The Best Decor Stores List: Rustic Farmhouse Mood

Welcome to the Adventurous Mood: Farmhouse Decor. This guide has a list of unique furniture and decor stores that explore rustic, simple, natural aesthetic/look and a welcoming, explorer feel/mood. So, no matter where you live, you can feel like being in an authentic farmhouse!

Life on a farm is vigorous and also revigorating. Feeding the animals, chopping wood, hauling horses, fencing, shoveling snow, harvesting. The demanding hard work clears the mind because farm shores require us to be fully present. It makes us push our boundaries. Horseback riding, lighting the fireplace, watching the starry sky, respecting the moon cycles. Rustic farmhouse decor is recharging. Nature’s elements like wood and simple organic forms are comforting and recharging. The connection with nature is immediately rewarding. Its gift? We step out of our comfort zone to get things done for ourselves. Because we can’t negotiate with nature we develop skills to adapt, then we grow.

? If the landscape above resonates with you, your adventurous soul may be calling! Explore our Adventurous Mood Guide and discover amazing outdoor clothing brands, exotic international food baskets, authentic artists, modern farmhouse decor, and more. If you are a mom and you love nature’s aesthetic and activities, search our Adventure Mood-Baby & Kids Guide. ?

Farmhouse Furniture & Decor Stores

Farmhouse decor highlights the practical, simple, organic shaped, and natural elements from a farmhouse and is the most hyped decor trend lately.

To bring this aesthetic home, think about the combination of elements that pleases you! If you prefer more whites or more color. Dark wood or light wood. You’re the guide.

Your house is your ultimate experimenting space, where you can try and learn new things and only you (and people who live with you) get to be the judge of that.

The Mood Guide Trailblazers

It’s not up to me (or anyone) to give you decor rules. Our job is to provide inspiration and try to connect you with the emotions a certain type of aesthetic may unleash!

Blue Rock Barn

Founded by a young couple (and their dogs, of course) right before the pandemic started, Blue Rock Barn has an outstanding rustic farmhouse decor and furniture selection. If you wanna support small businesses, please go get lost on their site. Their curation is impeccably charming and rustic, like a traditional American grandma’s farmhouse would be (can you smell the homemade strawberry jam?). Also, they have a decor subscription box. Finally, cuddles to the farmhouse bathroom decor section, cause that’s hard to find!


Made in USA Farmhouse Light Fixtures – Rusty Decor Accents – Farmer’s Market Accessories – Metal Farmhouse Wall Decor…

Ballard Designs

The Atlanta store is home to exotic design, maximalist pieces, and unique taste. Also, you’ll find rustic farmhouse decor and furniture for the entire house and outdoors.


LNC Home

You’ll find some traditional rustic furniture and rugs but the farmhouse lighting is the real treasure! Just imagine a rustic farmhouse light fixture: wood drum pendant light? Farmhouse vanity light? Wheel farmhouse chandelier? Linear rustic wood pendant? Rustic Antler? You name it, they have it! They also have plenty of modern farmhouse lighting. Make sure you are comfortably settled by the fire before heading to their website because you’ll be there for a while!


Rustic Farmhouse Lighting – Farmhouse Vanity Light – Hemp Rope – Linear Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light-Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier…

Plow and Heart

On the market for over 40 years and specialist in garden and outdoor, this traditional American store knows a thing or two about nature. Not only that, but they have a good selection of sturdy rustic farmhouse decor and furniture.


Homestead City Dwelling

Black woman-owned small business alert. April Uribé created her online decor store after her exquisite farmhouse decor Instagram, where she shares gorgeous pictures of her impeccable home. Be ready for inspiring greenery and cute farmhouse decor for every room. Extra points for her adorable toddler boys.


Farmhouse Kitchen Decor – Rustic Decor – Farmhouse Decor Ideas…
?? Unusual Stores to Find The Best Modern Farmhouse Decor

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎

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