My baby is 3 months old, and I always pray that she can have a safe and independent childhood in this world, especially for being a girl. I had a wild childhood, ran after animals on my uncles’ farm, fed the chickens and ran away from the cows. This made me grow up valuing simple things, dreaming of exploring the world and curious to understand the connection of everything.

I grew up creative and passionate about nature, concerned with caring for all beings and recognizing how important living in nature is, due to the development of a child and the formation of human character. Therefore, I fell in love with Lil Bellies, a brand dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of nature in a child’s life.

Lil Bellies is also great because they strive to inspire kids and families to connect, discover and explore the wonders of Nature through their designs and supplies.

They believe that the most memorable childhood experience is built from moments of freedom, fantasy, and discovery spent in the natural wildness.

What they Sell


Big and beautiful, their backpacks are nice for kids and adults.

Educational Toys:



They sell only educational books related to the wild and the planet earth. If you want to check more of the best nature books for children check my selection here.


Posters and charts:

Definitely my favorite product from this brand. Beautiful, decorative and education.


What we Love

This curious scientific fact they mention on their website about how Nature influence children’s life.

¨Children need out-of-door nature in their every-day life! A robust body of research conducted in recent years indicates contact with nature relieves symptoms of ADD and ADHD, lowers stress levels and anxiety, replenishes the power to focus, and cultivates a sense of community. We humans evolved and adapted within the natural world, surviving as a result of this integral relationship. There is no doubt in my mind that children need to balance their technology time with Natural-world time in order to thrive and grow in sustainable ways.”

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