Savvy & Cute home office ideas for her who loves glam but is on a budget

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the home office life is real and it is about time to get yourself a functional, comfortable, and glamorous work environment. However, the struggle is also real, but we will not let it get between you and the life you deserve. Home office ideas for her

Therefore if you are on a very limited budget, priorities are your spiritual guide now! And because we know how hard it can be to set priorities, this post has a suggested priority list, focused on comfort and functionality to improve your work-life for under $300.00! Of course, the products we curated are also gorgeous, glamorous, and functional!

You can follow our lead or create your own list and plan your shopping according to it!

01. How to glam-up on a budget

Define the Budget: How much are you willing to spend? Whatever your budget is, stick to it, Honor the effort you put into making money, and shop right! Shop what you love, what is going to improve your work life, create an inspiring creative space that energizes you to thrive!

Measure the space: Measure every corner of your room before you even start scrolling Instagram and Pinterest. That way you know beforehand what is possible for your reality. You would be shocked with the number of people who shop high ticket furniture only to find out it doesn’t fit their room! #avoidfrustration

Make a plan: Write down a list of your needs and cross it with your space and budget possibilities. Not in your pretty head. Write it down in an Excel sheet, a piece of paper, wherever works for you but write it down! Declutter your brain and make it real. Maybe you think you need a 40″ monitor but your workspace is 30″. Well, that is not going to work. So, what furniture, decor and gadgets do you really need to be more productive and more focused? Possibly the right chair and lighting will do more for you now than that gorge but expensive pink computer. The time to buy it will come, because you are working for it!

Don’t settle for the ugly: Your aesthetic sense matters as much as the functionality. Happily, this is America and there is something for everyone! Follow your senses and go for what also pleases your sight. Our home is our sanctuary and when you make it your favorite place on Earth, you exercise self-love and self-care. It doesn’t mean spending money you don’t have, it means focusing your resources on what will improve your life, step by step!

02. A savvy home office improvement list

It can be a nook, a living room corner, your bedroom window. It really depends on your reality and if you live in a small space, there is only so much you can do.

Our golden rule for savvy money management when home improvement and decorating is: the more functional, the more budget it gets.

The Mood Guide bosses

So, we recommend you to dedicate more money to good furniture than on pretty decor. After all, you can not sit on a gorgeous wall art, but a good set of desk and chair will help you make more money and live better, got it?

In case your budget is higher, then you go for extras like storage, office supplies, and decor!

1stWork deskBasic Furniture$75.00
1stOffice chairBasic Furniture$75.00
Basic Furniture total$150.00
2ndWall ContainersOrganization & Storage$20.00
2ndTable TrayOrganization & Storage$11.99
2ndPencil HolderOrganization & Storage$5.99
2ndTrash BinOrganization & Storage$19.99
Organization & Storage Total$57.97
3rdMagnetic BoardOffice Supplies$9.99
3rdPlannerOffice Supplies$12.99
3rdCoffee mugOffice Supplies$10.19
3rdWater BottleOffice Supplies$9.00
Office Supplies Total$42.70
4thWall artDecor$7.00
Decor Total$42.00
Glam-up Home Office Total$292.67

Now that you have a list and a plan, you can buy everything you can afford, forecast your wishes for the next paycheck, and so on!

03. Functional & Beautiful Furniture

Firstly, you wanna make the most of your limited space, so you have to go for clean shape and compact furniture. Because of that, the more functions it has, the better.

The minimum you need is a good & ergonomic work desk + office chair. If you are spending hours sitting, you wanna make sure you are not hurting your body in the long run. Besides, it will improve your productivity and your focus!

We suggest this awesome desk+chair combination for under $200.00. Of course, there are cheaper chairs and desks, but I strongly believe that a little comfort is paramount for greatness in the workspace! And it is harder to build an empire with a damaged back.

Chic, sleek & functional work desk

Retro Desk with Riser in White with Gold Legs

I almost cried when I found this table because a very similar one was sold out on Target!

This retro 2 level table is the perfect example of added functions and compact beautiful design. I really like the “second floor” for essential office accessories and some glam decor!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Ergonomic & comfy armless office chair

Pearl Blush Plush Velvet Office Chair

Obsessing over this chair because it looks great & will not hurt your back! Functional, gorgeous, comfortable, amazing reviews, height adjustment, great price… designed to be a boss-queen throne!

This beauty is ergonomic and extra padded so you are nicely accommodated. The soft velvet adds to the coziness, almost as a hug during your hard-working hours. On top of that, being armless makes it a great match for small spaces. Finally, the blush seat combined with the gold feet add the glamourous stylish touch! They also have it in white! But hurry girl, because it’s often sold out!

Get yours before it’s gone!

04. Stylish Organization and Storage

Rise up, darling! If what you are missing is space, you must go high! Make the most of your wall space, but again, go for sleek clean pieces. That way you don’t clutter the view but have an extra area for storage and organization. Wall containers are cheaper than shelves and avoid cluttering!

For extra storage on your desk, trays are your best ally. The perk: go for pretty, unique pieces and they can double as gorge decor!

Always try to keep the paperwork, pens, cables, etc, to the minimum. The more drawers and storage space you have, the more space keep useless papers and receipts. Go for minimun but enough storage and a good trash can!

Cute and compartmentalized wall containers

White Metal Wall Container

Whatever goes on your wall is going to be in your eyesight, so the cleaner the better.

These containers are perfect to keep everything you need hands reach and decluttered!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Luxurious Table Tray

Large pink velvet tray

I love trays to keep on-going paper. You know those notes or the notebook you use every day?

Instead of leaving them all over the table, I like to leave it in a tray, right next to my computer!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Cute Pencil Holder

Blush Poppin Pencil Cup

Certainly, you can find more girly and glam pencil holders out there, but this one definitely has the best cost/beauty ratio!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Fancy Trash Bin

Brass Marché Trash Can

Medium size trash bins are essential to keep any space organized.

I promise you: if you don’t have a trash can in sight, your table, trays, floor will become your trash bin and you don’t want that!

This bin is so beautiful and glamorous I cant handle it!

Get yours before it’s gone!

05. Cute Office Supplies

Maybe this is the more difficult category to keep in check, because let’s be real: cuteness overload! It is easy to go overboard because most items are low ticket.

I am focusing on office supply items that are useful on a daily basis, like a magnetic board, planners, coffee/tea mug, and a good old water bottle. Because yes, queen: you need water and it is an office supply in this case! haha

Magnetic Erase Board

White Square Dry Erase Board

The magnetic erase board is great for brainstorming and organizing ideas.

Some models are calendars , which is great to help you plan!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Blush 2021 Planner

White Square Dry Erase Board

The magnetic erase board is great for brainstorming and organizing ideas.

Some models are calendars , which is great to help you plan!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Glitter Coffee Mug

Blush Pink Rose Gold Bronze Cascading Glitter Coffee Mug

If coffee or tea doesn’t count as essential for you, I don’t know what is happening! My OCD is such that I have a favorite tea mug and a favorite coffee mug and I cannot mix them!

I’m guessing you are more normal and this glitter mug is the glam you need to start your day!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Statement Water Bottle

20oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle

According to The Atlantic, Millennials see water bottles as a status symbol. And that is perfectly fine. Your money, your rules.

However, if you have higher priorities than a $45.00 water bottle , this one will get your daily hydration just the same!

Get yours before it’s gone!

06. Inspirational Home Office Decor

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that your office must be dull and boring.

I suggest motivational wall art to constantly remind you of your purpose! Also, plants! Real plants clean the air and give a sense of responsibility, after all, you must keep it alive.

Wherever your workspace is, make it specially yours. That is your safe space, where you are using all your energy to make your money, to focus on your business, or career, to be independent, to make your dreams come true! It is a sanctuary and you are its goddess.

Inspirational Wall Art

Make Good Use Of Today Wood Wall Decor

I can’t find a setence more appropriate for our procrastinator Netflix / Instagram generation.

“Make good use of today” is a constant reminder that life happens today. Today we work to thrive, to make things happen for real. It is a real struggle for Millennials, hence why is such an important reminder!

Get yours before it’s gone!

A grown-up real plant

Coffee Plant

This is probably the “priciest” item on the list, but it is supposed to last for years!

The company selling this plant is women-owned and they ship the plant, the pot, and all the instructions to make sure any person can keep a plant alive. Their website is absolute perfection and you will learn everything you need to keep these babes alive!

Get yours before it’s gone!

Sister, let’s get real: how cluttered is your life right now? Have you ever tried to understand why you have way more things than you can keep track of?

Accept that if you can’t store it, why have it? Particularly if you are in a small environment, the clutter clouds your mind and drains your resources because you can’t see what you have. Therefore, you end up thinking you need things that you already have. It traps you in this endless loop and I am sure you are not happy about it!

Free some space for new things and experiences that resonate with the person you are today and the person you are working to become! This is self-love. This is taking care of your mind and your soul. And that opens your mind for clarity, which leads to productivity, which is the foundation for success!


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