For every style, from traditional industrial to industrial farmouse & chic industrial!

Interior design for Industrial kitchen combines two references. First, the aesthetic from old factories. The mix of textures with concrete, wood, and dark matte finishes, open-plan, exposed brick walls, and the warmth of indirect yellow light. Second, the practical side of professional industrial kitchens, with the lack of cabinets and cookware hanging everywhere. So in this post, you’ll find inspirational kitchens, in real houses of all sizes. Also, amazing solutions from normal people like you and me and from professional architects and interior designers. They combine all the elements of the industrial design and there are no strict rules! As much as each style has its characteristics, at the end of the day, we all have our own preferences.

Industrial style is the perfect combination between rustic and urban, that you get to dose as your heart wishes. It’s very eclectic! Whether you are building from scratch, planning a serious reno, or a decor makeover for the holidays, with the right tricks and ideas (and maybe some skill or budget), everyone can have a mesmerizing Industrial kitchen!

Industrial Lighting Fixture For The Kitchen

Industrial lighting fixtures became such a staple that they invaded other decor styles. They became as iconic as the brick wall, but they are way easier and cheaper to execute. And there is no shortage of models! Want to go minimalist? Hanging bare bulbs! Need more than that? Cage and pendant lights. Gimme all the drama mood? Large dome pendants. They serve for aesthetic purposes to set the perfect mood and, of course, are functional so you can actually see as you cook or open a bottle of red!

So here are great Industrial lighting ideas for closed and open layouts, eat-in islands, and dining tables.

Bare Edson Bulbs

One of my childhood best friends is a great architect @ligiaperassolli_arq. According to her and many of her colleagues that I watch on YouTube, bare bulbs are not the best solution for getting enough light. So, that’s why we often see lots of them, aligned or in clusters. Personally, I love the aesthetic of the hanging cords, the moody yellow light that makes me feel that my life is a sexy movie, and they are a minimalist solution that doesn’t overwhelm the sight against the brick wall or open shelves.

Pendant Lights

Cage Lighting

I love the contrast between these kitchens. Both have elements with a strong Industrial accent beside the cage pendant light, of course. In the first kitchen, they decided to play with black, wood, and concrete on the ceiling, wall, lighting fixtures, cupboards, and cabinets. Even the dining table and the chair follow the same combination. The result? A bold explosion of textures and drama!

In the second kitchen, @renovatethishouselovethishouse uses the same elements, but in a traditional way. She has beautiful wood floors, countertops, and shelves. It could be a vanilla combination with white walls, ceilings, and cabinets. But she gets the followers with the bold and dramatic black stove and the leather Chesterfield! By the way, @renovatethishouselovethishouse is a mom of 3 and her entire house is are gorgeous as this kitchen. Besides beautiful pictures, she posts her brutally honest experience with motherhood.

Large Dome Lamps

The first kitchen is a 3000sqft loft in Tribecca, with an original brick wall from what was a New York factory one day. It’s such a huge open floor with a super high ceiling that the large domes look small! It’s very chic, interior designer, sticking with the traditional mix of wood and metal.

The second one is a house in the British countryside with brick tiles. Do you see how @suszi_saunders took care of the lighting? She has 3 large milky domes over the concrete and metal island. Well, 10/10 amazing mix of textures here! Over the cupboard, she has 2 small retro wall lights in green! It’s a pop of colors that makes all the difference and talks to the blue from the cabinets. Besides, focal light points are great to set the mood and give extra light in the work area! As you can see, that’s probably where she preps the meals! And what if she doesn’t have open shelves? She can display all of her gorgeous retro appliances, canister, and boards on the countertop.

Mix of Textures

Wood + Metal + Brick + Stone

So, which style speaks to you?

Kitchen #1: very chic and contemporary. It’s all about the drama in black and rustic wood (looks like reclaimed).

Cuisine #2: the black and wood drama was toned down with big windows and light brick walls. (The lighting project is on point for moody and efficient illumination).

Cocina #3: rustic brick wall meets metal in a minimalist yet astonishing cooking area!

Leather Stools

I know it’s about the leather stool, but please let’s take a few minutes to appreciate the floor from @1940s_house_renovation?

Back to the topic, distressed leather is THE official upholstery for the industrial style. Therefore, the easiest way to have it in your kitchen is leather stools! They blend perfectly with any pallete and style of an industrial kitchen. Also, with any texture: brick, metal, concrete. Oh, and something special happens when the warm yellow light hits the rich leather texture.

Hand Reach Kitchenware

Professional chefs don’t have cabinets because they can’t waste precious time opening doors! We are definitely not in a hurry, but why not display all that gorgeous dinnerware?

Metal Pipes Open Shelves, Matte Black Shelves

According to @nesstleinandbecosy, her husband made these shelves himself with metal pipes and wood boards! She combines cooper pieces with Emma Bridgewater ceramics, glass, and black appliances. The contrast between all the rustic happening on the walls against the glossy white cabinets is the kind of freedom we love! Maybe it’s farmhouse industrial style, but I’d rather call it authentic @nesstleinandbecosy style!

Cooper & Retro & Matte Black Kitchenware

Pots and Pans Hanging Everywhere

Final Toughts On Industrial Kitchen Design

So, which industrial style speaks to your heart? I’m obsessed with New York, particularly the SoHo, so the original Industrial with open floors and brick walls is my favorite for sure! I love that organic warm feel.

Now, the one thing I’d never have, no matter the style: open shelves! My inner Monica Geller cringes just from seeing it and thinking about all the dust. Turns out I’m a proud and happy clean freak who deep cleans weekly. After decades, I figured that moving stuff takes more time than the actual cleaning, so I try to make it as easy as fast as I can! I don’t even like appliances on the countertop.

So, my dream industrial kitchen would have a high ceiling and open plan, of course. One rustic brick wall and dark cabinets. Very likely black. I could go with regular stainless steel or black appliances, I don’t know. Definitely a kitchen island with comfortable high-back leather stools. I love working from the kitchen when I’m alone! And because it’s an open kitchen with a high ceiling, I’d go with one dome pendant light combined with some bare bulbs with black cords over the island. You know, to set the mood from the bright work area to moody wine and cheese speakeasy. Oh, all hanging from a beautiful rustic exposed reclaimed wood bean!

What about you? What’s your dream kitchen?


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