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Thinking baby names, right? What a sweet moment! Also exciting and a bit of pressure! Maybe it’s the most mindblowing decision after the car seat. Some people know their babies’ names since they were playing with dolls. I have a friend from college who always said that she would have a boy and his name would be Eduardo. And so it was! Most of us, however, are clueless. Maybe you want a baby name with a special meaning, or you want to pay homage to someone in the family, a popular baby name, or a unique baby name, to match with your name, baby name starting with A or J, it can be anything. So, if you know you wanna find cute baby names for girls, it’s a great start! And there are so many tools to help! Quiz on baby names, baby names books, and great baby names lists!

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So, for this list of cute baby names, I combed names that are delicate and remind of sweet and adorable things like: short french baby names, flower baby names, Disney girls, positive emotions names, and so on. After the baby names list, I give some suggestion for bestselling books and quizzes on baby names. Well, without any further due, here is our sweet list of the cutest names for dainty baby girls!

Dainty French Baby Names

1 Adele
5 Anne Sylvie
2 Antoinette
2 Alison
3 Amélie
4 Belle
5 Blaise
6 Cecile
7 Ella
8 Eloise
9 Emile
1 Esmée
2 Fae
3 Felicity
3 Fleur
4 Gemma
5 Holly
6 Honore
7 Ila
8 Ines
9 Iva
8 Jolie
9 Julie
1 Louise
2 Madeleine
3 Mae
4 Marseille
8 Marcelline
4 Noelle
9 Provence
5 Reneé
6 Rose
9 Sophie
6 Stella
6 Thérèse
7 Valerie
9 Valentine
8 Zuri

Oh, bonjour Paris! For the ones who love French culture, speak French, lived in France, is married to a French human, or just because. Whatever is your reason to consider a french name for your baby girl, there is something adorable in the way they sound and about the French culture. I included the names of some of my dearest friends from Paris, Anne Sylvie, Marcelline, Gemma, and Julie. And the name of my mother-in-law, Valentine. Taking by them, I wish your beloved little girl to be as darlings as they are!

Sweet Italian Girl Baby Names

1 Aida
5 Alessandra
2 Alessia
2 Alicia
3 Amalia
4 Angelica
5 Antonieta
6 Aurora
7 Beatrice
9 Bianca
8 Carlotta
9 Carmella
1 Chiara
2 Concetta
3 Elena
3 Elisa
4 Gemma
5 Emilia
6 Emma
4 Florence
7 Francesca
8 Gaia
9 Gia
8 Gianna
9 Giulia
1 Ilaria
2 Isabella
3 Juliana
4 Laura
8 Lara
4 Lucia
9 Luisa
5 Martina
9 Mia
6 Paola
6 Serena
7 Siena
8 Sofia
9 Valentina
1 Viola
2 Vitoria

Mamma mia! Pasta, wine, gelato, Armani! Italy is all about food and fashion but there is something sweet and loving about that culture, right? The same goes with the italian names. They sound strong and look adorable at the same time, as weird as it sounds!

Flower Baby Names

2 Amaryllis
3 Aste
4 Azalea
5 Blossom
6 Bluebell
7 Camellia
8 Capucine
9 Dahlia
0 Daisy
1 Daphne
2 Erica
3 Fleur
4 Flor
5 Flora
6 Hana
7 Hebe
8 Honesty
9 Hortensia
0 Hyacinth
1 Iris
2 Ivy
3 Jasmine
4 Kalmia
5 Lavender
6 Lilac
7 Lily
8 Lotus
9 Magnolia
0 Nerine
1 Nigella
2 Olive
3 Peony
4 Petal
5 Petunia
6 Poppy
7 Primrose
8 Rose
9 Rosie
1 Scilla
2 Tulipe
3 Verbena
4 Violet
5 Wedelia
6 Willow
7 Zahara
8 Zenobia

Flower baby names for girls and boys range from very popular like Lily and Rose to exotic like Kalmia and Hyacinth (everyone’s favorite Bridgerton sister!). So, if you wanna evoque some natural beauty into your offspring’s life, flower baby names are a great option.

Happy Feelings Baby Names

2 Bless
3 Bliss
4 Bubbly
5 Charity
6 Faith
7 Freedom
7 Gentle
8 Glad
9 Glory
3 Grace
0 Happy
1 Harmony
2 Honesty
3 Hope
4 Jaunty
5 Jolly
6 Joy
7 Kind
8 Love
9 Luck
0 Mercy
1 Peace
2 Sensibility
3 Serene
4 Serenity
5 Triumph
6 Trust
7 Unity
8 Vibrant
9 Victory or Victoria
0 Will
1 Zen

If you like unique cute names, what about these joyous emotions? I love the idea of calling a cute girl Bliss or Joy! I feel like when things get hard, she can think of her name and feel some comfort. Also, you’ll be evoquing positive things all day long just from calling her. And it’s very rare and unique because not many people are called Trust or Will!

Vintage & Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names

2 Amelia
3 Adelaide
4 Betty
4 Dorothy
1 Dot
5 Ethel
6 Edith
7 Gloria
5 Hilda
8 Judith
9 Phyllis
1 Margareth
2 Martha
3 Mabel
0 Sue
4 Theresa

Technically a vintage name is a name that was popular decades ago. And we know how names follow trends, right? If you love the sensibility of old times and everything related to antique and vintage aesthetic, you might like these vintage old fashioned baby names.

Lovely Disney Baby Names

1 Anna – Frozen
2 Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
3 Ariel – The Little Mermaid
4 Belle – The Beauty and The Beast
5 Bianca – The Rescuers
6 Dory – Finding Nemo
7 Elsa – Frozen
8 Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
9 Jasmine – Aladdin
1 Merida – Brave
2 Nala – The Lion King
3 Tiana – The Princess and The Frog

Oh, Disney characters. Princesses or not, I guess we all grew up with them and these ladies are fierce, brave, strong, determined, sweet, and lovable! I think they are very cute baby names for girls and a loving idea for parents who love Disney or to honor that special character that has a special meaning. We all have our favorite Disney movie that speaks to our heart or brings back tender comforting childhood memory.

Quiz On Baby Names

I tested 2 quizzes on baby names and they were quite fun! They have very similar structure but with different questions, of course. So if you’re into games, try both. In case there is a partner around, ask her or him to take the baby name quiz too and maybe you find your runner up! We never know the surprises life has for us! Oh, and on both quizzes you don’t have to give any personal information to get the results!

Brainfall Baby Name Generator

This baby name generator or quiz for baby names has 10 questions. They are more on the practical side, like: do you have pets? Will your child attend daycare? And so on. The page has a gazillion adds, which clearly I don’t like as you can see from our clean website, but the quizz takes less than 5 minutes and it’s fun. I got the name Aria which is actually the name my sister considered for her baby girl and definitely my favorite Game of Thrones character. So, taking it from my single experience, they are onto something…

ProProfs Quizzes What’s the perfect name for your baby?

Also 10 questions here and a bit less adds, so it’ was a less annoying experience for me. These quiz questions are mixed between very practical questions like the nursery color e more emotional ones like what would your dream baby look like? And they give you 2 options at the end, including middle name! I got Willow Thorne and River Mae. 100% names I’d go with because I have a hippie soul and I love names inspired by nature. I am trying to sell the name Snowflake to my fiance. My black fiance. If you know a black man, you know what I’m talking about!

Baby Names Books

Baby names books can be very useful and even relaxing, particularly for pregos who don’t enjoy reading on screens! I selected the top 2 bestselling books on baby names and they have very different approaches on how to find the perfect baby name! I didn’t read any of theses books, so the recommendations are based on readers reviews and bookstores ranking for top sellers.

The Complete Book Of Baby Names, by Lesley Bolton

The Complete Book Of Baby Names, by Lesley Bolton

Photo from Barnes & Noble

This #1 bestselling brings over 100,000 names! You’ll find characters lists, public figure names, meanings, nicknames, how to pair siblings, popular baby names, and a lot of name related things to entertain you! I wonder if they had North in it before Kimie (RIP)

Shop at :

The Baby Name Wizard Revised 4th Edition, by Laura Wattenberg

The Baby Name Wizard Revised 4th Edition, by Laura Wattenberg

Photo from Bookshop

“A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby”. With an appealing approach, this book is a favorite amongst younger moms. Basically it tries to let you know how you feel about the names so you can choose the right one for you! All science and research- based. We love that idea, of course, cause The Mood Guide is all about how things make you feel.

Shop at :

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎

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