You are a new mom, who just brought a brand new little person to this world and everyone around is crazy to visit your baby and bring gifts. This is great, of course…But what about remembering to bring gifts to a lonely and tired mom?

Yes, motherhood can be very lonely, and as much as I love when my friends bring gifts to Maya, I also feel a bit sad, because most of the times no one even worries about asking how am I feeling. They just say ¨oh, you look great¨ or ¨oh, you look tired¨.

So, to be honest, as a new mom, I would love to receive some of the gifts listed below. And the best of all: they are all for free!

A day off of motherhood

Who wouldn’t LOVE to get one day off from motherhood to have some ME time, maybe just chill reading a book alone, or a day at the mall, or just 8 hours straight to sleep.

A housecleaning offer

A dream come true, your best friend calls you and say:¨this week don’t worry about cooking or housecleaning, I will be at your service.¨

A personal organizer

Let your husband, your mother, your sister or your partner organize and plan the week for you. Doctor, eating and sleeping schedules and all the routine logistics. When you are exhausted someone could just come and say: ¨don’t worry, I already have everything planned and organized.¨

A lot of compliments

This one is easy. We tend to blame ourselves more often than when should. Anyone who compliments your way to being a mom is welcome.

Attention day

If your husband or whoever person is close to you when you are a new mom suggests some cool program together (like a family picnic) and ask about how are you feeling, without judgments would also be great.

See, it is so easy to make a new mom happy and without spending a penny!

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