23 Designer Floral Nursery Ideas you will love to copy

Or you can hire one of them, if you prefer!

Floral nursery ideas have been one of the most popular searches for girls nursery themes over the past years. And the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so far! So maybe you feel like most of the nurseries you see are pretty much the same!

In this post, The Mood Guide Team picked the best ideas from top architects and design offices in America! And we will teach you how to use 3 interior design key elements: wall decor, wallpaper, and fabrics to create a floral dream nursery that fits your budget & suits your style!

Floral nursery ideas: wall decor

If you want something less complicated than wallpaper and curtains, this is the perfect solution.

From Walmart to RH you can find all types and prices of painting, tapestry, signs, canvas, photos, posters, frames, and paper flowers to decorate a nursery your way!

So let’s see a few ideas of how you can use each element according to your mood!

1. Floral Tapestry or Painting

Is there anything more boho than a floral linen tapestry?

However, see how a tapestry and a painting can have very similar effects, bringing that boho vibe to the nursery? You can either go with beige or pink wall painting, natural or white furniture. What brings the girly boho mood to the nursery is the floral wall decor. So, if you don’t want to pay over US$100,00 in a tapestry, you can find a poster that has the same effect for US$20,00! Isn’t it a great uncomplicated way to decorate or what?

2. Maximalist touch

If you love color, but your inspiration board has only neutral floral nursery ideas, a focal color point is the perfect solution!

Project from Meg Lonergan

The crib, the glider, the dresser, the walls, and the floor are white/beige; the fabrics (pillow, ottoman, and curtains) are soft pink/blush creating this neutral environment!

And that amazing canvas painting is the star of the nursery, for sure!

If you are on a short budget, you can frame a poster you love and it will have the same effect!

Project from CeCe Barfield Inc

We absolutely love Society6 for affordable original work from independent artists, like these ones!

This nursery has a different style, but again, the same logic from before: neutral area with a touch of colorful maximalism! This chinoiserie frames scream family heritage to me!

Maybe you have a piece with emotional value, that was from your grandma or beloved aunt. This is a great way to incorporate unique pieces, and start building your own family story.

Can you imagine all the sweet stories you can tell your little one about his nursery and his family? ♡

3. Minimalist touch

If you are on the minimalist side of the force, what can be simpler than a cute flower painting?

You can combine it with a wallpaper backdrop like the nursery on the left, or simply hang it on a blank wall, like the one on the right! The satin ribbons add a very special touch, without adding too much cost or work!

4. Decorative wallflowers

Again, a great example of the same element (decorative wall flowers) being used in completely different nurseries!

Above, on the left, white neutral environment and furniture with a color explosion on the walls! On the right, a traditional princess girl nursery, with pink walls, canopies, and super modern grey flowers!

Floral nursery ideas: wallpaper

Wallpaper is the queen of interior design on Pinterest and famous Instagram pictures!

Nowadays, most wallpaper sellers have different installation options and finishes, like pre-pasted, self-adhesive vinyl, or wall decals. They can also be easy to remove or not, reusable or not! It means that depending on what you choose and your lifestyle, you can install it yourself and even clean it often… or not!

Because each store has its own policy, you can save yourself some headaches if you read their instructions carefully. Buying a sample is also a great idea, to make sure you like the products and that it will stick to the surface you have! And last, if you still have doubts, talk to them directly. Good retailers must have an attentive customer service team to help you out!

5. Single wall

Selecting a wall to be the main star is a great option if you don’t want to go to bold, or you wanna avoid the room to look too small.

Both nurseries have the exact same interior design elements, only combined in different layouts:

  • The adjacent wall was painted with neutral colours (white & pink)
  • A neutral crib, that can go in front of any wall
  • A painting on the wall
  • A glider and a rug matching the nursery color scheme

6. Full room

This is for the bold moms!

A room fully covered in wallpaper is probably more ludic for the child, but may not be so easy on the adults’ eyes in the long run.

Project from Paige Pierce Design
Project from Whitney Campeau

Again, you can create any mood, depending on the wallpaper style you choose.

The nursery above has a modern clean flower pattern, which created quite a “neutral” backdrop for all the elements in the room. They used a giraffe, the big heart painting, the tent, a lamp, and our favorite: those super cute hanging balloons instead of a mobile.

This is a great idea if you like a lot of different things, but you are not so sure if they match. What matters is that you love it!

The nursery on the left is the opposite. A very rich wallpaper with very little and clean furniture.

7. Half wall

If even one wall is too much for you, a half wall is a very good solution.

You don’t compromise a lot of space and you save some money on the square footage.

Although it limits the models you can choose from, the effect is amazing and very sophisticated!

8. Wall decals

Wall decals are a great solution for small nurseries & very creative moms! But nothing prevents you from using wall decal in a big nursery or floor to ceiling wallpaper in a small nursery!

Wall decals are a great convenient alternative if you don’t want to commit with a full wall, third-part installation, and the long time commitment issue.

Photo by T. Lamar | Image from Houzz.com

You can make a very classic princess traditional nursery, like the example above, or go for any style you want, like the following examples!

Image from Urban Walls

The great thing about wall decals is that you can play with them designing unique patterns, depending on how you combine them.

They are also usually cheaper and easier to remove without destroying the wall.

Besides, you can use them in windows, doors, outside of the crib, closet… anywhere your imagination drives you!

And last, but not least, you can install it yourself!

9. Window wall

Photo by Irene Khan | Project from Little Crown Interiors
Image from Urban Walls

Decorating a window wall may be tricky, especially for traditional wallpaper. However, if you fell in love with one, it’s a matter of calculating it right to make sure you won’t end with a Cubist Picasso on your wall.

Again, the wall decals are an easy solution for window area, like this one on the left.

Floral nursery ideas: fabrics

Finally, if you don’t want to take any chances on the wall, floral fabrics can be the perfect solution! Just go for a solid neutral color for the walls and the crib, and let your imagination flow on the curtains, gliders, ottomans, fitted sheets, crib skirts, rugs… you pick!

If you want just a pop of flowers, go with everything neutral and add floral pillows and matching blinds. They will not overwhelm the room and it’s great if you are the type of person that likes to change often.

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