The Cutest Play Tents for Girls & Boys IN THIS ARTICLE

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I love how cozy playhouses are! They can be made of plastic, wood, be a playhouse tent, a teepee, or even a canopy for babies. It’s as if the kid entered a particular universe built in their size. In this post, I list the cutest play tents for girls and boys from babies to toddlers and big kids, who love typical girly stuff like princesses, flowers, unicorns, rainbows, pink, and fairytales. Also, we are featuring only play tents that don’t have a warning for California Proposition 65 for harmful chemicals. After all, canvas play tents are likely to stay indoors and we would never have it for our little Maya. So we won’t suggest it for anybody else’s kid as well!

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I already made a very complete post on girly plastic and wood playhouses for outdoors and indoors. There I cover all bases from comparing materials for outdoor playhouses and parent’s favorite playhouses for toddlers and kids to the cutest makeover inspiration plus tips from Instagram, and some cute girly playhouse accessories, toys, and furniture that will turn fairytale dream real! I’ve never had a playhouse growing up, so I guess writing about it seems much more fun than talking to my therapist!

Lovely Indoor Playhouse Tents

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Unicorn Play Tent

Indoor use – Assembly required

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Unicorn Play Tent for girls

Photo from Maisonette

Oh, the unicorn life! All the whimsical involved with this make-believe little horse! This cotton canvas play tent is shaped like a cute little house, has a sturdy wood frame, cute lateral mesh windows, and the roll-up front door with Mr. Unicorn itself. The interior is completely blank, but all the outside walls have lovely flowers, butterflies, and garden prints in pink and grey.

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Dimensions: 43.3″ H x 43.3″ W x 49″ D

Pillowfort Unicorn & Rainbows Play Tent

Indoor use – Assembly required

Photo from Target

I’ll sum up the parents’ reviews for this play tent: big for the price, beautiful, easy to assemble, and kids are putting themselves to sleep in it. And we know the latter matters more than anything else! Maybe it’s the unicorn magical, maybe it’s the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever it is, this is the cheapest play tent on this list and it leaves nothing behind!

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Dimensions: 60″H x 52″W x 52″D

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Dream Cottage Play Tent in Pink

Indoor use – Assembly required

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Dream Cottage Play Tent for girls in Pink

Photo from Maisonette

Is it just me or you also get a Sleeping Beauty Aurora mood from this cottage play tent? I can almost see the fairy godmothers fighting over the color of the birthday cake. I was and still am #teampinkcake, of course! This adorable playhouse tent is made of cotton canvas with detailed painting and appliqué of delicate flowers, windows, and decor on every wall, inside and the outside. It has a lovely tiffany blue doormat and meshes windows with two doors. The front door can be rolled up and the lateral wall opens completely, so kids can play and breathe! Finally, the structure is a sturdy metal frame and it has enough room for play furniture and a few kids.

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Dimensions: 50″H x 50″W x 38″D

Whimsical Play Tents Pop Up & Teepee

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Gold Starbust Pop-Up Play Tent

Indoor use – Assembly NOT required

Wonder & Wise by Asweets Gold Starbust Pop-Up Play Tents for girls

Photo from Maisonette

There is a lot of pop-up play tents for sale online. However, of all the reviews I read, this one seems to be the only one that actually pops up! It’s very practical because you can easily put it away and have it back up. Also, the golden stars are dream-ready!

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Dimensions: 47.2″ H x 47.2″ W x 83.8″ D

E&E Cotton and Tulle Pink Teepee Play Tents For Girls and Boys

Indoor use – Assembly NOT required

E&E Cotton and Tulle Pink Play Tent Teepee for girls and boys

Photo from Maisonette

E&E teepees made a name for themselves and they live up to it! The pink play tent in the picture comes with tulle tie back doors, has four wooden poplar rods, and is delivered assembled. And this is one of many cute play tents designed by this Louisiana momma. Yes, E&E is a female-owned small business and all the teepees are ethically handmade in the USA after you order them. That means no waste, and no extra cost for storing so she can invest in premium materials like the OEKO-TEX certified Pima cotton used in this tent! But don’t worry, a momma is running this business, so they’ll ship it to you in a week! Also, they have marvelous matching padded play mattresses, that fit perfectly in the teepee and are made with the same quality for those dreamed naps!

It can be used outside, but it must be stored inside, sheltered from rain, snow, and excessive sun!

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Dimensions: 66″ H x 41″ W x 41″ D

HABA Rose Fairy Play Tent

Indoor use – Assembly required

Photo from AlbeeBaby

Now, if you live with a little fairy at home, who would spend more time in the flower garden than inside, and loves Thinkerbell more than she loves Peter Pan, this is her play tent. The rose garlands plus the mesh sheer windows and door in pink give it the ultimate fairytale look and I can’t get over it.

You can get the small version at Target

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Dimensions: 59.1″ X 70.9″

DockATot La Vie en Rose Luxury Play Tent Teepee

Indoor use – Assembly NOT required

DockATot La Vie en Rose Luxury Play Tent Teepee for girls and boys

Photo from DockATot

DockATot is already famous for its premium baby docks, but their collection of teepees leave nothing behind! Made in Greece of 100% canvas cotton, solid rattan, and genuine leather this luxurious play tent has a window, door, and interior pocket. It’s available in 5 incredible patterns and comes assembled, so you just pop and play! I love the rose garden and how it feels joyful. Think of all the enchanted dreams your little one will dream in there. Definitely, it’s pricy and any $50 teepee will make your baby just as happy, but I couldn’t possibly leave this one out! You can get the matching padded matress and the zen pillow separately! And if you are putting together the ultimate floral nursery, they have the matching Deluxe+ Dock.

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Dimensions: 68.9″ H x 43.3″ W x 43.3″ D

Final thoughts

I’m a big supporter of any activity that encourages kids’ individuality and free play. And play tents are playful and fun for boys and girls at any age. They encourage open-end play, creativity, organization, basic life skills, and independence for little toddlers and big kids. Also, they can stay under the stairs or take some prime real state in your living room or the kid’s bedroom. You can have a play tent in the backyard or have an entire playroom decorated around it. What really matters is that dreams and cozyness will blossom in there!

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