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These gifts are not only for train lovers but for any adult that loves unique travel-themed stuff as a gift. Of course, trains are used to transport people not only on long travels, but we can’t deny that the classic rail train journey through magical and picturesque landscapes around the world is on the wishlist of any travel lover.

Just think about the classic Trans-Siberian Railway, or West Highland Line (used in the Harry Potter movies as the Hogwarts Express journey scenario), and the epic Orient Express (the inspiration for one of Agatha Christie’s books) and you will visualize the appeal trains might have for adventurous people.

So whether you want to find train gift ideas for a train lover who wants to decorate, or for that ¨young adult¨ that likes games, or for a train journey enthusiast or train-themed stuff for a collector: this gift list is for you!

Realistic Model Trains

The most special gifts on the list, realistic electric model trains, and locomotives can be expensive, but certainly, a gift that will make any train enthusiast or collector happy. Lionel Trains and Bachmann trains are the top brands to go for this type of motor ride or battery-powered scale trains.

hogwarts express model train gift
Photo: Target

Hogwarts Express Train

For the grown-up Potterhead train lover, this unique collectible miniature model 28-piece battery-powered Hogwarts Express train set is perfect to bring some magic to any home.

$44.99 l Lionel Trains

union pacific train set model train for gift
Photo: Target

Ready to Run Union Pacific Train Set

If you want a complete, super realistic model train, this beautiful train set is a great option. It includes realistic train sounds & announcements, working headlights, functioning boxcar doors, Bluetooth connectivity and remote control for speed control, and more. Highlight: the beautiful and detailed retro look.

$263.49 l Lionel Trains

classic christmas train set
Photo: Macy’s

Classic Train Set with Sound

For a more classic and affordable option, this 16 Piece Battery Operated Lighted and Animated train set with sound from Northlight is a good choice. Also a good option for those who like to collect Christmas-themed trains.

$51.99 l Northlight

gift for train lovers
Photo: Macy’s

The Brodway Limited Train

Bachmann Trains is a big brand among model train brands and could not be left out of this list. This broadway limited ready-to-run n scale electric train set includes operating headlight, speed controller, and more.

$233.99 l Bachmann Trains

Fun & Play Gifts for Train Lovers

Do you know any adult with a young soul who likes to play challenging games and loves trains? If the answer is yes, then enjoy these giftable and entertaining train gifts.

hogwarts express train lego set gift
Photo: Walmart

Hogwarts Express LEGO Train

This magical Hogwarts Express toy train from Kings Cross Station set is an imaginative LEGO model train that will guarantee some fun for kids and adults.

$74.99 l LEGO

Disney Lego train station gift
Photo: Lego

Disney Train and Station

With Lego Powered Up motor to control from the smart device and play sound effects, this imaginative train is perfect for the train, LEGO, and Disney lovers.

$329.99 l Lego

lego train gift
Photo: Lego

Crocodile Locomotive

A perfect gift for those who love trains and challenges. With 1,271 pieces, this iconic vintage classic Crocodile Locomotive is a delight for those who appreciate the attention to detail and realism.

$99.99 l Lego

lego locomotive gift
Crocodile Locomotive. Photo: Lego
lego locomotive gift
Crocodile Locomotive. Photo: Lego
lego locomotive gift
Crocodile Locomotive. Photo: @mat17017
Photo: Target

Hogwarts Express 3D Puzzle

You don’t have to be a Harry Potter Fan to have fun with a train-themed 460 pc 3D puzzle.

$34.99 l Wrebbit Puzzle

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Moving Locomotive Kit

This is the most absolutely amazing gift for the true train enthusiast who enjoys learning how each piece works together and likes a very good challenge. This DIY kit allows locomotive lovers to build their own working model of a 19th-century locomotive by exploring and playing with the inner workings of a steam engine with this functioning wooden model.

$77.00 l Uncommon Goods

Decor Gifts for Train Lovers

A train lover probably will love to decor their homes with trains! There are some very nice and authentic options available online to surprise railway enthusiasts.

metal train gift
Photo: Michaels

3D Metal Model Freight Train Kit

This 5 pieces 3D metal model kit train box set is a challenging toy plus a beautiful decor item.

$34.49 l Metal Earth

Photo: Etsy

3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Probably the most creative gift from this list, this unique steam locomotive train lamp is a combination of art and technology to make any train lover super happy. Highlight: 8 changeable color modes.

$34.49+ l Carve Craftworks

Photo: Etsy

Metal Mini Railroad Train Clock

This cute clock is a perfect gift to decorate an office desk, living room shelve,s or even a bedroom side table.

$49.95+ l LAmbel Imprints

Fashion & Accessories Train Gifts

Yes, trains and locomotives can be quite fashionable too! Fashion stuff with a theme is a great way to express our authentic selves, therefore, a very thoughtful and giftable option.

Photo: Etsy

Train Earrings for Women

If you want a train-themed gift for her, this super cute and affordable earring is a good option!

$9.99 l SigmoCreations

Photo: Etsy

Locomotive T-Shirt

Wearing and expressing hobbies or passions is cool and empowering!

$23.35+ l PatentPress

Photo: Etsy

Train Locomotive Necklace

A beautiful, affordable, and handmade gift for women who are train fans. Materials: Gold, Pewter, Stainless steel.

$18.00 l LeBua Jewelrytoo

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