Why Bringing new human beings into this world is a good thing.

I don’t know in your social cycle, but among my millennial friends and even myself before I had a child, the opinion was almost unanimous: ¨I don’t want to bring another human being into this dangerous and chaotic world¨ or ¨the planet can’t take any more people¨.

Yes, we know that we are in the midst of a climate crisis and that the biggest cause of all this is the mass consumption. Polluted seas and oceans, animals going extinct, the air getting harder and harder to breathe, the temperature of the planet going to extremes. And whose fault is that? of the human being, of course. So, why put more people in the world?

When I was pregnant I tortured myself with this question until I came across some news of one more Kardashian having another child, and a few weeks later I came across the news of some millionaire Arab sheik who had more than 20 kids.

My thought was: ¨there we go, a bunch more ultra-consumer humans to destroy the planet. Who is going to save our planet in the future? ¨.And it was exactly in this question that I had my answer: WHO will save?

If on one hand we have people destroying, on the other hand we need people to innovate and find solutions to save. Let’s be realistic here: imagine if all eco-conscious people decide not to have children. Who will save the planet and the future? Kardashians will continue to consume like there is no tomorrow and encourage their children and fans to do so, and so will Arab shakes, as will all other millionaires and billionaires who don’t give a shit about the future of the planet.

That being said, I see our children, the kids of Millenials who are followers of conscientious consumption, as hope, as saviors, as balance. The children of a millennial middle-class generation that was the fruit of the digital transition and grew up with so much information and so much education on how to make the world a better place.

I believe our children are an opportunity to transform the planet.

Educating our children with love and utmost respect for nature, compassion for others and creativity can make the world lighter, more fun and safer.

And I end my reflection with this sentence that filled me with hope (I recently read in a book, but I don’t remember the author).

¨We should think not of leaving a better planet for our children, but better children for our planet.¨

And with this one from the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore


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