Nowadays natural birth is a dream for many moms-to-be. When I got pregnant, I thought I didn’t care about how my daughter would come into the world. For me, the important thing was that she was healthy, regardless of being a c-section or natural birth.

Around the third month of pregnancy, I started to look for more information, and I saw that natural birth was the best option for both of us. I realized that my physical recovery would be faster, that I would be the protagonist of my daughter’s birth, that our connection would be more intense, and that she would receive more beneficial bacteria and immunity.

I did a lot of homework about childbirth and postpartum, and many things that I have read about actually happened, but others surprised me. So I hope I can help you with my experience.

Ass$%¨&* pain

Ok, straight to the point: the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. I thought the contractions or pushing the baby out were the worst part, but the anal pain during labor contractions wins. I remember myself screaming things like ¨OMG MYY ASSS MY ASSHO%¨&*, IT HURST SO MUCH, WHY BLOGGERS DONT WRITE ABOUT THAT NO ONE TOLD ME THAT#$ @ # $% ¨ MOTHERF @ # %% # R !!!!¨

So, now you know.

Lower back pain

The ass pain was the worst, but the back pain was also cruel. You just need to breathe and remember that it lasts only 1 minute and then you will have 3 painless minutes to breathe before it starts again.

this is actually me during contractions. Glad my sister registered this moment

I used to see those beautiful images of women relaxing in the water during a humanized and natural birth, I had the feeling that from the moment you were relaxed in a bathtub all the pain would go away. NOT FOR ME. I felt uncomfortable just to think about getting into a bathtub. I can’t explain why, but I wanted to stay crouched, and the best thing to do was sitting on those pilates big balls under a very hot shower.

Vomiting and chills ?

I threw up and had a lot of chills. But at the moment the doctor instructed me to breathe properly these horrible sensations went away.

Intravenous access is not always necessary

The nurses pierced me exactly 8 times to try to access my vein. They told me it was mandatory, in case something unexpected happened, but I was having very intense contractions and they couldn’t access the vein. My arms were already all black and blue when the doctor finally arrived and said to the butcher-nurses: “stop it, isn’t necessary”. And it really wasn’t necessary!

my arm situation 5 days after giving birth.

Everything was swollen after birth

I did not swell during pregnancy. After Maya was born the situation reversed. I had no idea I would swell so much after natural childbirth but I did. My feet got huge and heavy… also my face and my arms. These lasted for like 10 days and then I was feeling myself again.

You forget the pain

I remember my thoughts during labor: ¨Why I haven’t chosen a C-section?¨, ¨I never want to have a kid again.¨ ¨It is impossible to forget this pain.¨ ¨I think I’m traumatized¨. Bullshit. Today I do not remember the pain, I thank God for having the natural childbirth and the pain would not be a reason for me not to have another child.

A lot of groin pain

Yes, more pain. The last one, I promise. Besides back pain, vagina pain and but pain, I also coped with the groin pain. I haven’t exercised for a long time, and I was very sedentary during pregnancy. The results are that I had a big injury to my groin that hurt for about 3 months, especially on cold nights and when I sneezed. It took me about 40 days to squat because of body recovery.

I made it without any kind of pelvic exercise during pregnancy

Though they help! As I just mentioned, I did almost nothing to prepare my body, just walked twice a month. My labor work lasted 4 hours, it was pretty fast, but I think that pushing the baby out could have been less painful if I had prepared myself better.

I felt like I had competed for a marathon

Exhaustion. This is what I felt the week after giving birth. I knew it was going to hurt, but I didn’t know I was going to feel so exhausted. Every inch of my body hurt, every minute of sleep felt like an hour. The body goes beyond the limits that I thought were possible, beyond the limits of strength… a lot of strength, and focus…a lot of focus. The results of all the effort + sudden lack of sleep + totally new routine + milk production = tired af.

I thought I would never want to have sex again

Even pooping and peeing was painful. It took me five days to be able to poop again. My intimate areas were so sensitive that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to have sex ever again. Well, once again, I was wrong. After 40 days my body was almost recovered, and after 3 months I was feeling 100% who I was before pregnancy again.

Breastfeed is hard, but the lack of sleep was the worst.

It is common sense that the beginning of breastfeeding can be very tough for many women.
It was no different with me, but I can’t complain either: it was less bad than I thought it would be. Still, It took Maya 3 days to get it the right way, so I lost a lot of sleep bumping throughout the dawn. My lack of sleep and tiredness were so intense that I thought I would literally die.

I wanted to bite and kill everyone around me during contractions

Have you ever watched Bridget Jones Baby? As she goes into labor she shouts at everyone and bites the baby’s father. Well, no exaggeration, I felt exactly the same. Pure wild instinct. I felt like a wild wolf in the woods. I think it was the most surreal thing I have ever experienced.

I can scream

I thought I wasn’t able to scream. Those very loud from the deep pf the throat screams. When I was pushing my baby out I discovered 50 new vocal cords and a super high vocal potency that I didn’t know I had in me.

Natural Birth is still the best option ??

The main reason? I felt TRULY POWERFUL.

So much pain, right? But they are worth it, I would go through it all again because I felt more powerful than Captain Marvel with Wonder Woman together. Discovering all the strength that I have in me by bringing my daughter into the world was life-changing. Besides all the pain, it was amazing to use all my instincts, my focus and all my potency in this intense and magical work. For me, the pain just meant my old and weak self dying to give place to a Super- Wonder- Marvelous – Brand – New – Woman.

disclosure: English is not my first language, so I apologize for any possible grammar mistakes. My intention with these posts is to be helpful and comprehensive on a global scale :). Feedbacks and corrections to help are ok and welcome :).

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