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Flower Aesthetics IN THIS ARTICLE

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02 Pink

03 Yellow

04 Sunflower

Flower aesthetics are one of the most democratic aesthetics because each color will speak to a style and evoke different emotions. No wonder so many design movements use flowers: shabby chic, vintage 70s, grandmillenial, cottagecore, and boho, just to name the most popular ones. Also, flowers became a tender gesture of love, femininity, and affection. We understand that red roses are romantic while yellow sunflowers are cheerful. We send flowers to show support, to ask for forgiveness, to celebrate. Each color and type of flower has a special meaning and they can even define the mood of an entire wedding, dinner party, and hotel lobby. Therefore, there is a flower aesthetic for every mood and occasion in our lives.

So, this is a sensorial post. You’ll dive deep into the most popular flower aesthetics pictures and images by color. I write as little as possible, so your raw emotions can connect to your favorite flower aesthetic. It’s a great way to find what sparks joy in your heart. Whichever aesthetic captures your attention in a positive way, try to incorporate as much of it in your daily life. You can turn your favorite flower aesthetic into a wallpaper background, save flower pictures to your mood board, buy floral dinnerware, make bouquets to decorate your house, print flower line art for your wall, wear floral outfits, start a garden, gift yourself with a floral sofa, and so on. The opposite is also true. If some flower aesthetic doesn’t sit well with you, step away from it.

The Flower Aesthetic: cottagecore; grandmillenial; vintage 70s; shabby chic; westeria walls; flower fields; dreams; romance; picnic baskets; gardening; delicate clothes; kindness; second chances; rebirth after the rain; flower fields; flowy dresses & bike rides; chamomille tea; roses; trip to lavender field at Aux-en-Provence; sunflower; tulips.

Of course, we feel naturally driven into flower aesthetics during Spring. However, because of the pandemic, specialists are foreseeing dopamine dressing as a huge trend beyond Spring. It’s happening already (Oscar de la Renta’s fall/winter collection was all about flowers), but Overall, the flower aesthetic can be a powerful mood enhancer year-round if you focus on the right color for your needs. The flower aesthetic is about the joy of rebirth, the blooming of a new life after the dark and the rain. It’s about hope and second chances. It’s about nurturing love and care. The flower aesthetic is positive and cheerful.

At the end of this post, I hope you can see yourself as the most precious flower in your garden and give yourself only gentle words and kindness.

Purple Flower Aesthetic

Aesthetic Purple Flowers



? Pinterest


? Pinterest


? Pinterest


? Pinterest


? Plant4Home


? Garden.org


Purple Effect

According to the Colour Therapy Healing website, purple is a cool calming color associated with healing and recovery. And because nature is flawless, think about the soothing effect of lavender essential oils and teas, for example. So, if you’re feeling stressed or having a hard time sleeping, consider including some purple flower aesthetic in your life. But step away from it if you’re feeling depressed.

Pink Flower Aesthetic

Aesthetic Pink Flowers


pink tulips
? Pinterest


Calla Lily

pink Calla Lily
? American Meadows



pink peonies
? Whole Blossoms

Butterfly Bush Pink Delight 


pink roses
? Pinterest


Pink Effect

According to the Very Well Mind website, different shades of pink evoke different reactions. Soft hues of pink like blush and light pink are associated with calmness, joy, femininity, and romance. A lot of it is related to the use of this color in our culture, so our brains make an instant association. On the other hand, hot pink sparks the opposite reactions, sparking more energy and agitation. Overall, pink comes from red, which is a powerful color. So, if you wanna add some romantic vibes to your life or get in touch with your feminine and girly side, you can go for a floral pink perfume, wear pink floral girly clothes, use a pink cute mug, decorate with pink flower bouquets, prepare a bath with pink rose petals, and so on.

Yellow Flower Aesthetic

Aesthetic Yellow Flowers


yellow tulip
? Pinterest

Gerbera Daisy


Yellow Butterfly Bush

? wilsonbrosgardens.com

Sun ball Craspedia

? High Mowing Seeds


? Pinterest

Butterfly Bush Pink Delight 

? gardenista.com


? Pinterest


? American Meadows

Yellow Effect

According to the Colour Therapy Healing website, yellow is the color of self-worth. Also, according to this article on the Very Well Mind website, yellow is a happy color associated with positivity and optimism and can be used to improve your mood. So, if the yellow flower aesthetic sound appealing to you, make sure you have some yellow flower in your home.

Sunflower Aesthetic

Aesthetics Related To Sunlowers:

In response to the unfortunate Ukraine war, the sunflower has been used as a symbol of aid and support to the Ukrainian population. According to @urbanstems, “the sunflower is s Ukraine’s national flower and it stands for strength, loyalty, and endurance; a worthy testament to its people”. @urbanstems has a list on their Instagram of organizations working to provide aid and support to Ukrainians suffering from the attacks.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Imagine all the people
Livin’ life in peace

Imagine, John Lennon

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