherpa is soft and snugly. Such a fun addition to any room.

Pink Tufted-Chenille Fringed Throw Blanket, Macy’s

Pink Tufted-Chenile Fringed Throw Blanket, Macy's
Photo from Macy’s

Are you getting a boho vibe in your girly style, or your girly style is getting a boho vibe?

Pink Chunky Double Knit Throw Blanket, Bed Bath and Beyond

Pink Chunky Double Knit Throw Blanket, Bed Bath and Beyond
Photo from Bed Bath and Beyond

This handmade throw has a timeless look and matches every decor style, from girly minimalist to cottagecore.

Blush Cable-Knit Chenille Throw Blanket, Target

Blush Cable-Knit Chenille Throw Blanket, Target
Photo from Target

This cable-knit throw is perfect to add texture and that sweater weather vibe to your bed.

Pink Quilts, Coverlets

Pink Frilled Coverlet & Shams

Photo from Ballard Designs
$53.10 – $197.10

If you wanna invest in some high-quality pink coverlets and shams for the ultimate romantic, shabby chic, or cottagecore room aesthetic, you found it! This beautiful frayed cotton voile flange bedding is made in Portugal, out of 100% cotton, honoring traditional weaving techniques. It feels like grandma’s bed!

Soft Pink Chanel Stitch Velvet Quilt, Target

Soft Pink Chanel Stitch Velvet Quilt, Target
Photo from Target
$79 (Queen Size)

This lovely quilt is OEKO-TEX certified, made of soft cotton with a velvety finish and is an instant upgrade to your bedroom. I’m sure you get to find some matching pillows on your next quick visit to Target!

Pink Linen Box Quilt

Pink Linen Box Quilt
Photo from Parachute Home
$249 (Queen Size)

For a laid-back look but luxurious feel, this linen box quilt from Parachute is the one! And because it’s linen, the more you wash it the softer it gets, so it can serve as a decorative layer or a lightweight blanket.

Stonewashed Pink Linen Box Quilt, Hawkins NY

Stonewashed Pink Linen Box Quilt, Hawkins NY
Photo from Food52
$395 (Queen Size)

The Hawkins NY linen quilt is made in Belgium and stonewashed in Portugal and will give your bed an effortlessly chic, but casual look.

Why I Love Good Bedding

Sleeping early and waking up early are one of my favorite things to do. After struggling with insomnia due to emotional reasons, I regained my ability to sleep like a husband baby!

You see, I’m a people pleaser in recovery! And the first needs that I learned to respect, and that are non-negotiable for me, are sleeping well and having alone “me-time” doing whatever or “nothingever” and being “unproductive”. As I went on this challenging journey of not feeling guilty, I discovered the fulfilling pleasure of having beautiful, soft, and to that point, luxurious bedding. Maybe it sounds silly, but I had just finished my marriage, so picking my favorite bed sheets just because I like them, was a major novelty in my life. The new bedding gave me so much joy and it really helped with my new emotionally triggered insomnia. That was over 7 years ago, but the love for bedding continues.


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