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For most fashion-forward Millennial women, designer clothes are a serious commitment and an investment. More and more, savvy ladies are lowering their consumption, trying to buy less quantity and more quality. Having a cluttered closet with clothes you will never wear may still be the dream for some, but it is a nightmare for the modern-minimalist women. This lifestyle isn’t necessarily about money constrain. It is mainly about causing less damage to Earth. Also, buying vintage or second-hand is a great choice, that fulfills both purposes.

All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers and a cashmere sweater.”
Hubert de Givenchy

Of course, this “simple life” is not accessible to everyone. However, let’s make sure we are not judging the women who buy fast fashion, or the ones who collects designer clothes. Each person lives its own reality and as long as no harm is being made, we are stronger when we don’t fight for different opinions.

So, if you wanna invest in high-quality clothes, that may pass on to generations, from brands that value human craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong by following Monsieur Givenchy tips!

We selected the 6 most iconic basic pieces a classy chic modern woman can have:

1. Burberry Trench Coat
2. Giorgio Armani Suit: Jacket + Trousers
3. Loro Piana Cashmere Sweater
4. Hugo Boss Virgin Wool and Cashmere Sweater
5. Givenchy Studded Leather Boots

Maybe you will have to take care of your designer clothes as if they were a person? Maybe. Because of their noble fabric, they will require special cleaning. But it will be worth it!

Burberry Trench Coat, the Icon of designer clothes

Photo Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

The Burberry Trench Coat is the queen-mother of all coats.

They come in different lengths, colors, and fabrics, from cotton to cashmere and leather . So, not only they have the perfect fit, but they are versatile for every season, style, and body shape.

It is an iconic piece, worth the 100 y.o. hype and every penny.

The Mid-length Kensington Heritage

Giorgio Armani Jacket

Photo Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani suits have an impeccable fit, so if you are or wanna feel like a powerful boss, they have an option for your style!

The jackets and the trousers are sold separately so you can make a mix & match perfect for your style!

They have a big variety of jackets, all crafted with noble fabrics.

Single Breasted Jacket in Wool

Average price: $2,900.00
Get yours before it’s gone:

Giorgio Armani Trousers, the basic of designer clothes

The Armani trousers are just as fail-proof as the jackets, so I will save your reading time!

But really, you know when your pants seamstress open at the hips? It won’t happen with this one.

Slim-fit trousers in stretch wool

Average price: $1,195.00
Get yours before it’s gone:

Loro Piana Cashmere Sweater, the exclusive

Photo Courtesy of Farfetch

The rise of fast fashion has put some pressure on cashmere chain production, creating ethical and sustainable issues for the industry. It is a controversial theme. So if it bothers you, you can buy second-hand or made of recycled fibers pieces, like Stella Mccartney , reducing the impact!

Cashmere is the most premium wool you can put on your body and Loro Piana is the most exclusive traditional brand manufacturing it.

Maybe you never heard of them, but Loro Piana has been worn by European Royalty and aristocracy for decades.

They have a huge variety of models, with the price ranging from $980.00 to over $20,000.00.

Piuma Classic Turtleneck cashmere sweater

Average price: $980.00
Get yours before it’s gone:

Hugo Boss Virgin Wool and Cashmere Sweater

Photo Courtesy of Hugo Boss

A *good* wool sweater will hug you for falls and winters to come.

The Hugo Boss one was curated by Caro Daur and is crafted with wool and luxurious soft cashmere, giving it some extra power.

It is available from sizes XS to XL.

Average price: $645.00
Get yours before it’s gone:

Givenchy Studded Leather Boots

Monsieur Givenchy didn’t mention studded boots but I could not leave it off this list.

Made with leather and metal studs, the modern boot is hyped since its creation, and it is a timeless casual piece.

Average price: $1,395.00
Get yours before it’s gone:

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