Hi! I’m Lara, Maya’s mom, creative, traveler and TV show addicted.

Welcome to my ¨blogshop¨ .

Ok, Let me explain you better.

Why not just a blog or a shop?

I am a graphic designer, and much of my work has been writing for web and UX design for e-commerce. That means that I love blogs, I love creating online stores, and I love to shop online. However, going against the tide, the algorithms of the big online stores don’t work well for me, for one simple reason: I am an eclectic person.

Shopping according to my mood

Sometimes I love boho stuff, other days I feel good about looking more cute and inocent wearing soft pastel and pink tones, and there are days when I like to feel powerful – reckless, and go for a more Rock n Roll style.

The problem is: I always get lost in online searches, because the recommendation algorithms always take me to more of the same, and keep me from discovering totally new things that I don’t even know I like.

So, it’s hard to find special, beautiful, and exciting products with good reviews and organized by styles (which I prefer to call mood). It also sucks to to go to Amazon, Pinterest, Target, Wall Mart and other 1000 different sites and loose so much time. And especially, it’s hard to surprise me!

The Blog shop

So I decided to curate and organize quality content from the best retailers online. I told myself: I would like a site where products were curated by styles, moods, look and feel, lifestyle or archetypes. A place with only quality products with great reviews, with a range of products selected by real people, by someone that I identify with. And that’s how I found myself creating the Mood Guide.

I could have created just one store with the products I curate, but then I thought it would be very plastered, and I couldn’t exercise my passion: write my opinion and express why I believe that a product is worth it, even if I have not bought it. If I put something here, it is because it is very well rated and because for some practical or emotional reason (that I usually write about on the posts) I would love to have it!

How does this site help you?

I just hope that it will be an alternative for women to find good products that are tied not only to their needs but also to their mood at the moment. I only endorse or promote a product that I would purcahse and that I would enthusiastically promote to my best friend.

I am also a new mom and I think it would be nice to share all that I am learning from this whole new world. So, this is not only a place for selling, but also a place for sharing


The Moods

There are so many moods, styles, archetypes, lifestyle, personalties, identities, or whatever you rather call  a pattern of images and symbols that a group of person identify with. So, go to the menu, choose what you want, like in any e-commerce and filter the posts by mood.

Simple ?, minimalist, Romantic,  Sexy, Glamorous,  Geek,  Wise, whitchy,   heroic, adventurous, creative and more.