Yes, I love taking care of my baby, but truth be told, as a stay home mom without a babysitter, sometimes I need some time for myself, whether to eat something, go to the bathroom or write here on the blog.

Today she is 7 months old, and the good news for moms who haven’t gotten there yet is that from the fifth month onwards the baby starts to entertain herself.

Maya has 3 toys that I take turns with each other and give me 1 hour of focus until she gets tired of playing alone and calls me. Of course, I always stay around and keep an eye on her!

Non-toxic play mat

An interactive mat I use to stimulate tummy time (since she always hated tummy time the rug with big colorful designs helps a lot).

She practices her rolling moves and attempts to crawl. I also love that it allows the baby to learn the alphabet early and having fun.

Baby Gym:

That’s what works the most, as there are so many things hanging, she stays there for a long time, talking (in her own baby language) with the little animals over her head or trying to pull them out of place. This one from Amazon is so beautiful and affordable.

Baby Ball Pit:

We got this as a gift and it’s great too. We fill up with toys and cushions for protection and she’s distracted by the colors of the balls and snuggled in a fenced and fun spot. If you want to match the pool with the decor, you can find deluxe models on Amazon. I prefer the colorful ludic version, I think is more fun to her.

What about you mamas, any tips?

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