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Think about an impressive before and after kitchen picture. Chances are you are thinking old dark cluttered kitchen versus a bright open space clean one. From the ceiling to the floor color, there are many elements to compose a coveted Pinterest worthy kitchen. But the one element that is in 9/10 viral before and after kitchens are the modern cabinets! And here’s why. Modern cabinets are sleek and the flat-panel design create a decluttered aesthetic that will set the mood for the appliances, stones, and hardware. It works with every decor style, from Scandi to rustic, for small and large kitchens. So, in this post you’ll find modern cabinetry ideas in white, two toned, black, wood, and grey. Also, a list of renowned places to buy modern kitchen cabinets from luxury and high-end to cheap.

So, whether you’re a home cook or a proud take outer (did I just create a word?) chances are you visit your kitchen more often than you think of it. Of course, the more you cook or wanna cook, the more functional and equipped your kitchen the better. But even if you’re an occasional visitor, only for a glass of water, snacks, or to toss the dinner container, who wants a noise and ugly room?

I’m not getting into the technical aspects of how to install a cabinet because I have no expertise in it. As much as I do thorough research, it would be reckless to provide safety information on something that I don’t master! Check out ArchiPro for a wide range of high quality kitchen cabinets for kitchens of all sizes. 

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas With Modern Design

Kitchen cabinets with a sleek design are the ultimate pieces to create a modern aesthetic in the kitchen, regardless of the color you prefer. And how do you achieve the ultra-modern sleek effect with any color combination?

First, go for frameless cabinetry. I know it can be debatable and some framed cabinets can create a modern aesthetic. However, it won’t be as clean and seamless as a frameless cabinet and will limit a lot of the other elements, color combinations, and textures. For example, a blue frameless cabinet will be modern by default, even if you add a gold detailed handle (just an extreme example here). Now, a framed blue cabinet with a gold textured handle will not impress a modern aesthetic by itself.

Second, handleless cabinets or minimalist handles. It will create a smooth panel, as close as possible to looking like a blank canvas. That’s because no elements will stand out to disturb your view, even in a small kitchen.

By following these basic design ideas you can play with colors and textures of the countertop, backsplash, and appliances according to your desired aesthetic as we show in the following pictures.

Modern All-White Kitchen Cabinets

All-white modern cabinetry is the ultimate blanc canvas! The closer to monochromatic you stay, the more minimal-chic your kitchen will be. The first kitchen, designed by Edmonds + Lee Architects has all-white handless cabinetry extended to the floor. The only point of color is the greyish veins from the marble countertop, that match smoothly with the silver hardware. The second kitchen takes inspiration from the Scandinavian design, combining a neutral black and white palette with some organic touches. The Leicht project mixes handless cabinetry with very sleek black handles that match the black hardware. And to add some warmth the beige backsplash matches the light wood floors creating a cozy contrast with the all-white countertops.

Of course, all-white sleek cabinetry works wonders if you have a small kitchen and want a clutter free aesthetic. And if you feel like all-white is too boring for you, keep the white cabinets but paint the kitchen walls. Painting a wall is always faster, cheaper and easier than changing cabinetry.

Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Two Toned Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets In Light Wood

Mia Karlsson made a bold combination mixing cabinets in light wood with punctual glass and glossy finishes. And to keep things even more interesting, a very modern glass and wood dinning table and acrylic chair took the center stage from the island! Great idea if you want a kitchen with a clean aesthetic, but warm and cozy. The only thing I’d change is the light pendant. Too farmhouse for this modern kitchen.

Modern Medium Tone Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not easy to picture a modern kitchen with dark wood cabinets, right? Fairly enough, the dark material is more popular amongst rustic, transitional, or classic styles. But looking at the two samples above, wow! Frameless and handles cabinets with flat-panel create a unique aesthetic that is modern, minimalist, luxurious, and bold!

Black Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Where To Buy Modern Cabinetry

Here is a select list of renowned stores and factories selling modern kitchen cabinets in the US territory. And there is something for every budget and taste. Luxury cabinetry made in German, high-end cabinets made in the USA, cheap modular kitchens, and so on.


High-End German Engineered Modern Cabinetry

Originally from Germany, the home country of the best kitchen cabinetry in the World, Leicht has an office in NY where they make a lot of lucky American dreams come true. The high-end and high-tech company designs and manufactures unique modern cabinets that include easy shut drawers that can hold well over 100 pounds and electronic opening mechanisms. So, Leicht cabinets are modern inside-out. They have a team of designers that will guide you throughout the process and help give life to your vision. And you’ll be thankful for them! That’s because Leicht has an unthinkable variety of sophisticated finishes, materials like wood, glass, concrete, modern colors, minimalist handles, and practical designs.

See all cabinets

MOD Cabinetry

Prefab Handmade Modern Kitchen Cabinets Made in Europe and in the USA

Mod Cabinetry works with a mix of high-quality prefab modern cabinets. But don’t be filled by the prefab feature! Mod offers a wide range of options, all within a very modern aesthetic. The advantage of the prefab is the cost, of course, and the leading time, which can be faster than completely custom-made cabinetry. So, if you don’t wanna wait too long, you can choose from a great catalog of ready-to-ship cabinets. If you are a little patient and you want some customization you can talk to their design team and find the best solution for your kitchen. And you can choose from lacquered or matte finishes with parts made in Europe and in the USA or colored and natural wood, including Oak, plywood, walnut, and more. So it’s a great intermediate option between luxury customized and cheap modular.

Finally, the everyday use, after all, the beautiful modern cabinet is great, but if the doors scream every time you reach for a bowl, soon you’ll dislike your kitchen. The Euro casework glides, and Blum hinges from Mod are made to last and work smoothly for years.

See all cabinets at


Cheap Frameless Modular Kitchen

Cheap Frameless Modular Kitchen
? Ikea
Cheap Frameless Modular Kitchen
? Ikea
See all cabinets at

If the urge for a kitchen renovation is larger than the budget, go for the Ikea Knoxhult modular kitchen. You can buy all the parts separately and create a puzzle according to your space, budget, and need. Or you can buy the full kitchen sets, available in different dimensions, including corner layout. Even the handles are available in different colors. And it’s Ikea, so you can find everything for a complete kitchen with a few clicks. From the cooktop to the utensils rack!

And if you’re afraid your kitchen will look cheap, it won’t. Here’s a little tale and domestic finances tips. Some very close friends of mine have been renovating their house for years. Turns out they love to travel around the world, they love shopping design, and going to nice restaurants, but they hate debt. So they budgeted to renovate one room per year, which would allow them to have enough money to do all the other things they appreciate in life debt-free! Following that mindset for the kitchen, they decided to split the reno budget between high-end appliances (she loves cooking and hosting) and cheap cabinetry from Ikea. I was shocked when she told me that her cabinets were from Ikea because they look so sophisticated and it opened my mind to this possibility!

So, yes, you can have cheap cabinetry, a Wolf stove, and a KitchenAid mixer. It’s your choice! And frameless modern kitchen cabinets are the easiest to create a chic mood because you can always go for the minimalist Scandinavian approach or add sophisticated touches with high-end small appliances, open shelves, plants,

Final Thoughts

Have a kitchen renovation fever? My fiance and I have very few decor styles in common, but handleless modern kitchen cabinets are one of them, thankfully. I’m a home cooker who doesn’t like to eat out in restaurants, so the kitchen layout is very important for me. Also, clutter makes me sad. I can’t explain. I can’t stand it. It clutters my head. So a clean minimalist kitchen with absolutely zero open shelves is my choice. I don’t care about the color as much as I care about having enough storage behind doors to keep everything organized out of my sight! What about you?


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