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A baby is the greatest luxury in the life of those who love it, be it the mother, godmother, father, grandparents or family friend. Expensive and luxury baby gifts are certainly something that everyone would like to afford if they could. But if you’re here reading this post, it’s probably because you can give the high-quality and unique gift that the beloved baby in your life deserves.

Spending a relatively big amount of money on a luxury baby gift may seem silly for some people, but as a mother, today I understand that it is not. Such a small and delicate being, with super sensitive skin, deserves to be hugged by the best, highest quality fabric, and start to feel what this world has to offer with the best.

The best touch on the skin and the best quality of everything: from a gold bracelet to keep for the rest of their life as a reminder of how unique and special their birth was to a luxurious little shoe to hug with tenderness and ultimate softness those ultra delicate little feet.

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Luxury baby Girl and boy gifts

There are a few things every baby needs and I will organize this gifts list thinking about them. They are: Clothing, gear, toys, and bath and skin stuff. I took a few hours to find only unique and luxe stuff that would make the more demanding and sophisticated mother happy. The luxury baby gifts below are for preppy babies, from newborn to 2 years old.

Luxury Gear Gifts

Baby gear is necessary for a more practical and easier motherhood.
We must thank technology and product designers for inventing them, and there are a few that are so useful and special in their beauty, quality, and utility that are worth the high tags. See below if any of these luxury baby gears is what you are looking for.

1- This versatile luxe stroller wagon is a dream gift for any big family with a lot of kids. It folds easily and holds up to 4 passengers. Designed for babies and kids 6+ months old.

2- Canadian brand Posh Baby & Kids creates this amazing, cool, fun, and chic convertible 6 in one Stroller that is practical, elegant, and fun for 7 months to 5-year-old children

3- A Luxe blanket and basket set

High End Designer Clothing & Accessories

We can’t think about luxury without immediately associating with high-end and ultra-desired designer brands. Here are a few picks.

4- A Versace sweatshirt dress with the luxurious Versace brand aesthetic that will put any baby girl in the spotlight and evoke the mood of a little precious treasure.

5- Luxury Versace sweater for extravagant moms who like to show high-end brand logos in white and gold. Perfect for a little baby queen.

6 – Embroidered Stella Maccartey kids bibs that are luxurious, exclusive, and of course, very useful for any baby.

7- Hugo Boss Baby Bottles for that mom who collects luxury branded stuff.

8- A Sherpa Hooded Snowsuit for baby girl from Burberry

9 – I can’t even put into words how cute is these little baby boy Fendi jeans.

10 – For the trendy baby, metallic is the latest trend in the fashion industry, and this luxe unisex puffer jacket from SAM. will make little baby super in (and expensive).

11 – If you know a family who never misses a snow winter trip and are parents to a baby girl, this snow jacket with a little skirt from Moncler is just something else.

12– Another logomania gift, tiny and sweet Dolce&Gabbana leather sneakers


Luxury cashmere things for babies deserved an entire session just for it. Cashmere represents ultimate cozy comfy sophistication and luxury, and ultimate comfort is what every mom wishes for their babies. So if you can afford anything Cashmere for a little one, just go for it, it will certainly be appreciated by both parents and baby and is undoubtedly an upscale present.

13100% cashmere gift set including a blanket, cardigan, jogger, booties and a beanie. Also available in blue and pink.

14– A coverall is always a useful gift for a baby in the first year. This pink cashmere coverall will just take utility, softness, and comfort to another level.

15– Blankies are a common baby gift, cashmere blankies though are just for very unique babies.


Children in general love toys. They are great for imagination and development. Some toys are so incredibly made, with great design plus scientifically thought interactions for baby development, that they can be added to the luxury category. No just because they own a high-value brand label, but because they actually deserve that high value.

16– a Ralph Lauren preppy and super soft Teddy bear

17- A very smart, aesthetic, and playful Arc playset that will be a veritable option of fun for many years.

18– When an activity table is much more than a table to sit and draw, but also a sensory space for children ages 1 to 9 and includes a reversible brick skin for LEGO® and Duplo® blocks, dry erase friendly rable rop 2 canvas string-tied organizer pouches and is also made from non-toxic premium birch hardwood, it can be considered a very luxe gift.

19– Likely the most luxurious baby buddy in the market, this Wool-knit Burberry Teddy Bear

20- A large activity center that will make a baby in development have a hard time getting bored.

21- The most wonderful and complete little kitchen.

📸 Arc Playset l Maisonette
📸 Little Creator Table l Maisonette

Luxury gift box & sets for newborn baby

Gift boxes are very special. I like them because it feels like the person who is giving the gift gave it an extra thought by choosing something especially elaborate. The look and feel of a gift box is also very luxe-like, giving an impression that money wasn’t a problem. Below are a few expensive, special, and unique luxury gift boxes. Some of them can even personalize a few items

22– Available in blue and pink, this Ralph Lauren set really screams a luxury look and feel.

23- A gorgeous and chic Chloé box with gorgeous luxe pajama footie and beanie

24Polo Ralph Lauren gift set that includes a coverall, a beanie hat, and booties that are all detailed with scalloped trim to dress a tiny little newborn prince charming.

luxury ralph lauren gift set for baby
Ralph Lauren Gift Set
Ralph Lauren Gift Set

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