As a 2-year-old Toddler Girl mom, I have a lot of experience recommending toddler toys for other little girls’ moms!

I was the kind of mom who always liked gender-neutral toys for girls better. I wanted to understand my kid’s personal tastes before influencing her. So, after 2 years of exploring all types of baby and toddler toys, we found out that she is crazy about pink and purple toys!

Yep, everything I buy for her is cute – girly – pink – and- purple. Her toys and clothes must be pink, and even her pajamas must be pink (she refuses to sleep wearing another color)!

So, this is definitely my most made from the heart post. It will be a big one but will give you a list of the best and most popular and cool toddler toys for 1 to 3-year-olds girls. Whether you want to buy a cute girly toy for your own daughter or give it as a gift, I bet you will find the right one here (if you love pink and girly girl stuff, of course!).

For Girls Who Love Unicorns

Unicorn toys are extremely popular among tots and kids, especially girls! For this post we traveled through the infinite land of internet to find the most magical toys inspired by these mystical and enchanting creatures.

unicorn toys for toddler girls
Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Unicorn With Purple Horn

Your child will experience an extra touch of magic riding this unicorn that allows your kid to move around instead of staying in one place. See this little guy in motion here.

$399.00 – PonyCycle at Maisonette

unicorn toy for toddler girls
cute unicorn toys for toffler girls
unicorn toys for toddler girls
Photo Courtesy: Wonder & Wise by Asweet

Unicorn Playhouse

Imaginative play is essential to stimulate any toddler’s development. A play space like this unicorn tent is a great start to fuel their imagination.

$200.00 – Wonder & Wise by Asweet

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Wonder & Wise by Asweet Unicorn Playhoyse
unicorn tent for toddler girl
Wonder & Wise by Asweet
unicorn toy for toddler girl
Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Cloud 9 Inflatable Bounce House with Slide and Blower – Unicorn Theme

We love that Walmart has its own unicorn land section dedicated to all things unicorn on its website. For this post, we picked our favorite unicorn toy for toddler girls at Walmart. I bought a similar one for my 2-year-old and she absolutely loves it! I know she will have a lot of use out of this for years to come.

Ages: 2+

$224.49 – Cloud9 at Walmart

unicorn toys stuffed animals for toddler girls
Photo Courtesy: Melissa & Doug

Gentle Jumbos – Unicorn

How friendly is this ultra-soft big buddy white unicorn? A unique plush toy and decorative pal.

Ages: 2+

$89.99 – Melissa & Doug

For Girls Who Love Mermaids

¨I wanna be, where the people are…¨?. Mermaids are super popular toys among toddler girls. All the legend surrounding these mystical beautiful creatures makes our little ones travel far inside their own imagination, picturing how would be to live a like a princess and breathe underwater!

Photo Courtesy: Melissa&Doug

Mermaid Role Play Costume Set

Allow your kid to live by their imagination and feel like a royal princess of the 7 seas with this special dress-up set.

Ages: 3

$29.99 -Melissa&Doug

Photo Courtesy: DisneyStore

Ariel Inflatable Lagoon Splash Pad and Sprinkler for Kids

A perfect mermaid toy if your girl love to play in the water. Be a part of Ariel World in this The Little Mermaid-inspired inflatable lagoon.

Ages: 3+

$49.99 -DisneyStore

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel Doll

The queen of the mermaids: Ariel. This lovely doll has a translucent tail that sparkles and shines, says 20+ phrases, and sings!

Ages: 3+

$34.97 -Disney Princess at Walmart

For Girls Who Love Learning

Learning toys are fun, challenging, and great for creativity and brain development. Engage with your little tot and strengthen your bond by encouraging her and playing together.

Photo Courtesy: Nordstrom Rack

Kumba Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Kumba toys are colored with cute non-toxic paint, which makes them super safe. These toys will allow your children to use all their imagination while combining the blocks as they want.

$24.99 $19.97 – Mattel at Nordstrom Rack

Photo Courtesy: Scandiborn

Plan Toys Puzzle – Sea Life

This sea life puzzle is a perfect sensorial and imaginative toy for young toddlers.

$32.95 – Plan Toys at Scandiborn

Photo Courtesy: Scandiborn

Sebra Swedish Alphabet Puzzle in Cotton Candy Pink

This pretty wooden puzzle is ideal for learning the alphabet while having fun.

Ages: 1+

$39.95 – Sebra at Scandiborn

Kumba Blocks
Sea life puzze toys – Scandiborn

For Girls Who Love Minnie Mouse

My little Maya is obsessed with Minnie since she is 18 months old, and every girl of that age that I know also loves Minnie and her pink big bow. This little mouse is a true legend, and the amount of cute Minnie Mouse toys are just endless!

Photo Courtesy: Shop Disney

Minnie Mouse Cuddleez Plush – Large – 23”

The sweetest Minnie Mouse Plush toy for baby to toddler girls.

$39.95 – Shop Disney

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Minnie Mouse Minnie Lemonade Stand Indoor/Outdoor Play

A great toy to stimulate the little business girl in your toddler. She will love the autonomy of selling anything in her own Minnie Mouse Stand.

Ages: 2-4

$19.97 – Minnie Mouse at Walmart

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Minnie Mouse Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse with Easy Assembly by Delta Children

A Lovely Minnie Mouse playhouse that can be used indoors and outdoors. A dreamy first property for your little girl!

Ages: 2 years

$179.99 – Disney at Walmart

Photo Courtesy: buybuy BABY

Disney Minnie Mouse Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse with Easy Assembly by Delta Children

Super cute and cool ride with Minnie Mouse in this interactive Ice Cream Parlor.

Ages: 1 to 5 years old

$29.99 – VTech at buybuy BABY

Photo Courtesy: Walmart
Photo Courtesy: buybuy BABY
Photo Courtesy: buybuy BABY

Disney® Minnie Mouse Play n’ Sort Activity Train Ride-On

This is not only perfect for Minnie fans, but also for toddlers who like trains.

Ages: 1- 2

$43.99 – Disney at buybuy BABY

For Girls Who Love Dinosaurs

My baby girl loves dinosaurs because of Georges’s (Peppa pig little brother) dinosaur. She doesn’t like the ones with an angry face tho! In the example below, we listed cute dinosaurs that give an awesome wild and super cute BFF for toddler girls.

dinosaur toy for toddler girl and kids
Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Inflatable giant Dino

This 5.2 feet tall Australian dude is probably taller than any toddler, which makes them an awesome and super cute guardian.

$50.00 – Sunnylife at Maisonette

Photo Courtesy: H&M

Lovely Dinosaur Soft Toy

Definitely the cutest dino from the internet.

$5.99 – H&M

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Kiddy Pool Dino

A ludic and cute pool to play indoors or outdoors.

$50.00 – Sunnylife at Maisonette

For Girls Who love Frozen

Or Frozen 2, or Elsa, or Anna, or Olaf… there are endless options of Frozen toys online. For this post, I chose the ones I know my toddler girl would love!

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna and Elsa Sister Interactive Feature Doll 2 pack

Inspired by Frozen 2, the two beloved Nordic sisters sing their songs from the film and say phrases.

Ages: Over 3 years.

$49.00 – Frozen 2 at Walmart (Walmart Exclusive)

Photo Courtesy: buybuy BABY

Fisher-Price® Power Wheels® Disney Frozen Jeep® Wrangler

Every little adventure seeker and Frozen fan will be obsessed with this Jeep. Perfect for cruising around with a friend.

Ages: 3 to 7

$329.99 -Fisher Price at buybuy BABY

frozen toys for toddler  girls
Photo Courtesy: buybuy BABY

Disney® Frozen My First Library Book Set

My 2-year-old is obsessed with books. I think our nighttime reading moment is her favorite playtime with me. Besides, books are great to entertain and promote learning.

Ages: 18 months – 6 years.

$14.99 – My First Library at buybuy BABY

For Outdoorsy Toddler Girls

Maybe your little 2 or 3-year-old kid is not really into a big adventure on Everest, but if she loves playing outside, there ate some very fun toys to allow your explorer toddler to play in the backyard.

outdoorsy toy for toddler girl pink butterfly binoculars
Photo Courtesy: Melissa & Doug

Cutie Pie Butterfly Binoculars

Have a curious explorer at home? So she will love to view objects in close-up detail with these super cute butterfly binoculars.

Ages: 3+

$7.99 – Melissa & Doug

Photo Courtesy: Melissa & Doug

Cutie Pie Kickball

An affordable and guaranteed fun toy for any tot who enjoys playing outdoors.

Ages: 1+

$11.99 -Melissa & Doug

Photo Courtesy: Melissa & Doug

Cutie Pie Butterfly Tunnel

Another amazing toy from Melissa & Doug to play with indoors or out.

Ages: 3

$34.99 -Melissa & Doug

Photo Courtesy: The Tot


This absolutely beautiful scooter seat folds into the handlebar converting the scooter into a stand-up kickboard. Don’t forget the helmet!

Ages: 1-5 years

$120.00 -Scoot&Ride at The Tot

Melissa&Doug Cute Pie Butterfly Tunel
Scoot&Ride at The Tot

For Girls who Love Disney Princess and Fairytales

Castles, knights, magic, distant dreamy kingdom, princess, and of course, fairies are all elements of a fairytale realm. Many girls love mystical fairytale universes and there are some very imaginative toys for the little dreamers tell and live their own magic story .

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Water fun Castle

Summer is just around the corner, so what about giving a fun water castle for your little girl to rule?

$119.00 – Teamson Kids at Maisonette

Photo Courtesy: PlanToys

Fairy Tale Blocks

Block sets are always fun and a good options to keep a toddler a bit focused. The extra benefit of this castle block is that it also stimulates imagination and storytelling.

$43.00 – PlanToys

Photo Courtesy: Melissa&Doug

Disney Princess Wooden Magnets

Your little mini can create her own princess enchanting stories playing with these lovely and determined classic Disney Princesses Magnets.

Ages: 2+

$11.99 – Melissa&Doug

Melissa&Doug Disney Princess Wooden Magnets
Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage at Walmart
Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Girls 6V Ride-On Toy by Huffy

Every empowered little princess should own her own carriage. This enchanting ride-on includes fun princess sounds and is all designed with graphics of the classic Disney Princesses.

Ages: 3+

$153.85 – Huffy at Walmart

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Rainbow Fairy Tin Tea Set

This lovely tea set is perfect for fairies, rainbow, and unicorn lovers. The set comes in a reusable case and can be carried around by your little fairy.

Ages: 3+

$25.00 – Maisonette

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For Girls Who Love Cats

The most common (and adorable) kitten toys for toddlers are plush toys. Here are some fluffy and furry kitty cats for your girl to cuddle up with.

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Cat Soft Toy

H&M soft toys are just the cutest. This big cat is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cats.

Ages: 1+

$17.99 – H&M

Photo Courtesy: Nordstrom Rack

Rainbow Plush

A lovely cute cat plush toy for little girls.

Ages: all

$17.23 – Nordstrom Rack

For Creative Toddler Girls

Creative toys is a very generic and broad term. For this post, I will list sweet art & craft toys for girls who love to make a mess and create with their little hands (I guess all of them, no?).

Photo Courtesy: Melissa&Doug

Princess Crayon Set

12 vibrant colors inspired on a dreamy princess palette. Because your little royalty can be an artist too!

$4.99 – Melissa&Doug

Photo Courtesy: The Tot


Awesome gift for toddlers who love art and whimsical unicorns.

$33.00 – Twee at The Tot

Photo Courtesy: The Tot


Made with organic fruit and vegetable extracts, this finger paint set provides a perfect and nontoxic painting experience for children.

Ages: 3+

$18.99 – Eco-Kids at The Tot

Photo Courtesy: The Tot

Dough Parlour collector set

Among infinite options of playdough sets on the internet, this was the cutest I could find. This delightful sensory experience comes in 12 pastel colors and has the prettiest color palette.

Ages: 3+

$80.00 – Dough Parlour at The Tot

Dough Parlour at The Tot
Dough Parlour at The Tot

For Girls who love cars and rides

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

Primo Ride On Toy Classic

A girl doesn’t need to go all the way to Italy for a timeless ride on a classic Vespa. This cute and girly vintage ride for toddlers is also available in mint.

Ages: 1-5

$199.00 – Ambosstoys at Maisonette

Photo Courtesy: Maisonette

First Go! Scoot Bike Coral

Little one will love to learn to ride a bike in this super dreamy, modern, photogenic, and durable bike.

Ages: 2.5 -5

$189.00 – Banwood at Maisonette

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

Disney Minnie Girls’ 6-Volt Battery-Powered Electric Ride-On by Huffy

Little one will love to learn to ride a bike in this super dreamy, modern, photogenic, and durable bike.

Ages: 3

$149.00 – Huffy at Walmart

First go! Scoot Coral Bike
Disney Minnie Girls’ 6-Volt Battery-Powered Electric Ride-On by Huffy

For Girls Who Love Lego

Toddler girls are still too young to play with those little tiny Lego pieces, but they can definitely start exploring with blocks from a very early age. Colorful building blocks are recommended for 1-year-olds and a great educational toy for developing creative motor skills. A favorite among baby to toddler toys.

Photo Courtesy: Nordstrom Rack

First Builders – Big Building Bag

These lovely and colorful mega blocks are an amazing gift to help a toddler start to channel their inner engineer or architect!

$24.99 $19.97 – Mattel at Nordstrom Rack

Photo Courtesy: Walmart

LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party 

Minnie Mouse is clearly the queen of the toddler toy universe online. So, if you want a cute LEGO for a little Minnie Mouse fan, this one is perfect!

Ages: 2 – 5

$15.99 – LEGO at Walmart

For Girls Who Love to Cook

Cooking with kids is one of the nicest (and messiest) moments you can have together. The options for kitchen sets and cooking toys for toddler girls online are endless, so for this post, we picked only a few. For more ideas click below.

Photo Courtesy: Overstock

Costway Kids Wooden Play Set Kitchen Toy Strawberry Pretend Cooking

Tons of pink in this lovely kitchen will make your mini chef create interest for cooking. A perfect gift for any gi.

Ages: 3

$115.39 – Oversotck

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