The Best & Cutest Water Shoes for Toddlers Girl (Summer 2021)

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Are you gearing up for mermaid season? Cute and good water shoes for toddlers girl are your summer best friend right after chilled rosé! Why? Because rosé is the best summer drink! ? But we are here for the cute toddler water shoes! As much as barefoot is super healthy, some environments call for foot protection. Hopefully, your little unicorn princess will spend a lot of playtime around the water, from the backyard splash sprinkler to ponds, lakes, and ocean. And we know toddlers. They have their moods. ♥︎

For each situation, there is a more appropriate type of water shoe to protect your toddler from blisters, cuts, and falls; to keep your little toddler girl’s feet comfy, not smelly, and ready to go.

The Mood Guide Mermaids

There are a few amazing trusty brands in the market and some absolute mom’s favorites water shoes that keep the fun going summer after summer. Also, we love how cute they look in matching summer clothes!

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We know your little princess will outgrow her summer shoes before fall, so the least we expect is shoes that keep up at least until the end of the season, no matter what they are used for! So, we don’t feature shady disposable brands here, ok? Only the best water shoes for toddlers girl summer-approved by moms: breathable, comfy, resistant, quick-drying, non-slippery, and, of course, absolutely cute. As usual, from the quality and safety perspective, we don’t suggest anything our little Maya wouldn’t wear!

So pack up all the flamingos, rainbows, mermaids, and unicorns, and let’s find the perfect water shoes for your princess!

The Cutest Closed-Toe Water Shoes for Toddlers Girl

Here are mom’s ultimate closed toe water shoes for toddlers from first walkers to marathon champions. From super light aqua socks to be used in pools to super resistant, yet flexible, rubber soles waterproof shoes.

i play Pink Toddler Water Shoes For Summer

i play Pink Water Shoes For Toddlers cutest baby shoes summer water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from buybuyBaby

These aqua socks are non-slippery, have UPF 50+ sun protection, and do not use toxic dyes like formaldehyde and azo dye.

It’s less resistant than rubber soles water shoes, so if you have a very active toddler on a very rocky area, you may need a backup.

Shop at :

i play. by green sprouts no-slip pink water shoes for toddlers

i play. by green sprouts no-slip pink water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from buybuyBaby

These water shoes are a more resistant rubber sole alternative to bare aqua socks.

They have quick-dry neoprene uppers and traction-engaging rubber soles. They are great for non-rocky beach trips!

Speedo Toddler Tidal Cruise Toddler Water Shoes for Summer

Speedo Toddler Tidal Cruise Water Shoes for summer cuter water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Speedo

This one may not be the cutest, but Speedo water shoes are one of the best, so the pink ankle won a place here!

From Speedo website: “Mesh construction delivers ventilation and faster drying time, while the easy slip-on design offers a secure fit.” And a lot of satisfied moms agree!

Shop at :

Rainbow Summer Water Shoes For Toddlers

Carters Rainbow Summer cute Water Shoes For Toddlers water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Carter’s

These joyful rainbow water shoes for toddlers girls are a bestseller! They have a comfy padded insole, an easy hook-and-loop strap, and are water-resistant! And the rainbow stripes are super cute!

According to mom’s reviews, they perform beautifully from swimming classes to river strings, from first walkers to speedy toddler, so there you go!

Shop at :

Merrell Bare Steps H2O Sneakers

Pink Merrell bare steps h2O sneakers cute water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Merrell

Several moms put these shoes daily on their toddlers, especially on first walkers, even if there is no water involved!

Moms love the flexible soles, the ease of wash, comfortable insole, wide toe box, and breathable upper. Also, it’s made of recycled material and is quick-drying! So, there you go!

Shop at :

Adidas Minnie Mouse Pink Water Shoes for Toddlers Girl

Photo from Babyshop

This is my absolute favorite for cuteness!

Plus de Adidas Performance quality, with cushioned insoles, velcro closure and anti-grip soles!

It’s Minnie Mouse Land :
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Native Glitter Waterproof Slip-On Sneaker

Native Glitter waterproof slip-on cute water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Nordstrom

If you prefer the PETA-certified vegan version (no glitter), you can find it here .

Did you say cute glitter water shoes for toddlers girl?

Native Shoes are famous for having a comfy and ultralightweight EVA construction. They are shock absorbent, waterproof, odor-resistant, and 100% diva material!

The Cutest Lightweight Water Shoes for Hiking

Good toddler water shoes for hiking are designed to transition seamlessly from the trail to the water. In free translation, it means that you won’t have to negotiate a shoe change between snacks, dirty diapers, bugs, and carrier loads! That will make any fairy hunting way more fun!

And what makes high-quality toddler water shoes for hiking? Quick-drying, grip soles, breathable, easy to wash, easy to put-on, closed-toes, and comfortable. What makes them extra special? Non-trace grip shoes, machine washable, and any technology that prevents stink.

Stride Rite Made2play® Phibian Sneaker Sandal

pink stride rite water shoes for hiking cutest water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Stride Rite

These cuties are moms’ favorite! Easy to put on, comfy on toddlers feet (we know how emotional they are), and very easy to clean!

Actually, they are 100% machine washable! Finally, the lining has antimicrobial treatment that prevents odor.

Shop at :

Columbia Techsun Wave Sandal For Toddlers Girl

Pink Columbia water shoes for hiking cutest water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Columbia

Also available in Little Kids and Big Kids sizes!

One of mom’s favorites for outdoor play, little hikes, beach, and lake excursions.

The upper is mesh and leather, making it sturdy and breathable. The midsole is cushioned for comfort and no-traction rubber sole to keep everyone on their feet.

Real moms reviews are raving. They say the Columbia Techsun is easy to wash, easy to put on and off, no stinky, comfortable, and resistant.

Gear up beautifully :

Keen Toddlers’ Newport H2 Water Shoes for Girls

Pink keen newport h2 cutest water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Keen

These are the best-rated water shoes for toddlers on Keen’s website. And why moms love it?

They are: easy to put on, machine washable, quick-drying material, resistant, anatomically engineered to be comfortable, and the grippy soles are non-marking.

Very Cute Water Sandals for Toddlers Girl

They have pretty much the same use as closed water shoes, but they have a more open design and are more breathable. A few models are completely open sandals and others will have a closed-toe. It’s up to you and your little girl level of comfort!

Adidas Altaventure Water Sandals For Toddlers

Adidas Altaventure Water Sandals For Toddlers cutest baby shoes water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from DSW

♥︎You can find it in infant size here!

From the DSW website: “This sandal features quick-drying fabric upper and Velcro closure that offer sock-like fit and plush footbed that cradles her foot in comfort.”

Teva Hurricane XLT Water Shoes For Toddlers

Teva Hurricane XLT Water Shoes For Toddlers cutest water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Teva

Teva Hurricane shoes are a cult for vegan footwear! The webbing is made from recycled plastic and it’s quick-drying. The insole is cushioned and they perform beautifully from hiking to the playground to water activities!

Shop at :

Columbia Techsun Vent Sandal For Toddlers Girl

Columbia techsun vent sandal pink cute water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Columbia

Also available in Little Kids and Big Kids sizes!

The Vent sandals get this name because they have vented soles to drain water. The synthetic leather upper is quick-drying, the midsole is cushioned, and the rubber sole has advanced traction.

The double velcro straps offer a better fit from narrow to wide feet!

Keen Toddlers’ Stingray Sandals

keen stingray sandals lavender cute water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Keen

Another major mom’s favorite, like pretty much anything from Keen’s!

And who can say it better than an active toddler’s mom?

“This is my 2-year-old daughter’s favorite shoes. Here is what we love about them in no particular order:

1. Quality in 30 days with everyday wear, the soles still look amazing, still lots of grip, the bed of the foot is just fine, no seams are broken, and the fabric-like material on top has not sun-bleached or worn.

2.  Softness/ flexibility yet durable: She wears no socks with these shoes and has sensitive skin, they leave no marks. The sole of this shoe is incredibly forgiving. I am an advocate for barefoot and feel this does does a great job of protecting a foot but allowing feel.

3. Excellent toe protection
4. The colors are super fun.
5. She can put them on and off herself!
6. They do not stink when they get wet and dry multiple times.
7. The sole does not get overly slippery when she gets them wet so her foot does not slip around” Review by Kenna, on, 08/11/20

Shop at :

Cutest Waterproof Nike Sandals for Toddlers Girl

Nike Sunray Adjust 5 V2 Sandals for Toddler Girls

Pink nike sunray adjust 5 v2 cute  water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Nike

Also available in fuchsia & purple here and here!

For active princesses!

From the Nike website: “The Nike Sunray Adjust 5 is built to keep up with little ones in water, on land, or wherever adventure takes them. The quick-dry design has a strap on top and behind the heel to keep it from slipping off. Lightweight, flexible foam provides durable cushioning that lasts.”

Nike Sunray Protect 2 Sandals for Toddlers Girls

Pink Nike sunray protect 2 sandals cute water shoes for toddlers girl

Photo from Nike

Also available in pink here!

From the Nike website: “Get your little ones outside in the Nike Sunray Protect 2 Sandal, featuring total toe coverage and outsole traction perfect for outdoor play. Hook-and-loop straps make on and off easy, while openings on top promote airflow when little feet get hot.”


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